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    As I have mentioned in a couple of my articles: the thing I am worst at in DFS is bankroll management.

    Last year (my first year of DFS), this was not really a problem, as I pretty much lucked into a big night every single time I “went big” (i.e., overextended myself). Like a pitcher with an unsustainably high LOB%, however, I attributed this to skill (as if I focused more, or something, on nights when I had more in play, and put together a better team as a result – as opposed to the reality of the situation, which was simply that my “best lineups of the season” coincidentally coincided with those nights on which I overextended myself).

    I finally hit a cold stretch in high-buy-in games at the end of MLB – after Atlantis – but at that point, I was in the midst of an epic first-half-of-NFL-season hot streak, so I didn’t worry too much about it.

    This Jenga stack from which I’d been pulling pieces from the sides for months started to wobble, however, when I continued to play GPP only, continued to go high buy-ins, and continued to just barely fall short of cashing in GPPs each week down the stretch in NFL (keep in mind: I’m not a mass-multi-entry guy, so if my 2 or 3 NFL teams for the week – which were always similar to one another – didn’t come together just right, that would be my weekend).

    When NBA began, I was learning NBA DFS on the fly…while still buying in at an “I know this sport really well” level in an effort to get my bankroll back where it had been at the midway point of NFL. By the time I finally “cracked the code” on NBA, it was too late for me to win back much of what I had lost during those two months of learning.

    Which puts me where I am now: in Bankroll Rehab.

    I say all that to say: What is your daily bankroll breakdown? What percentage do you play in cash games, what percentage in GPPs, and what percentage in satellites?

    I think we can all learn from each other’s thoughts in this area – especially as I do not think there is “one right way.” Any guys with long-term DFS success care to chime in? Anyone in the early stages of DFS success care to chime in? (Anyone still trying to figure all this out for yourself care to chime in?)

    I have realized that this is the greatest weakness in my DFS game – have realized that I should have far more in my bankroll than I have, with all the big DFS wins I’ve had through my first year of play – and I’d love to hear the various thoughts anyone has on the topic. Hopefully we can get some solid discussion flowing here, and can all start learning from one another and improving in this area of our play!

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    I’ll take a spin in the confessional. I have been a profitable DFS player every year I’ve played, dating back to 2010.

    I suck at bankroll management.

    I never took it seriously. Basically, I succeeded in spite of myself as there were several nights I pushed my action upward because I “loved” my team, and it busted…followed by nights where I played very little because I “didn’t feel confident.” The worst example of the latter occurred on DailyJoust. After a particularly bad couple of days, I decided to just play the daily freeroll. I won it. And the like ten bucks that came with it. Worst. Win. Ever.

    I finally reached the pinnacle of my DFS career when I qualified for the DFBC last summer. Frankly, the $200 buy-in that I won to get there was beyond what my bankroll should’ve allowed. At the DFBC party the night before the final, I was fortunate enough to talk with some of the best players in the industry. I was chatting with the legendary Headchopper and in the flow of conversation, I flippantly said that I suck at bankroll management. He flatly looked me in the eye and said, “You’ve gotta get better at it, man.” So, I tried.

    I suck at the winter DFS sports and football is a unique bankroll exercise, but I tried really hard to define a portion to risk and I mostly stuck with it: 10% for each unique CFB slate and up to 20% for an NFL weekend. The results were mixed. I was playing too much GPP, especially multi-entering in a haphazard fashion, which crushed ROI. I had more to learn.

    Tax season saves me from myself during NBA season, but I was ready for this MLB season. The plan: 10% per unique schedule, 80-85% H2H, 50/50 and Double-ups, 15-20% GPP. Also, no individual contest larger than 2% of my bankroll.

    For the most part, I’ve stuck to that plan…and minimized the multi-entry issue I had during football season. There have been ebbs and flows, but I feel more in control and disciplined. Of course, I’m human. I deployed 2x my bankroll allotment three days ago because I was “super confident,” with predictable results. I’ve also strayed from the 2% rule a couple of times without causing actual bankroll damage, though that is owing more to luck than judgment.

    So, I’m not sure what any of that means, but I feel a helluva lot better having written it in a forum to be read (and judged) by a bunch of strangers. That’s okay. I’m reforming, and acknowledging my failings keeps me accountable, which hopefully makes me get better.

  • salarycapfantasy

    The best formula is to pick the low hanging fruit when you can. I will do $50 of GPP and cover my risky plays of gpp with double ups, usually those with an overlay.

