• yanks237

    First off this article was inspired by sethayates’ article “The Great Multi-Entry Debate” Give it a read as it poses some very interesting questions and brings out great data!

    Some background information on myself, as I am fairly new to rotogrinders. I am a recent college graduate with a degree in mathematics. I will be beginning my masters in Data Analytics in the fall semester. I am also an avid baseball fan. I have just recently dived into the world of sabermetrics and have begun to use it towards my daily fantasy play. I began DFS back in Fall 2011 with fantasy football. A good friend and me split our entry fees and we were very successful for the first couple weeks, cashing multiple times in GPPs. By the end of the season we were both up quite a bit and we were ready to cash. During the Conference Championship weekend we decided to give it one more shot. My friend was abroad in Spain and we did a Skype call, and with little research we ended up fading the public of the Patriots and stacked the Ravens. (We had no idea that we did this, it just happened). We went from 5th to 1st place on Tom Brady’s interception by the Raven’s defense, winning $7500. Yes, I was now HOOKED, I went from broke college student to buying my roommates and myself a nice big screen TV for the Superbowl with a whole bunch of spending money left. The next few years that beginner’s luck quickly faded away.

    I then tested my luck at DFS baseball for the next few years but quickly became frustrated as I was not doing the proper research and failed to cash. This year I came across RotoGrinders and have been overwhelmed with all the information I have been neglecting. I am taking it day by day and am attempting to learn as much as possible! My scores are becoming better each day but I am still struggling to turn a profit. With my bankroll the Quarter Arcades always intrigued me and after coming across sethayates’ article I believe this is a great opportunity to do some research on the subject. Sorry for the long introduction but I just wanted to show you guys how I truly am a BEGINNER in this field!

    -10 Distinct Lineups a day entered into the same Quarter Arcade for 10 days ($2.50 a day, $25 total)
    -Using RotoGrinder’s Vegas Lines I will select the ten top run total teams, and stack these lineups
    -Each stack will attempt to place 6 players (the max) into the lineup, if this will take to much of my salary cap I may have to reduce to 5, and hopefully not but 4 may be necessary
    -This will not be ten consecutive days, as I would rather do it over 18-20 days and have the proper research put in then to just throw some lineups together based on luck

    -I will be tinkering around a bit with pitching; I’m thinking half of my lineups I will choose pitching first then build my lineup around my remaining salary cap. While the other half I will build my stack first then choose my pitching based on lower salary but high ceiling
    -I am not claiming to be a professional, let alone an above average DFS player so take this data with a grain of salt.

    Finally, please feel free to post any suggestions or critiques of what I am doing. I plan on posting results everyday from the night before, and will be willing to tinker my strategy each night. I hope we all learn a lot from this journey!

  • crazypaul

    After reading the same blog post, I attempted this the other night for the first time and only cashed 2 of 12 lineups. The biggest thing I learned was how hard it was to actually make and check up on 12 lineups. I can’t imagine what the stress and process the sharks that do this must go through daily.

  • yanks237

    Yes, I actually attempted it a few weeks ago with just 8 lineups and felt overwhelmed as well. This should be an interesting couple of weeks!

  • Ross
    @yanks237 said...

    First off this article was inspired by sethayates’ article “The Great Multi-Entry Debate” Give it a read as it poses some very interesting questions and brings out great data!

    You should turn this into a blog. That way you have a shot at winning prize $$$.

  • sethayates

    Yanks, I think this would be an excellent blog idea. It has been tried once or twice in the past. The results usually vary based on who is entering the teams. Regardless of whether anyone reads the blog or not it will make you a better DFS player. Anytime I have built lineups and blogged about them it has forced me to think logically about who I picked and why. Not only will you be educating others you will end up educating yourself. I’m looking forward to the blog. I always enjoy when people try out these challenges and report the results back to us.

  • yanks237

    Thank you RRT and sethayates, definitely going to turn this into a blog!

    Thanks for the advice, worst case scenario I am out $25, and best case as you have stated I learn a lot more about myself as well as dfs overall and hopefully gain some tips along the way!

    So I began messing around with the blog, I actually couldn’t find how to create a blog to start (Whoops). Just some questions for you guys. Should I be making a new post everyday I enter or should I just wait until the end? Thanks guys!

  • mski9

    Totally agree, one day I did it with the NBA and did 20 lineups and my head was spinning. Anything more than 5-6 lineups and I can’t keep up and maybe 1 will cash.

  • Brandon23

    Interesting that this just came across here. I have been doing this for the past couple weeks, 10 lineups a day, pretty much the exact strategy you have been using. You would be surprised how easy it is to create a 6-man stack and still fit in 2 solid pitchers especially on days like today with cheap pitching. I have also been placing 10 lineups into the $3 ticket qualifiers and once I get 10 tickets I enter all my lineups in to a tournament (the first one being today).

    It seems like a fairly consistent way to if nothing else, not lose money quickly. I have found myself cashing at least one lineup everyday, and generally 3-4. The biggest thing I can say is hitting on the pitching. Days that I struggle it tends to start with my pitching.

    If you want to manage the 10 lineups, the best way to do so is using Excel or some other spreadsheet. This way you don’t lose track of players in your lineups and can check players off once they are confirmed as in the lineup.

  • bigtroll04

    there is a MOOC course coming up on june15 at site called math in sports incl. a look at dfs. fantasy football-i took another course at same site last yr. called sabermetrics 101-tintro. to baseball analytics it is archived there to look at i need marh to hopefully give me a highly advanced algorithm

  • yanks237

    mski9- Yeah I have made my 10 lineups today and its a bit overwhelming, just need to take time with it

    Brandon23- Seems like I am not the only one with this idea. And yeah tonight my biggest concern is the pitching. The stacks are actually pretty easy as I was left with a good amount of money leftover, most teams I was able to have one if not two premium players to choose. I will definitely look into using excel as a checkpoint for my lineups. Thank you and best of luck tonight!

    bigtroll04- Thanks for the information, once the games get underway tonight I plan on checking out that course. Good Luck going forward!

