• unageo09

    Another year and another fantasy sports bill filed in the Alabama legislature. This year its House Bill 361 by Rep Kyle South. It has eight co-sponsors. One of which is the Speaker of the House. If you live in Alabama now is the time to contact your rep and senator and ask for their support of this bill. I think this will be the 3rd of 4th time they have tried so don’t get your hopes up.


    Update 5/10/19 The Alabama House of Representatives passed HB 361 this past Wednesday. The bill passed by a fairly large margin (74-22). The bill will now go to a Senate Committee where it will begin the next stage of the legislative process. There is no timetable when the committee will here this bill. If you haven’t already, Please use the link above to contact your Senator and ask them to pass this legislation.

    UPDATE 5/24 The Senate failed to vote on the fantasy sports bill yesterday. It was up for debate nearing final passage when Senator Arthur Orr began asking a bunch of lame questions. He “ had some issues” with the bill so it was carried over at the call of the chair. We are running out of time as the session may end a week from today. The bill will not appear on any calendar so it will be up to the sponsor to call it back up for debate. I believe he will try it again but don’t know which day. The Senate meets Tuesday evening.

    5/28 The bill has been passed by the Senate with one amendment, It will go back to the House where they will have to concur with the amendment. If they do, they are expected to, then it goes to the governor.

    5/28 UPDATE The House has concurred with the Senate amendment. The bill is on its way to the governors desk.

    5/31 According to Senator Tom Whatley, the Governor has signed the bill.

    6/17 FanDuel and Draft are operating in Alabama

    6/18 DraftKings is live

  • unageo09

    Honestly, after what happened today I have serious doubts it will pass the senate.

  • Rogbish

    Unageo, you seem to be plugged into this. What are the chances?

  • unageo09

    I’d say 60%. It seems that everybody is okay with it until the Senate votes. I think they may try to amend the bill some to see if they can push it through. The session may end next week. Time is no longer on our side. We have Senator Singleman on our side this go around. I hope he can be the difference maker. We’ll have to wait it out and see if they call it back up. There is a chance that happens and the bill dies but I think Senator Whatley will try again.

  • CompleteCrest321

    Same thing different year boys. Unage09 I know you don’t want to think that behide the scenes money has anything to do with this but it does. The state can add atleast 3.5 million to is general fund a year but for some reason the senate has a problem with this. COME ON, now if that 3.5 was going in their pockets and not to the general fund this would have passed 3 years ago. So until Fan Duel and Draft Kings slide a little money their way nothing is going to happen. Because their are people in the state (Porch Creeks, Baptist Assoc.) that are sliding money their way. So the only thing that’s going to happen is that we will all be here next year doing the samething that we have done the pass 3 years which is reading unage09 post and hoping. That being said unage09 thanks for keeping us posted you do a great job every year.

  • unageo09

    I am very much aware of the money being given to our legislatures to block any gaming expansion. In fact, Senator Orr’s campaign received $5,000 last year from PCI. Look up Dr. Joseph Godfrey. I know who he is and what he does. It was actually pretty comical when Senator Singleton cut him off in the committee hearing. We’ll see where this goes next week. It’s not dead yet but it could very well be taking its last breath. Unfortunately I’ve been digging in to this far to much. In fact next year I don’t even plan to follow it. I’ll continue to go to Mississippi. It’s only 20 minutes away.

  • yisman

    I read that Tennessee’s governor refused to sign the sports gaming bill proposed over there.

  • jsw3ent

    @yisman said...

    I read that Tennessee’s governor refused to sign the sports gaming bill proposed over there.

    Yep—-but he didn’t block it.

  • unageo09

    Mobile sports betting should be available in Tennessee in July in believe.

  • jsw3ent

    @unageo09 said...

    Mobile sports betting should be available in Tennessee in July in believe.


  • db730

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    I would be SHOCKED if it’s that soon. Sometime during the NFL season seems realistic at best

  • franksmith494

    just got the text about sending the email, so it must be coming up for a vote either tomorrow or thursday

  • unageo09

    It might be this afternoon. The Senate meets at 3:30. They might meet every day this week so they can finish up.

  • unageo09

    Passed, but amended. House expected to accept the amendment and send to governor.

  • CompleteCrest321

    Ok sounds good but what was amended?

  • CompleteCrest321

    Also do you guys think Kay will sign it.

  • unageo09

    The amendment added 2.5% to the tax. So 10.5%. I would hope that the governor would sign it since it was a republican bill with majority support in both houses.

  • CompleteCrest321

    Hate to keep bothering you but your the man when it come to this. Would that be a 10.5% tax on our winnings or on entry fees? Do you happen to know?

  • unageo09

    I’ll have to look that up. I think it might be on the operator. I’m not sure.

    Edit: That tax is on the operator.

  • cdabest

    Wow that’s huge! Is the house on a time limit as far as getting the bill reapproved?

  • scott30346

  • crazylox2001

    Does anyone know if this gets passed what the timeframe it is that I can play in state again?

  • cdabest

    Immediately after signature

  • unageo09

    The House has concurred with the Senate amendment. The bill is on its way to the governors desk. All we need now is her to sign on the dotted line.

  • golfer32

    Guys, I think it just moved. Yeah, it moved.

  • CompleteCrest321

    After it’s signed, how long until we are allowed to enter into events? Is there some type of waiting period?

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