    If I go in $100, half of that is double ups and odds are I get that back on most nights. I cover my gpp entries. The good nights you get the double ups and the gpp winner and do well.

    It can be one $25 in a big double up or 5 of the $5. Just make sure you don’t drain your bankroll.

    Using this method you can grow your roll over time. My $50 is now $2500. I haven’t deposited in a long time.

  • Yukerboy

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    It also is sport dependent for me.

    NBA, I play 1% on each of my ten lineups in GPP. Nothing in cash.

    MLB, I play 2% total on 10 lineups in GPP. 3% on one cash lineup.

    Football and NASCAR have yet to be determined, but I’m thinking it will be all GPP.

  • jimmyrad

    Nice post JM. refreshingly honest, not to mention well written (easy to see why the boys brought you on).

    My action varies a lot slate to slate. If I don’t like it much, maybe 3%-5%, mostly GPP’s. I like it a lot 20%+, maybe 2/1 cash/GPP. So I range from BR nit to very aggressive depending on perceived edge. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone starting out. It works for me for a couple reasons: I usually work off a core, but I’ve got a lot of shares of a lot of guys. That and I’m not afraid to move down and rebuild after a bad run. I’ve already taken a shot, moved down, slowly built up, taken another shot, moved down, slowly did bupkis, then had a big day, and now I’m on shot #3, all since opening day. I’m hoping one of these shots sticks, in the meantime I’ll keep dusting myself off and dropping down stakes and volume when need be.

    Once I get the kind of minimum working roll I can live with I’ll tone it down a bit.

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    I ignored bankroll management completely until a couple months ago when I learned the importance of it the hard way by losing all my online bankroll. I was fortunate to have cashed out quite a bit but it still stung to go from $1,000 to nothing in the matter of less than two weeks.

    I now strictly adhere to 10% total. Some days it’ll be all GPP’s, but usually it’s about 50% GPP’s/50% cash (at least in MLB, in NBA it’s all GPP). I’ve had a good couple weeks which has allowed me to increase the amount I’m playing but I’m not going to fall into old traps of thinking I am infallible because I know variance is a bitch with my name written all over it.

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    I built up my bankroll from a simple $20 deposit to over $5k before hitting a big GPP all by following strict bankroll management.

    I did the following each night:

    10% of my bankroll in play as follows:
    65% H2H
    25% Double ups and 50/50’s (I did mix in a few triple ups)
    2.5% 3 man leagues
    2.5% 10 man leagues
    5% GPP’s

    I never bet a single dollar over once I started following this pattern. I’m still learning MLB, so I’m entering much less for now, but plan on going back to my BR system soon.

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    No one on the Martingale System?


    Some really awesome thoughts in here. I especially love the specific breakdown & success story from @bhdevault.

  • papa123

    I do 5% a night on cash games
    3% on GPP

  • bmlenox

    The past two seasons of MLB have been good to me. Last season when I won though I was withdrawing a little cash here and there which always kept my entry levels each night at a pretty consistent rate. This year I put in my $$ and said I wont withdraw till seasons end to see how high I can really get it. So far I’ve doubled my money plus some, but where as last season with my bankroll staying a consistent amount, I was comfortable doing my 10% a night. Now that I’ve got myself up much higher than previous years, I’m struggling to keep putting in 10%. I’m a risk averse person naturally, so I keep feeling like I’m going to hit a cold streak soon. Rather than continue with my 10% a night as my bankroll grows, I’ve been tapering down my % to 7%-8% (which is still a much higher overall entry dollar amount each night than my 10% at a lower bankroll) but I feel like a 10% a night strategy can devour a bankroll so quickly. I guess I just also have to become comfortable seeing a higher total of money wagered each night.

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    @bmlenox said...

    but I feel like a 10% a night strategy can devour a bankroll so quickly.

    I always feel this way, too. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had at least a couple cold streaks in my DFS career that have lasted a good 6 or 7 days (talking cash games, even). I can’t imagine someone slow-grinding from, say, a $50 deposit up to $5,000 over a year or two…then losing all of that because they were playing $500 a night and hit a wicked cold streak.