  • Brandon23

    I have checked out the other players in the arcade who are also pretty successful with a similar strategy. It seems pretty much everyday that both tinderella and ganondorf use a similar strategy, but generally use like 15 different lineups and about 3 times a piece. The amount they play kind of depends on the day though. Generally if I finish highly that day, they are somewhere in the ranks near me. Some days are much better than others for stacking through these first couple weeks.

  • silverblazer36

    I just started to do DFS MLB on DK and a few days ago discovered the stacking strategy. Previously, I would research a hitter’s AVG against the opposing pitcher, sometimes factoring in ballpark. Typically hit on pitchers but my hitters weren’t quite producing.

    I only do quarter arcades because im still learning about DFS MLB. This past Monday, I stacked the Blue Jays hitters, added Kole Calhoun, and found success! Turned .25 into .80- could of made more if Pomeranz didn’t suck.

    I’ll be following this blog closely. Seems we’re in the same boat.

  • yanks237

    brandon23- thanks for the information I’ll definitely be checking out the leaderboards to see the techniques of constant winners

    silverblazer36- I am right there with you on being a beginner, but I firmly believe in the quarter arcade to be great for beginners as it’s low risk but theres still a bit of a thrill of a decent cashout. Heck, 1st place gets you $100, thats a great start to your bankroll. Feel free to pose any questions or any suggestions as you follow along. I have started this as my own blog through my account, I am not sure how it works for people to read but I will be keeping everyone updated!

  • Brandon23

    I’ll keep everyone updated on how this is going for me on here..

    Yesterday was the first day I cashed out my tickets and took a shot at the $100,000. I’ve gotta say the strategy was a good one looking at the top finishers. 5 of the top 7 had a Cardinals stack with the right pitchers/supporting cast. With such a large field tournament I think it really attests to it being a good strategy.

    That being said, I had a pretty mediocre day; 3/10 lineups cashed with only one over 120 points. I had Martinez, Colon and Ross as my top pitchers and used each 5 times. Needless to say my Colon stacks finished pretty poorly overall. Since these were entries with tickets I had won for cheap off of qualifiers the end result wasn’t so bad.

  • yanks237

    Thanks for the update Brandon, yeah the Cardinals stack is what seemed best last night, as they scored 9 runs. Pitching was extremely tough last night, funny enough you could have spent less than 5k on Joe Kelly and got 20.95 points.
    I’d be curious to know if your winnings brought you a net profit or loss from the cost of getting all the tickets.

    I have submitted my day one results to my blog, it is under review so you guys can hopefully check it out. I lost $.75 on the day which isn’t bad for day one. I did use my research to create an ideal lineup for a daily dollar and triple up and placed 14th and 1st respectively for a net of $9, something I will continue to do.

    Please let me know any suggestions or questions, I will be doing an early slate quarter arcade today.

    EDIT: Blog is up!

  • Brandon23

    I’m actually doing this strategy with a buddy, both playing the same lineups everyday. We have seen a net loss of $4. Over two weeks it’s not so bad. The highest I’ve finished in the arcade is 8th place which was on a super high scoring day. I think I ended up with 202 points that day if I remember correctly.

  • kaneb

    The rake is very high on the quarter arcade which will hurt any strategy. A player who uses this strategy on the quarter arcade and loses money might very well have been profitable if they were entering standard rake contests.

  • 8MileAllstars

    @kaneb said...

    The rake is 11.7% on the quarter arcade which will hurt any strategy. A player who uses this strategy on the quarter arcade and loses money might very well have been profitable if they were entering standard rake contests.

    What’s a standard rake for a gpp? I thought everything was about 10-13 % in gpps on DK.

  • yanks237

    kaneb- I was unaware of the higher rake thank you, ideally I come to master the stacking strategy and can implement it into higher tournaments with a lower rake, we shall see as this continues

  • kaneb

    Was calculating it wrong…It looks like a 14.89% rake today on their 9400 entry quarter arcade.

  • deactivated15730

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    Great suggestion for a blog as suggested, will check out. I’m currently experimenting with some stack strategy as well on both sites.

  • yanks237

    Kaneb- want to know something worse. The early slate has a 17.5% rake. I need to take a closer look at this going forward

    LorenzoStax- thank you man please feel free to post any criticisms, questions or comments. And best of luck with your stacks

  • MrMadness001

    You have inspired me Yanks237 and sethayates. I usually stick strictly to Fanduel but had no idea about the Quarter Arcade on Draftkings. Going to try something similar over the next 10-20 days and see how I do.

  • yanks237

    MrMadness001- best of luck man please keep me updated! Word of advice, picking the stacks the easy part. The harder parts will be your punch ins and your pitchers, and of course keeping track of your lineups. Good luck!

  • rcrcng29

    Seth and yanks, thank you guys for the ideas … I decided to try the arcade (actually made $7 with a stack, wish I would have used that line up elsewhere lol), anyway I am ready to figure this out … I am going to take Seth’s idea: enter multi entries on arcade and then compare to the Perfect Game results. Will collect the results and post along with thought process for selecting stacks. My hope is that it will educate myself and any interested so we all can become better.

  • yanks237

    Rcrcng29- sounds great man can’t wait to see results! Keep in mind the tournament size and payout structure may be different at times. Not the prize amounts but the actual standings. Best of luck!

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