• dailydimes

    I know Dk and FD have dropped NCAA games, where is everyone playing CBB this season? Looked into Fanpicks but the site looks cheap and their game slate is pathetic with over 40 teams to chose from, most of which aren’t in the power 5 conferences.

  • joe123

    Draftworld is the only other site I know of doing CBB. Dkings also had some bad MAC games to pick from for CBB.

    I will give Fanpicks a whirl but will deposit no more than $20. Although from the few GPP offerings up, they need to pay more than 10-12% of the top finishers

  • dailydimes

    I signed up at Draftworld to give it a shot. CBB is one of the least popular sports so its tough to support this on sites that have low traffic. I love CBB dfs, wish this would make a comeback.

  • ScottatFanpicks

    Hey guys we are offering and the slates are only huge due to the massive amount of games that are scheduled for Friday. After this weekend slates should be very similar to what we are offering for college football.

  • ScottatFanpicks

    And we will have a full slate of contests up shortly.

  • dailydimes

    Thanks for jumping in and sharing some outlook. Willing to give both sites a shot, the slates don’t typically get good until January anyway.

  • Stangs13

    Ill be playing on fanpicks like I do for CFB. Looks like you will need a huge score to win CBB this week. Im going stars and scrubs and wont be shocked if some of my scrubs outscore the stars.

  • ScottatFanpicks

    Hey guys we have tightened up our pricing across the board including freshman. The slate will also be smaller once the madness of opening week passes. If any of you guys played over the weekend I would appreciate any input you may have on the product.

  • dailydimes

    Reduce the teams and slates. If you have to include a Xavier vs Buffalo, which makes sense until the conference games start, only include Xavier, not buffalo. Can’t understand with so many bad games why you would include multiple slates of bad games like tonight. You could build a slate with MDvGtown, UkvMsu, WiscvCreighton, DukevKu. That’s 8 good teams to choose from and you could include Cuse, UNC and Zona as 3 more teams. Only do one slate where you can get multiple players from good teams, what the slates look like now will only deter people from the site.

  • dailydimes

    Just went through constructing a lineup, I don’t understand the pricing. Why the high floor of $4k? Pricing seems off when trying to balance a lineup. With an average to spend per player of $5,555, you can’t make a lineup with top guys priced at $7,500-$9,200 and when the floor is only $1,500 less than the average, makes it nearly impossible to balance a legit lineup

  • valterlaw

    The pricing for tonite’s Fanpicks CBB slate is literally the worst pricing I’ve seen for any sport on any site. I’m not exaggerating here.

  • bbjay20

    If the pricing for the Fanpicks CBB slates is going to be similar to what we see on today and tomorrow’s slates, then it’s going to be impossible to play. You can’t have guys that are 10,000, with the majority of guys even worth considering over 7,500, and then have an average to spend of just $5,555. Ridiculous. It’s not even worth trying to put together lineups. What fun is it using 6 guys that are under 5,000 and then a couple of guys around 6500 when none of them are stars. There is one game each night where pricing even remotely allows you to put together a LU that would score 100pts, let alone 200+.

    Pricing needs to improve greatly, or the amount to spend on a LU needs to increase significantly. Make it 70,000 instead of 50,000, if pricing is to stay like this. Players that score 25 pts a game shouldn’t be priced at 8500. Otherwise, it’s impossible and definitely no fun. Nobody will be playing CBB anymore.

  • ScottatFanpicks

    Hey bbjay thanks for giving more of a specific example other than “The pricing for tonite’s Fanpicks CBB slate is literally the worst pricing I’ve seen for any sport on any site”. As little hard to take anything from such vague input. As always we will improve the pricing and make it work at the 50K cap. Not sure what has happened with today’s games but will look into and rectify.

  • bbjay20

    Thanks Scott. The pricing issues is for tonight and all of tomorrow’s games. I enjoy the site and hope to keep playing, but if pricing is going to be like this going forward, it won’t work. Also, the smaller school players probably shouldn’t be priced nearly as high as the big school kids, and I hope going forward there aren’t 50+ games on one slate as we’ve seen.

