• unageo09

    The Alabama legislature will meet for the first time for the regular session next Tuesday on February 7th. Senate Bill 28, Alabama Fantasy Sports Contests Act, is the piece of legislation that I think most of us in Alabama who want DFS to come back to the state are most interested in. The bill is sponsored by Senator Thomas Whatley ®. You can read about the Bill if you want: want I will try to update this thread as the bill makes progress during the session and hopefully passes. Now is the time to email and call your reps and let them know you would like their support for this bill!


    Alabama House Bill 354 could possible come up for vote on April 18, 2017. The House meets at 1:00 pm. House Chamber live audio. The live stream should start around 1:00 p.m.

    Update 2: April 18, 2017

    HB 354 Passes by narrow margin in House after voting machine malfunction. Now will go to Senate for their vote.

    Update 3: May 14, 2017

    HB 354 still awaits a vote in the Alabama Senate. The Senate convenes on Tuesday May 16th at 2:00 p.m. It is not known at this time if the bill will come up for vote on this day. This is the last week of the 2017 Legislative session.

    FINAL UPDATE: Alabama House Bill number 354 Fantasy Sports Contest Act died in the Senate this afternoon on May 19, 2017. The current legislative session is now over and no further action will be taken.


  • Brandon684

    As an Alabama resident, I hope this bill passes. Hopefully no more having to play in the free entry contests. What Luther Strange did was pointless grandstanding. He knows he’s screwed come 2018 elections.

  • blailock

    I hope there will be some good news on this soon.

  • unageo09

    Senator Whatley has a twitter account so be sure to tweet him your support.

  • bama16

    I live 20 minutes from Ga. state line. Have to drive over mid week to enter golf lineups. Looking forward to stopping drive !

  • pagemay

    I just wrote my district Senator, Paul Sanford. He was the sponsor of SB114 last year, so I’m sure he supports this bill as well. Luckily, he is also a member of the Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee, along with Senator Whatley. This is the committee under which SB28 is in review. Hopefully I hear back with good news…

  • blailock

    I’ve been writing them, too. I hope this passes. I’m tired of driving to Tennessee to play.

  • unageo09

    Senator Whatley said they were putting the final touches on the bill (SB 28) and he hoped to start moving forward within the next week.

  • icepirate11

    I live in North Alabama I talked to my legislature and he told me he would vote for the fantasy bill. This whole thing is a bunch of BS our state government is a mess. The old fashion think of the people in Montgomery is making our state fall further and further behind. Our state needs income any way it can get it. We are closing state parks our teachers go 6 years between raises and we would not of been able to balance our budget for the past 3 years if it was not for the money from the BP oil spill. So come on guys and girls in Montgomery lets get something right our state needs the income that fantasy sports can bring in. I don’t think will all end up in fantasy sports rehab if you pass this bill and maybe just maybe you can give our teachers a little raise or even better you could fix the county road I live on with some of the proceeds.

  • blailock

    That’s great news, unageo09. I really, really, really hope this passes. Haha.
    Anybody else here in North Alabama that drives to TN? Maybe we could carpool.

  • stpelikan66

    Didn’t know this was going on until I heard it on Dan’s podcast. I live in south Alabama and work in Mississippi, so I can enter contests there, but only during the week. It would be great to enter from my living room again rather than my work place.

  • unageo09

    Two new bills introduced today one in the Senate and one in the house. Rep Alan Boothe (Republican) introduced House Bill 354 and Senator Paul Sanford (Republican) introduced Senate Bill 270. They are both basically the same thing. Bills that would provide consumer protection. I’m assuming this came out of the hearing yesterday. Sanford tried to get a bill passed last year but it failed basically when the AG declared DFS gambling. Maybe we will get some positive news next week. This is just in the early stages. I think it still has a way to go, but hopefully the can get there. I mostly go to MS to enter when I want to play but if i want a couple lotto tickets I’ll go to TN. I live in NW Alabama.

  • crazylox2001

    Gosh I live down in mobile area and have to drive to miss a few times a week to play this would be amazing if this gets passed

  • stpelikan66

    Lemme guess crazylox: you drive to the welcome center, park and submit? I’ve done that on a couple occasions when I’m off work and thought i had a lineup too good to waste.

  • crazylox2001

    lol I don’t take I ten live out on the west side of town so I take 98 to Mississippi find a gas station and park and gosh it gets old

  • stpelikan66

    I can imagine it does. I live in Dawes, so I can either take Franklin Creek or Airport to Hurley if the situation calls for it. But I’ll keep checking the forum and twitter for updates.

  • kgeorge

    2013 DD Bracket Champion ($11)

    In case you haven’t heard we’re the freest tax slaves on earth so shut your mouth and let our omnipotent rulers decide what we can and can’t do.

  • icepirate11

    March 8th there will be meeting on both SB270 and HB354 which are purposed fantasy sports bills. These both came out of the meetings they had last week on SB28. So lets see if they are really trying to get something done or are they just doing a little grandstanding.

  • unageo09

    SB 270 had a scheduled hearing at 11:30 this morning and HB 354 has a scheduled hearing at 3:00 this afternoon. Maybe we’ll hearing something a little later on this evening on how this went.

  • unageo09

    I can find nothing online regarding the scheduled hearings from yesterday on SB270 and HB354. So, apparently no action was taken.

  • icepirate11

    yea no action but that“s our elected officials for ya. I suspect they had to cut the meeting short so they could all run see their mistress before they went home to their families. Bunch of idiots running our state. Truth is you’ll be lucky if it’s done in time for football season and there is still a good chance that it want even pass because it’s ok for our governor to sleep around but HELL no don’t spend the money we already taxed you for the way you’d like to, will tell you how to spend it. Really sad when Mississippi can laugh at us.

  • unageo09

    Another hearing has been scheduled for House Bill 354 on March 15 at 1:30. This is the house bill sponsored by Rep. Alan Boothe.

  • ramagosr

    Thrilled to see any movement at all on these bills. If I’m not mistaken the sponsor of last session’s house bill got voted some gag award by her colleagues for the most “dead on arrival” bill introduced in the session. So I’m sure we’re pretty screwed.

  • blailock

    I’m still hoping to hear some good news on this, but all I’m getting are crickets.

  • unageo09

    HB 354 Read for the second time today and place on the calandar with one substitute, pending 3rd reading with 13 day favorable from State Government with one substitute, State government first substitute offered.

    Who can decipher the gov’t legal wording?.,lol

  • unageo09

    From what I can gather digging around the committees meet on Wednesday’s during legislative session and that is what happened today. Once its read for the second time it gets put on the calendar, which it says it was, for the next day the legislature meets which will be tomorrow. They’ll read it for the third time and it will pass, fail, or die. So, it could be voted on by the house tomorrow. The only thing I’m not sure of is the 13 day favorable phrase. I don’t know what that refers to. If there is a vote tomorrow I’ll try to update with the results. If it passes the house they’ll send it to the Senate for them to vote on it.

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