  • leafs93

    i feel anyone without a very substantial bankroll it is absolutely wasting money in mlb “cash games” with so much night to night variance i feel all money should be allotted into and focused on gpps (not at the traditional 10% obv, more like 1% of bankroll or w/e u feel comf. with). Now this comment ALWAYS takes tons of heat but 50$ spent in double ups to “cover your ass” when in reality 60% of the field in that double up has as good as or better “edge” that yourself and allotting that same 50$ into your gpp system and having 25 extra lineups in the squeeze that can still cash at a 2.5x multiple fairly easily and have the upside of walking away with a substantial score and never being over exposed so the risk of having 90% of your nightly bankroll in play vs dudes that are really good at dfs vs a field full of dead money and greater upside than turning 50$ into 45.

  • deebarizo

    10% of bankroll daily

    90% in massive double ups
    10% in GPPs

    To lower my risk of a horrible losing streak, I play multiple lineups in cash and GPP. For example, two days ago, I played 25 cash lineups and 9 GPP lineups.

  • thehazyone

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    @JMToWin said...

    I always feel this way, too. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had at least a couple cold streaks in my DFS career that have lasted a good 6 or 7 days (talking cash games, even). I can’t imagine someone slow-grinding from, say, a $50 deposit up to $5,000 over a year or two…then losing all of that because they were playing $500 a night and hit a wicked cold streak.

    I think that depends on your bankroll and how easy it would be for you to rebuild it. If I had $50,000 I certainly wouldn’t be playing 10% but at say $2,000 I am comfortable playing $200.

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    Playing 90%+ of your BR in cash games = loves missionary.

    Kidding aside, I don’t think the rules themselves are important as long as you have a set of rules that work for you and you aren’t just clicking buttons and submitting lineups on a whim. My play varies by sport and I have a $ amount (less than 10% of BR) that I flex up or down based on slate size and who I want exposure to. If 2 players are each putting $100 into GPPs a night but I am doing it with 5 LUs and you are doing it with 1 LU, you inherently have more risk than I do. If you are creating lower variance LUs you should be able to put more into play.

    I put a set $ amount into H2H games, enter as many low dollar double ups as I can, and the rest is GPP. Depending on the night I may range from 60-40 (small slates, small % of BR) to 80-20 GPP to cash.

    If I was running DFS as a business, my numbers would say would say don’t play NFL once NHL has started since my NHL ROI is higher, and any $ invested in NFL costs me the opportunity to put that $ into NHL but really, no NFL DFS? GTFO.

    My point is you need to be thoughtful about how you are playing but find constraints that work for you. If I had listened to traditional BR management advice like @bhdevault it wouldn’t have worked for me but did for him.

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    so I’m a small bankroll guy, I keep around 500-1K in my DFS account at any given time, if it goes below $200 after a few bad nights then I go “ALL IN” and overextend myself with something like 8 entries into the $25 tournament, if it goes over the 1K mark I withdraw myself down to $600 again. That keeps me happy, I tend to enjoy the grind better that way and my wife won’t kill me if she sees that I have more than $1K on FD or DK

    now, my biggest problems are two-fold

    the aforementioned ALL-IN mentality when my bankroll dips below the 200, normally I play 70-30 h2h-gpp, with 5-10% of my bankroll in play on any given day. That works for me because thats about 50-60$ a day on average. after a few bad days, I dont adjust my entry fees to accommodate my “new bankroll” of 300-400 or whatever. So I keep playing the $60 but that $60 from $400 is now 15% of my total bankroll on the site. woops, had two bad nights again after i stayed even for a week, now i’m down to $275, and i’m still playing $50-$60 a night, thats 21% of my bankroll. lose one more night and i say “screw it, I’m going in” and i build 8 teams and put them in the slam

    now sometimes, that does well and i have had my biggest gains from doing that, other times, if my research is wrong, or if i dont have enough time at work, i go blank and then try to play the small bankroll game again with $50 in my account, get tired of it quick and redeposit $600 and start that process over.

    Of course that sounds like i’m a perpetual loser, but in reality the withdrawals keep my afloat. Ideally what I should do is increase my bankroll so that $50-$60 is about 3-5% of my bankroll (so close to $2k in my accounts) and that would let me play more comfortably) just have to convince my wife that $2K in my dfs accounts is a good idea.

  • Ryazan

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    If I followed bankroll rules, I would have never qualified for Miami nba live finals and I would have never won 25k during the nba playoffs, because in both cases, I was below 0 and whipped out the credit card, simply because I KNOW I’m good at this, no matter what.

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    Chiming in briefly as I am fairly new at this (about a year)… to add a couple of twist.