    The only way to make a lineup on today’s slate is to load up on Memphis, who is reasonably priced. That shouldn’t be the case. Hopefully you guys can work out the kinks.

  • valterlaw

    Scott, it might have been vague, but it was true. I apologize for not making a more specific case, though.

    In any event, I have no idea what sort of metrics went into this pricing, but it’s a great big fail. It would be hard to construct a useful lineup with a 60K cap, much less 50K.

    To add to what bbjay said…you can’t have the floor be 4K. This is only 1.5k below the average price. I mean, think about that…I could use 5 minimum price guys…and the average amount left for the last 5 guys would still be only 6.5k.

  • valterlaw

    @bbjay20 said...

    The only way to make a lineup on today’s slate is to load up on Memphis, who is reasonably priced.

    And yesterday it was LSU (and for whatever reason, Joel Berry).

  • ScottatFanpicks

    As I said now I have a specific case we can and will address and thanks for your patience and business.

  • ScottatFanpicks

    Also the only reason the slates are huge are due to the massive amount of games early in the season.

  • valterlaw

    I don’t have a problem with the slate size…I am actually on board with that part of it!

  • bbjay20

    Looks like the Friday games still have the ridiculous pricing. I tried making a LU, started with a 5800, 6300 and 6900 player and have to fill 6 slots with 5000 players. That’s not going to work. Scott, any idea if/when this will be changed? I can’t imagine people want to play these slates with pricing like this.

  • dailydimes

    Scott, read what I wrote above a few days ago. Pricing aside, you have to limit the teams and slates. The site is barely filling contests yet you have multiple slates in the same day full of small schools. Just roll with 1 slate until the conference games start. With these games, just go with Oregon St, not Lamar. I wrote on Tuesday how you could build a high quality competitive slate on Tuesday with only using 4 games. That would allow for 8 teams. If you add other games only use the team that’s in a major conference, you don’t need to use both teams in that game.

    Maybe get rid of the other Utility spot and keep the salary cap the same. Why are so many guys priced over 7000 yet none priced under 4000. With a median of 5,555/player, that makes no sense.

    I hope these posts only come across as users that want this site to grow and understand there will be things to correct before the season picks up in January. Besides, Draftworld is awful, so you have us CBB players cornered.

  • ScottatFanpicks

    bbjay we updated the pricing yesterday and those changes will be reflected on Saturdays contests as we push salaries two days in advance.

  • bbjay20

    Scott, sounds good and looking forward to the updates. As dailydimes mentioned, we all want the site to grow and don’t want details like pricing to effect that negatively. You have the market and hopefully with some updates and fixes, will be able to really expand as the season progresses.

  • kennkerp

    Scott, I just tried to enter the early contest for Saturday and I don’t really see any improvement in the pricing. There is not one player I would even consider putting in my lineup priced below the average slot price of $5556. I’ll remain patient, but can’t enter any contests today unfortunately.

  • Rockythunder

    I’m with you Ken. I work full time and I don’t have any type of spreadsheet formatting. I have to do everything by hand, and I don’t have 2 hours everyday to try to find a diamond in the rough to play. I’ll give them a few more days to work on the pricing structure. If I don’t see any changes in the next few days I’m done with the site as I don’t have the time to commit to a product for a few dollars a day. My time is worth more than the limited enjoyment I am receiving right now. There are plenty of awesome minds in DFS that are committed to college athletics, and Scott should reach out to some of you guys for help in designing a better product. One other thing that isn’t cool with the site, is the problem with withdrawing from a contest. We shouldn’t have to call or email to have you drop us. It’s pretty frustrating spending an hour trying to design a lineup, and realizing you can’t fit anything close to a relevant roster. If a new person came along I’m sure they would be even more frustrated than I am. At this point it almost becomes a lottery since 85 percent are on the same player every day. Sorry for the rant, but I was hoping for some improvement and what I noticed today is more of the same.

  • Kingcheese

    Hey guys sunday pricing is much better on fanpicks! Give it a try! Lets grow this site!

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