• SeeRed4

    I am looking to at least have a great fantasy football team name so if I lose I still have that going for me:

    -Morning Woodhead

    -VD and Crabs

    -Green Eggs and Sam

    Any other suggestions?

  • dmoen21

    I kinda like Andre Reed’s: Johnny Rookie Bitch. My season-long team is a reference from Hard Knocks a few years back: Cromartie’s Daycare.

  • SeeRed4

    those are solid…..I went with “Turn Down for Watt” for now….got married in May and that song was the anthem of our reception

  • barro

    My all time favorite is:
    My Ditka your Butkus!

  • Bigone19

    I Touchdown There

    These TDs are Real

  • sethayates

    Chip Kelly’s Spread Eagles

  • broncs4sb

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  • Truufinator

    The French Socialists

  • dmoen21

    If you’ve never checked out, it’s an awesome and hilarious NFL blog. Every year they do an article on the best FF names. And the Fantasy Football/Sex Advice mailbag column that is posted on Thursdays is always good.

  • mrathburn

    Show me Your TDs

  • Cal

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    Click on the “All Time” filter:

  • alsmizzle

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  • atfrost

    Beats by Ray

  • CruzinToVictory

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    It Ertz When Eifert

  • Bakerman1977


  • GordonHayward20


  • emac

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    Flu-like Symptoms is a favorite of mine to use…of course Sofa King Bad is a classic too.

  • skeeter1114

    The Ed Hochuli Gun Show is my favorite one to use

  • slcseas

    My friend once had a dream where he was tag teaming his wife with Ray Rice. Slingin’ Dick with Ray Rice was born and continues to this day.

  • slcseas

    @atfrost said...

    Beats by Ray

    As puns go, this one is pretty damn good.

  • bmlenox

    Cooper Clux Clan

  • hambazaza

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      Beer Pong Champion
    @slcseas said...

    My friend once had a dream where he was tag teaming his wife with Ray Rice. Slingin’ Dick with Ray Rice was born and continues to this day.

    thats a messed up dream

  • ajcarter

    Reggie’s Hairy Bush

  • HungryHungryHip

    SherLuck Holmes’ St Bernard

  • dcolton76

    Monica loveS Clinton-Dix

    Luck at my Fleener

    That’s a Clowney Question Bro!

    Wilfork on the First Date

  • sandmancalli

    @GordonHayward20 said...


    Last year I was Breesus; King of Drews
    I always name my team after my first pick
    Arian F-n Nation when foster was first pick

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