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  • icemanyeee

    cell phone

  • Jvanspro

    You should probably be focusing on work.

  • bigez952

    There is not going to be any work around that wouldn’t get you fired if your company found out you were bypassing their internet restrictions. You best bet is to use a cell phone during your breaks or find another job which probably isn’t ideal.

  • 8MileAllstars

    Well if you worked for a regular company, I’d be able to tell you how to do it. However since it’s a “Fortune 100” company, no dice.

  • Lathum

    @8MileAllstars said...

    Well if you worked for a regular company, I’d be able to tell you how to do it. However since it’s a “Fortune 100” company, no dice.

    This made me laugh

    Like everyone else said, why not just use your cell phone?

  • Beetlebum

    I am guessing because he needs to download/upload spreadsheets and projections?

  • squidkill

    Fortune 100 > Fortune 500?

  • lpdev

    I used to work for a fortune 10 company….back when I stocked the shelves at Wal Mart at night.

  • dangerb407


  • waffles2003

    Bring your laptop to work and connect it to your cell phone hotspot.

  • dangerb407


  • NoLimits0

    You can always quit your job. Then you can access it all day and night, provided you can afford the wifi cost and/or data plan without a job.

    But in all seriousness the way most people access it is having a “long bathroom break”

  • DFSx42

    Danger, you were right to include fortune 100 as a distinction. If they are so thorough as to include filters against rotogrinders as well then you can be assured they are exceedingly thorough. You should consider anything you do on a company network (wifi) or company computer/phone to belong to the company. For example, some Google employees I know turned down the free cell phone and internet services because it creates a legal gray area where Google could then claim anything they do on their spare time time as belonging to Google. Same reason why many people always use a separate laptop of their own when working on their own projects. Maybe they are being paranoid, but if paying for their own cell phone service and internet connection brings peace of mind then it’s definitely worthwhile.

    What I’m saying is they definitely know what you are doing. Whether or not they choose to use it against you is another matter. You could get a boss who doesn’t like you 6 months from now who tells HR he wants to let you go and they say “well we have these justifications here of him attempting to use company resources for sports gambling a year ago”

    It’s dumb and it’s unfair but that’s life. My parents taught at a boarding school where everyone lives on campus, using school internet etc etc. They offered everyone over a certain age an early retirement package because with annual pay raises, an older teacher makes 3-4x a fresh graduate. Only one teacher that was offered it didn’t take it. He was fired within a month for having accessed porn on the school network. A boarding school where most teachers are single men in their twenties in the middle of nowhere. Basically a hotbed of lonely masturbation and yet they oddly only caught one man in his 60s…

    Even if he were the only teacher accessing porn, they all had children such as myself who were cranking it out non stop using the school network. The guy was absolutely targeted out specifically, they just needed a reason to let him go. Really made me look back and realize my parents could have actually been fired for my own teenage masturbation. How many people can say that about their life huh? Hairy palms? Nope! God kills a kitten? Nope! They’ll fire your parents? Oh, crap, that is actually possible.

    If you absolutely must, then be sure to turn off wifi on your phone and use data services. Don’t ever use the company computer and never do it on the wifi network. Ideally you’ll do it while dropping a deuce or at least pretending to. Otherwise, you’re really putting your fate into never having any superior who ever wants an excuse to let you go.

    If accessing DFS stuff on a laptop is important to you during the workday, then you may want to start looking for other places of employment.

  • stv1313

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    Does your company have a WIFI network? In my own case, if a site is blocked on my workplace’s hard-wired network, I disconnect from the hard-wired network and connect directly to the company WIFI. Typically, the WIFI network will not have the same filters as the hard-wired network. Then, when I’m done surfing around, I reconnect to the hard-wired network and work extra hard to offset the time I just spent surfing on a site that the I/T professionals decided wasn’t business related.

  • Messiah717

    Use your phone or another device that you own. Otherwise your question is absolutely ridiculous.

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