    First… tickets. I found out that I am not a cash player but a GPP player, won small GPPs and Qs… went close to a bigger cash but not quite.
    I currently own about $2,500 in tickets for large tourneys and trying to win more $1,000 fix to the MLBWC on DK…. this takes a toll on the BR obviously as they are not immediately (or easily) transformed in actual $$
    It also makes it harder to monitor your results, winning a seat at the MLBWC puts me in the green big time even if I get last place in Vegas.

    Second… sample size to define success and BR technique management. Given how young DFS is and the fact that covers multiple sports, I feel one or even two years maybe a sample size too small to really say “this is how it’s done”. (for example, this year I played NBA. I suck at it, next year I won’t…)

    Finally, interesting how different it has been for me than for JM when it comes to large tourneys, big buy ins… I think I am getting over it, but I tended to over think in large buy-in tourneys and that’s why tickets have been tricky.

    I had one seat at the 3.1mil NFL main event ($1,500 value) and I easily played the worst NFL lineup I played all year. LOVED Rodgers+Cobb and Russell+Lynch… but wanted to go different to have a chance at the million… deployed McCown+Evans for zero. Once I analyzed the lineups played by the most experienced players, I found out that in that size tournament, most of them played “safest lineups“… almost cash lineups. Learning process…. :)

  • VChair23

    Started playing DFS this past NFL Season, I am going to breakdown my bankroll management by sport

    NFL: 0 Bankroll management – I played strictly GPP’s and entered however much I felt like based off of how much research I was able to do. By December I was profitable enough for a decent withdrawal for vacation but between the last few weeks and playoffs I gave just about all of it back. Small example of how screwed up my playing was is when I was in Jacksonville for vacation I invested the same amount I had been investing during my successful weeks on the Thu-Sat slate week 16.

    NBA after NFL finished – Researched bankroll management, NBA theory, etc & played 10% all January. February- 10% most of the month but actually started reducing my % because I was successful and didn’t want to increase my investment nightly. March- Hot streak ended, went Cold and began my “double up to make what I lost the previous night” phase and was not successful

    MLB- I’ve been playing about the same very small amounts nightly in GPP’s just to try different strategies only. I had a good streak in the first half of April but then ruined it by over investing again. Since then I’ve also cut out playing DK and FD on the same night during the week because I don’t have enough time to invest on both nightly. This was a bankroll problem I did not recognize during NBA.

  • cb35

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    5% in mlb. 10% nba 10%-15% nfl. 1% or less in golf or soccer. I deviate sometimes but not usually.

    20% gpps – focused on mainly single entry (60% of that 20% is single entry), depending on bankroll a multi entry gpp (need at least 3 entries to play it).

    80% cash games. I play 2 cash lineups if my amount of bankroll on that site is enough to support same. I identify what I think is my best lineup and put that in the higher single entry GPP. 2nd best lineup In the 2nd highest single entry GPP. I will put both of those lineups in the multi entry gpp. Overlap depends on the slate I try to commit at least to a core few guys I think will do well and put them on both teams.

    40% double ups / triple ups / 5x / qualifier (ticket entries)

    60% Head to Head (two different levels usually).

    Day to day I have no clue what lineup will do good and which will bust. I hope they all do good but I’m not as good as you guys in thinking I know which will hit.

    Admittedly, the 20% gpp was mainly because I enjoy playing and making lineups so I would do multi entry mainly with that %. I found I didn’t have the time on a day to day basis to manage a dozen lineups (esp true for NBA) so I switched to mainly single entry and just a handful of multi entry.

    Another time saver I have all the lineups exported properly well before lineups lock so all I am editing is lineups and not worrying about exporting into certain contests.

  • pmsimkins

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    My usual pattern is 1 entry in in each large multi entry and large single entry GPP from $200/$300 down to $1. I’ll play the 1065 when it’s a “Super” or I’m feeling good. In NFL I’ll sometimes go to 4 entries. If it’s an especially top heavy special tourney I may throw in a couple extra entries. I’ll play live quals as the mood strikes.

    I used last years winnings to buy a house and of course pay taxes, so bankroll may as well be 0.

  • JMToWin

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    @pmsimkins said...

    My usual pattern is 1 entry in in each large multi entry and large single entry GPP from $200/$300 down to $1. I’ll play the 1065 when it’s a “Super” or I’m feeling good. In NFL I’ll sometimes go to 4 entries. If it’s an especially top heavy special tourney I may throw in a couple extra entries. I’ll play live quals as the mood strikes.

