• nicslim

    The Extender (Team RG)

    We are excited to announce the beta version of DFS Analyzer, an evolution of our Bankroll Tracker. Check out this five minute screencast for an overview of the tool. The tool is free during the BETA period so test it out and let us know what you think!

    DFS Analyzer makes it easy to analyze your past FanDuel and DraftKings results to find the strengths and weaknesses in your game when it comes to contest selection. Want to know how well you’ve done in DraftKings NFL Tournaments with a $1 to $10 buy in and over 1000 entrants? Just adjust a couple of filters and now you know!

    DFS Analyzer offers the same features as our bankroll tracker and much more:

    - Improved Filters that update as you adjust them – Access to your results across devices – A smooth Drag and Drop interface to upload your results – An improved browser extension that lets you sync your FanDuel results with the click of a button

    Our plan is to phase out the Bankroll Tracker soon in favor of DFS Analyzer. So check it out and let us know what you think!

  • younobigpapi

    @nicslim any way of tracking slate size with this? Love to know results in 4-6 game slates, 6-8, 8-10, 10+, etc.

  • nicslim

    The Extender (Team RG)

    @younobigpapi said...

    @nicslim any way of tracking slate size with this? Love to know results in 4-6 game slates, 6-8, 8-10, 10+, etc.

    unfortunately there isn’t a way for us to do this right now. the easiest thing would be if FD and DK provided a “number of games” column.

  • wolfjb1

    Why do satellites show up as losses?

    I put in $50 in a large field satellite and won a bunch of millimaker tickets on the Thanksgiving slate and the Analyzer shows that I lost $50, which is wrong, insofar as I actually won a total quantity of tickets exceeding my entry fees.

    Like someone said above, I’m not sure that winning a millimaker ticket should count as $27 ROI, but it seems to skew the results to count them as losses.

    A solution is to check all the boxes in the “contest” tab except satellites, but is there a better way to compute actual ROI? It seems to me like if we aren’t going to count the winning tickets as ROI, then by default, satellites should not be included unless you check them to opt-in. Does that make any sense?

  • younobigpapi

    @nicslim said...

    unfortunately there isn’t a way for us to do this right now. the easiest thing would be if FD and DK provided a “number of games” column.

    Can we manually input the slate size into the history provided by DK or FD? If we so chose to enter the data, would the analyzer provide that analysis of slate size? Would be awesome to cross reference all the amazing analysis already there with that piece. (IMHO)

  • raddler

    If I upload my results, are they viewable to anyone else besides me? Don’t really want everyone to know what a bfs fish I am lol. How does that work.

  • tmirrione

    It seems to me the on DK, the Step contests seem to be making my ROI look worse than it already is. For example, winning a $2 step 1 gives you a ticket to a $7 step 2. But losses in step 2s seem to have led to a significant drop in my ROI.

    I’ve only made one deposit, so I would assume that my overall profit should be in the neighborhood of my balance net my initial deposit, but it’s a fairly significant difference.

  • tweikert

    Love the DFS analyzer. Any plans to add yahoo and fantasydraft support in the future?

  • savedatmoneyquan

    has there been issues tracking h2h results lately? I’ve uploaded recent results over the past week and they down seem to be pulling in.


  • boohaa

    Last 3 days are not uploading form FD when sync.

  • GolfCoach

    I noticed that my nascar head to heads are being considered “tournaments” and not “head to heads”. Has anyone else had this issue?

    Edit: My nba head to heads are also being categorized as tournaments.

  • jeffreylittman

    none of my results have been posted since the 3rd :(

  • madchuck

    This is so awesome!

  • Mod518

    Some of my DK h2h results the last two weeks are picking up that I am playing myself when I use the analyzer.

  • lamondbond

    How do I delete previous uploads?

  • CZYX

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      RG Tiered Ranking

    is the DK upload down?

  • Kamsman

    DK not working anymore? FD is fine..thanks and Merry Christmas!!

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