• TheRealPeebs

    I am new to NBA DFS in 2019-2020, playing casually on Draft Kings and I have good nights and bad nights, have pretty much broken even overall but it’s been a lot of fun so far. I love the NBA, have a job/family and definitely not looking to make this more than a hobby… once I hit the level where I can no longer play casual contests will I just throwing $$ away playing in regular public contests? I’m sure I’m outing myself as a H2H mark right now (don’t bother sending me H2H challenges I reject them all haha) but I’m curious if there are others like me who play casually for $10-$20 a night with one or two “hand picked” lineups (ie, no optimizers) and if so what advice would you have for keeping it fun without going overboard? Or would I be better off just lighting my $$ on fire once I max out of the casual contests?


  • kujo33

    I enter the $12 single entry $4 GPP and $1 GPP. Put the main lineup in all 3 and any additional lineups in the $1 only. Not sure on the cash lines compared to casual contests but I find this is a good strategy for me to provide upside without entering a ton of $ each night. Also avoids the 150 max tournaments.

  • TheRealPeebs

    Thanks for the advice Kujo. I usually throw a few $0.25 and $0.50 lineups in the bigger GPPs contests but avoid the bigger $ large GPPs because I don’t really have a bankroll and can’t afford to throw away $ essentially on dart throws. Sounds like the smaller single entry GPPs might be a good fit for me. Thanks again.

  • TheDataDetective

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    While MLB and NFL are my “serious” fantasy sports, I also enjoy casually playing NBA DFS. I find that NBA is the easiest sport to consistently cash without going overboard in terms of research. As long as you check on injuries before lock and have a basic understanding of starting lineups & usage, you can throw together an NBA lineup in about 15 minutes and have a decent chance at cashing (especially on DK). Just practice disciplined bankroll management because some slates are just plain wacky. E.g., as I type this Harden is 2 of 12 from the field at halftime against OKC. :-)

    Edit: To answer your question more directly, the gap between “casual / beginner” contests and veteran contests is highly overrated since most beginners nowadays are really veterans from other sites. Difficulty is pretty consistent regardless of skill level.

  • TheRealPeebs

    TheDataDetective thanks for your input. Obviously there will always be the occasional clunker from a Harden type which will pretty much sink your lineup on any given night, but I agree that since the NBA is such a star driven league you have a decent chance of cashing by finding the right role players who, based on matchups and injuries, are in line to exceed their averages and mixing them in with a few high salary / high floor stars. I also like the last game of the night “in-game” second half contests, they are a bit more of a crapshoot but I’ve found those to be a lot of fun. For example last night in the OKC-HOU game with a blowout looking likely, I was hoping to find the right scrub to put in as my captain for cheap 1.5x garbage time points. I was debating between MacLemore and Clemmons, and unfortunately I went with MacLemore. Clemmons then drops a bunch of meaningless threes in garbage time. It’s a nice change of pace from the classic contests.

  • Njsum1

    @TheRealPeebs said...

    Or would I be better off just lighting my $$ on fire once I max out of the casual contests

    15% of DFS players are profitable. Probably less long term. So the odds are you’ll lose money, unless you’re either really lucky or really good.

    However, if you can break even in casual contests you should at least have some winning nights in regular ones. So if you’re playing $10 a night, maybe you lose $15-$20 Per week to start. Now what’s more entertaining 7 nights of playing DFS or going to see 1 movie? I’d argue the former. So see it as an entertainment expense, if nba DFS is something you enjoy.

    Maybe in time, if you get good enough, your daily entertainment, will start to pay you 🤷‍♂️. Good luck 🏀🍀👍

  • TheRealPeebs

    Njsum1 that’s exactly how I look at it, a (relatively) inexpensive hobby that makes the games more fun to watch. I don’t expect to make $ but it certainly wouldn’t hurt! I just imagine any semblance of fun would go away pretty quickly if I spend my first couple of weeks in regular contests getting crushed. We’ll see!

    Thanks for the input everyone.

  • gridironguru99

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    Doesn’t exist is the simple answer

    You’re competing against teams of people colluding with systems and algorithms and over time you will get smoked. You’re better off taking in that movie IMHO

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