    I used last years winnings to buy a house and of course pay taxes, so bankroll may as well be 0.

    That sounds massively like the plan I was on last year. Running cold for a little too long kind of wrecked that approach for me :)

  • btwice80

    For cash games I prefer playing the same $ amount each slate instead of a certain % , so that amount has to be well under 10% since the % is obviously going to fluctuate with this method. My action is pretty evenly split between FD and DK (plus small amounts at a couple smaller sites that I’m not including in this breakdown), so that helps mitigate large hits to the total BR since I haven’t had long losing streaks at both sites simultaneously (same with winning streaks).

    After winning the Payoff Pitch the first week of the season attacking the DK overlay, I thought I was going to do more multi-entry GPP along with my daily cash games, but since I was suddenly investing so much more money in my cash LUs (one per site) and with my tendency to not finalize those LUs till close to roster lock, not to mention the tedious task of collecting tons of small-stakes leagues and 50/50 action to vary my opponents as much as possible, I’ve actually played very little GPPs since, other than my two main LUs.

    I didn’t know these exact %s till I added everything up for this thread, but here’s how it shakes out, combining FD/DK:

    66% – H2H, Dbl ups, 50/50s
    5% – Triple/Quintuple ups
    12% – Leagues
    17% – GPP

  • leafs93

    @hambazaza said...

    $400 is now 15% of my total bankroll on the site. woops, had two bad nights again after i stayed even for a week, now i’m down to $275, and i’m still playing $50-$60 a night, thats 21% of my bankroll. lose one more night and i say “screw it, I’m going in” and i build 8 teams and put them in the slam

    you sound like me on fulltilt and pokerstars when i would have a really bad beat in a ring game , i would instantly go start playing h2hs increasing in buyins till i won or ran out of money, probably the worst bankroll management ever and why i never won in online poker.

  • ebsteelers

    been just playing 50/50s and still get crushed.. end of the day you still need to put up consistently in the 120s if not higher on dk to be cashing in 50/50s if not you can have great bankroll management and it will just take longer for you to go bust.. same way with sports betting still need to pick winners, and pick the best players or it wont matter

    and o yeah i’d say for best bankroll practice dont bother stacking more likely than not you’ll end up broke.
    its easier for “experts” who play 20 lines ups or more a night to stack then it is for players who can only afford to play 1 or 2 lineups

  • crowntheirasses

    My perspective on bankroll management is based on the investing principles I learned in my time as a financial advisor (13 years.) The most fundamental of which is;

    Rule #1) Don’t lose the money

    Rule #2) See rule #1

    I’m probably paraphrasing, but these simple rules are from the greatest value investor of them all, Warren Buffet.

    I don’t necessarily believe that DFS has that much in common with long term value investing. I think a more accurate comparison is day trading, when you consider that at the end the day, no positions are held and therefore no equity ownership exists.

    However, capital preservation is the cornerstone principle of bankroll management, just as it is in value investing. I have many thoughts and ideas on this subject, but I will try to be brief (not my strong suit, I apologize in advance.)

    I have created a bankroll management spreadsheet for myself. I started asking questions of the numbers I had on my yellow pad that up until that point had served as my BRM spreadsheet. I wanted to know my ROI, both as an expression of bankroll but also as a percentage of total buy ins, for both cash games and GPP as well as won/loss rates. I started tracking my progress on January 16th of this year.

    Long story longer, I paid a bunch of tuition trying to learn NBA, and by April 4th I was down over 90%. It was a punch to the gut and couldn’t have been more obvious that I was struggling mightily, not only with my daily play, but also with my BRM, even with my fancy spreadsheet that I painstakingly created.

    Basically, the dream was about to die, but I had bought my ticket to go to the Daily Fantasy Bootcamp in LA, which I did attend. After a great experience there, I said, what the hell, I’ll fire in $500 to my DK account and see how MLB goes. This was my first sport that I would actually be getting to experience playing from the start of the season, and although I had barely followed baseball over the past 30 years, I figured my skill set and lessons learned from NBA DFS, investment management, poker, and 20 years of season long NFL would provide some edge to keep me afloat while learning the ropes.

    Through a combination of what I learned along the way and some luck, I won and placed high in some small buy in GPPs on April 8th and won over $800. I was super stoked and thought, “this is it. I’m on my way.” Unfortunately, I didn’t mind rules #1 and #2, tried to become a player I wasn’t (story for another day) and experienced a 9-32 stretch of play. That’s right. I only won 9 of my next 41 sessions. Ugh.

