• Hatorade

    Porn 'Stache --- FanDuel Sunday Million (1st for $200,000)

    • 2014 FanDuel WFFC Finalist

    • 2013 StarStreet NFL Playboy Mansion Finalist

    Awesome weekend man! We’ve got a Smizzillionaire in our midst!!

  • ActionJunkie

    Yeah, GRATZ! So happy for him with how much he’s done for the industry.

    What an amazing pivot to Diggs too! Pretty crazy that the lineup was still far from optimal (RBs/TE especially) and paying up for David Johnson was actually the lowest scorer outside of the TE.

  • billholler

    I am assuming this was on FD since he got 3rd on DK.

  • tratow

    • 2015 DraftKings FFWC Finalist

    Great hit! Enjoyed sweating with you and watching that last short catch from Diggs to push you over! Congrats!!

  • thehazyone

    RG Contributor

    • Blogger of the Month

    @billholler said...

    I am assuming this was on FD since he got 3rd on DK.

    He won the Milly Maker, took 3rd in the other one.

  • peachfuzz

    • Blogger of the Month

    Congrats! Huge win!

  • Taterchipdip

    Well Alright Smizzle!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

  • Jsize

    Pretty good example here of skill vs luck.

  • billholler

    @thehazyone said...

    He won the Milly Maker, took 3rd in the other one.

    Oops, was looking at the results from the $1million Play Action. He got 3rd in that one with the same LU.

  • habes1289

    Of course it takes some amount of luck to have the highest scoring lineup over multiple hundreds of thousands of people. But each selection was clearly based off a strategy and process with damn good reasoning – this 100% was a lineup based of research, skill, and knowledge. Breaking it down to luck based on individual plays over the course of thousands of plays during the day is way too nuanced to me.

    I’m a big fan of Al’s work so I was very glad to see him take it home yesterday, even though I’d never met or spoken to him.

  • DomTwan


  • bhdevault

    • Lead Moderator

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    Mod Note

    At a member’s request, I have deleted his posts and cleaned up the rest of the thread with the quoted posts. Once again, congrats to Al for having an amazing Sunday, one we all someday hope to have! :)

  • glennantz

    Congrats Al. You earned it. I saw the article on Deadspin and tried to respond but it did not work. I guess I need an account there. All I said was that the anti DFS band wagon must be getting pretty full. Congrats again on a nice win.

  • pepsies15

    Good work, Al!

  • Cameron

    RG Co-Founder

    • 2014 FanDuel NFL Survivor Champion

    • 2016 RG Season Long Champion: NFL

    Congratssss Smizzzzz!!!

  • GolfCoach

    I’ve always enjoyed Al’s take on all things DFS. He seems to really care about growing the game and helping others grinders improve their play. Congrats man!

  • zpruitt3

    Congrats! One of the best ambassadors of our game.

  • MarvG

    Congrats Al!

  • Linsanity88

    Congrats to Al! Met him at the Daily Fantasy Bootcamp before Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season in Vegas, he’s an awesome guy and a great ambassador for DFS.

  • tgowen

    • Blogger of the Month

    Cool stuff. Always fun to hear about someone in the community win a cool million.

  • LegiaWwa

    @Jsize said...

    Pretty good example here of skill vs luck.

    One lineup out of 150 had Stefon Diggs. Not sure which side of the fence you are on?

  • Razzle11

    @LegiaWwa said...

    One lineup out of 150 had Stefon Diggs. Not sure which side of the fence you are on?

    and that is because he had 0 going into Sunday night and late swapped to Diggs

  • pantherfan40

    good man , happy to see someone in the community taking home the big money.

  • hambazaza

    RG Blog Program Manager, 2014 RG Party Beer Pong Champion

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    • Beer Pong Champion

    @LegiaWwa said...

    One lineup out of 150 had Stefon Diggs. Not sure which side of the fence you are on?

    i would say skill…

  • jimmyquinella

    • Blogger of the Month

    As many have said…great job!

  • csuram88

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    • x7

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