• bmaniak

    Beware of DraftKings 100% Deposit Match

    I received an email from DraftKings that said “You will receive a 100% Deposit Match up to $600”. Well like any other grinder on here I could not pass up this great offer. So I deposited $10.00 and it told me that I will receive $10.00 in bonus. Here is where I feel they are very wrong. First, to even get $5.00 of the $10.00 bonus money released you have to play 500 FPP’s. Well considering if you play 1 $5.00 head to head you get 10 FPP. Now I do understand releasing the funds over time based on your initial deposit, this is how Draftstreet does it but to play 500 FPP to even get half of the money is I believe a joke and very sneaky. I have tried to email them and it seems my emails were not important to answer back so I feel going on here that maybe someone in the community can explain to me if this is a normal practice in the industry.
  • Sprizouse

    They have a very slow receiving bonus but it is a standard practice for the most part.

    It is unfortunate given you only deposited $10 and you are likely to go broke before you even see one installment of it (sorry to be a pessimist) but it isn’t really misleading or wrong on their behalf imo.

    Just play through the $10 and try to do the best you can and hope you can run through enough to get the bonus released eventually. It is a “bonus” which is hard to complain about.

  • rotokevin

    2014 RG Bowling Co-Champion, CPA & DFS Tax Guru

    • 2014 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

      FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    The release rate Is slower than most, but within the realm of normal. Fanduel releases at 4% of entry fees while Feud is 10% and draftstreet is 20%.

    Giving a 100% bonus is sweet. If you are a profitable player, the release period shouldn’t be of any concern.

  • gavlam

    i deposited 25 bucks first time around…took me maybe a week to get it back…its fine..wish i deposited 1200

  • JHols1nger

    I would think the fact that it’s a 100% match more than compensates for the lengthy release timing.

  • Justin

    Fantasy Feud Rep

    The end of our big promotion at Fantasy Feud expires Sunday.

    70% bonus up to $250.

    Bonus is released at 10%.

    Don’t lose out.
    PromoCode: 7Zero

  • draftkingsmatt

    DraftKings Rep

    Thanks for the feedback on the deposit offer & the replies. From time to time we run different sorts of offers that are catered towards different sorts of players.

    We have seen that the 100% Deposit Bonus is definitely valued by a lot of players because it offers more upside in total cash you can earn. $600 depositors like it more than $5-10 depositors. It’s probably one offer that serves the higher volume players best.

    If you play less volume, we’ll still offer value in other ways. For example, we run $1200 in Freerolls every week. We have seen daily overlays of $1400 and $2000 in our tournaments the last 2 days respectively – just cash we add to the pots (on top of it being effectively no rake). There are multiple ways to find value out there right now. Hope you can find one that fits your play habits on DK.

  • barro

    The bigger issue for the small time player is even if they can make that $10 last for a while they deposit bonus has an expiration date.
    Not sure why they would do that and I cannot think of any other sites that have that

  • fishkillers

    I deposited $ 50 and play an average of $ 10-20 a day – sometimes more if I got hot – It took me about a month to get the full release.
    For me – it worked out nice – as I seemed to get the bonus released when I needed it.
    I agree that DK might be better served by releasing it on a per entry basis to help the small depositors. Yet, I have no personal complaints about the bonus.

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