    After losing, I was also tending chase my loses, even though I fully understand sustainable BRM and the mathematics of loss. I wasn’t adhering to the BRM principles I believed in, and I was heading towards disaster. I also felt very low within myself, as all the losing was taking a toll on my psychology. I was on the verge of quitting DFS. In fact, I only had a few hundred left in my account, which mainly was the result of deposit bonus. I basically decided that if I lost that last bit, I would seriously consider giving up DFS, as I had studied as much as possible in a 4 month + period and still couldn’t seem to win consistently enough to be profitable.

    I know I expect a lot of myself as a relatively new player, but to be honest, the amount of time I’ve been spending on DFS hasn’t gone unnoticed by my wife. But like my friend says, “everyone loves a winner,” and there is pressure in that respect.

    Then, last Tuesday happened! I hit a series of small stakes GPPs and cleared $2750, including winning the Knuckleball and coming 7th in the Moonshot, as well as a bunch of other good ones. I was ecstatic (not as ecstatic as I would’ve been if my anchor and man crush Mike Trout wouldn’t have weighed my otherwise ass-kicking team down with his lowly 2 points like a friggin boat anchor.)

    How often do you get a 2nd chance when you’ve essentially blown your bankroll? I went from loser to profitable in one night. I am now absolutely determined not to repeat the bankroll mismanagement mistakes that almost killed my dream.

    It won’t be easy. There is a direct link between BRM and psychology. I believe it’s the single most important factor in long term success in DFS or any related gaming, be it trading, poker, sports gambling etc.

    It is an extremely difficult discipline to master, and even once one achieves this mastery, you still need to be aware of all the other leaks that can appear that can be just as destructive as poor bankroll management.

    My current plan so as not to end up as I did before;

    Play primarily large field Double Ups for approximately 3% of bankroll per session. Dial this down if win rate too weak to sustain.

    Play small stakes GPPs for a total of about .5-1% of bankroll per session. Dial this back as well if needed.

    I have shifted my focus to making 1 optimal lineup that I err with to the side of cash games in terms of lineup construction. This way all my best ideas are in one place and I feel more calm when I take this approach as opposed to a multi-entry approach. I will fire an extra lineup or 2 into GPPs if I feel the slate warrants it.

    It’s been almost a week since that great night and I have adhered to this plan. I have given very little back and will proceed with extreme caution. My goal is to never redeposit again. Lofty goal, I know, but I believe it’s fully achievable. Heck, I set a goal to start winning tournaments in a sport I hadn’t followed for 30 years and that quickly became a reality. This BRM stuff shouldn’t be that hard, right? Yeah, right.

    The two nights that I had great success in the GPPs I invested very little. $16.25 and $42.75. Most of my losing has come in cash games. I still believe in cash games as the primary method of grinding going forward, but absolutely love the multiplier/dream-making potential of the GPP. My results tell me that I’m a better GPP player at this point, but I struggle with the psychology of GPP play. Extended periods of losing are more frequent in GPPs and begins to feel like soul corroding acid after a while. Well, losing cash games might hurt even more because you expect to win those, whereas with GPPs the streakiness could be easier to accept depending on your expectations.

    Anyhow, what I’m trying to say is like most things in DFS success, there is not a one size fits all answer. There is a specific optimal BRM for each individual’s situation. Based on risk tolerance, style of game play, game selection, experience level, situation in life in terms of disposable income, hobbyist or pro, significant other is cool with the amount you play or not, virtual bankroll or if I lose I’m out of the game completely “real” bankroll, and many other factors specific to each individual. Tracking results is key and over time with a sample size that’s large enough, it should become more clear what your optimal BRM is.

    Search and find the answer to that riddle and put it together will consistent “pro level” play and the sky is the limit.

    I’m going to continue to work on my BRM, as well as my spreadsheet and some other tools to help manage my DFS play. I find that the more of a business like approach I take to this endeavor, the less emotional I am when both good and bad results occur. This relative emotional stability ensures that I’m making good decisions both in terms of game play and bankroll management. This is a +EV approach and a recipe for long term success. As intellectually obvious as this may all seem, intellect goes out the window when we tilt. Players tend to make very bad decisions when tilted that most always result in bankroll destruction. Vicious cycle, don’t want to go there.

    This is why I believe BRM to be the ultimate skill to develop if one is serious about long term success in DFS.

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