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    I’m proud to announce the final Blog awards of the year for December 2016, this month we had some awesome blogs that spanned all the available sports, between NFL, NHL, NBA, MMA and soccer there was enough content out there for anybody who was looking for it. With plenty of great submissions, it was tough as always to separate some participants and narrow down the field to the winners. Hopefully if you participated in our blog program this month you enjoyed it, and received some good feedback from the readers, and I look forward to reading more of your content next month!

    For all the winners, make sure your FantasyAces username is displayed in your profile so we can take care of your winnings. And for the rest, keep on blogging!

    Interested in blogging? Check out the blog program details here.

    You can start your own blog by clicking here.

    Blogger of the Month ($150)


    After winning the runner up award last month, Wilbur moves up to the main award this month as a recognition for his quality contributions throughout the month. He took a bit of a break after christmas it seems, but he’s back to writing some quality content and should have posts out multiple times a week so make sure to check out the blog page to see his latest picks.


    Blogger of the Month – Runner Up ($75)


    A regular contributor to the blog section of the site, Teachmehowto breaks down the NFL like few others out there. He goes through his game-by-game break down earlier in the week, then he does his “homework” and goes through his picks again after the matches have set. Even if you don’t read his content prior to the lineup lock, you should have been reading his “lineup review” homework articles to help you understand how to analyze your own play. In fact, the beautiful thing about lineup review articles is you can go back and review them all now!


    Blog of the Month ($75)

    kbarnhill7523- Optimal Lineup Strategy – One Lineup to Rule them All

    When discussing strategy many seasoned players who have been doing DFS for a few years now tend to not dwell on some small details and that may get overlooked especially if you’re in the business of giving advice or “touting”. One of these small details that keeps getting conflated is what is the expected production from an NBA player. Most will tell you that the magical number on a site like Fanduel is 5x the salary. This is why you should give kbarnhill’s piece a read. He discussing what the optimal lineup strategy is (in his eyes) and if it’s something you haven’t spent a lot of time on, I encourage you to take some time to consider your own play in light of the observations he makes.


    Blog of the Month – Runner Up – ($50)

    YUUNGMOOLAHHCoast-2-Coast: Late Night Hammer is Real

    I’m a big fan of the late night hammer in all sports, so I was very pleased when I saw this blog because it spoke to me. If you’re a veteran NBA player, you probably also consider the late night hammer on a regular basis for your lineups. For those who are uninitiated, the late night hammer is basically selecting players from the west coast games in hopes that the high scoring that usually accompanies them propels you to the top of the leaderboards as you pass those who chose to select the majority of their players from the east coast and middle-america teams. I know most of my big tournament successes have come from late night hammers. Check out this piece and it should help explain why the late night hammer works and is not just a “gimmick” that some use to waste their money.


    Best Post from a New Blogger ($50)

    ava0704 – Why We Lose in Daily Fantasy Sports

    We often enough pat ourselves on the back when we win and toot our own horns on the tweeters with screenshots and self congratulations as well as shoutouts to our favorite tout/information outlets. But do we ever sit back and question why we ever lose in DFS? Ava0704 tried to do just that by breaking down his own play with some hypothetical examples in order to provide some explanation for why the majority of us lose. And trust me, more people lose than are willing to admit to it. Check out his piece. it’s worth a read.


    Most Interesting/Entertaining Blog ($50)

    jon2nderson- Make $100 in NBA DFS

    I love the bankroll tracking series that every once in a while pop up. Jon2anderson’s posts in particular seemed very intriguing because of the genuine demeanor in which he approached his lineup building. And while he didn’t reach his goal with the microstakes approach in December, I hope he continues with the same approach through the end of the season and with some disciplined game selection and lineup building should reach his goal and more!


    Wild Card Award ($50)


    One of the best MMA writers anywhere on the internet is right here in our blog section. LeRoiStephon combines some very good knowledge with some entertainment to give you a weekly breakdown of all the fights on the card. He’s been doing this for a while now and is one of the voices I turn to when I decide to throw a lineup in last minute if I’m off to watch the fight on a Saturday night. His articles have been on point and if you decide to play an MMA fight be sure to add him to your list of writers to check out before you lock that lineup in.


    Congrats to all the winners and keep grinding!

  • AndyBowsers

    • Blogger of the Month

    Big thanks to @hambazaza and everyone at RotoGrinders for everything you guys do with the blogging platform. It’s been an absolute blast writing these articles, and I can’t get over how many interesting people I have met over the past few months because of those posts.

  • SelfCharmer

    Thanks for the award @hambazaza Glad to get Soccer some exposure! New Blog should be going up within a few hours!

  • BigWilburStyle

    • Blogger of the Month

    Wow I’m really grateful and appreciate the platform to do something like this. Also congrats to Andy, love his fading the chalk blog!

  • FantasyAces_Jamie

    FantasyAces Rep

    Good job to everyone who submitted blogs last month and big congrats to our winners! Aces accounts have been credited with their prizes!

    SelfCharmer, Shockeyville80, and pudge72cws: Please message me your Fantasy Aces username so we can get you credietd as well!


  • maxeernst

    For those doing these blogs with serious frequency, I just want to acknowledge how much of a grind it is. Often a very enjoyable grind, but also definitely time consuming. Appreciate it.

    Congrats everybody.

  • Multichem

    • Blogger of the Month

    Hey that’s super awesome. I guess people feel the same way about my thoughts on coaching tilt!

    Honored, thanks for the acknowledgement guys!

  • SelfCharmer

    I am UK player so not eligible for the Fantasy Aces $ but still nice to get the recognition!

  • maxeernst

    @SelfCharmer said...

    I am UK player so not eligible for the Fantasy Aces $ but still nice to get the recognition!

    Can we send this man some swag?

  • shockeyville80

    Wow thanks for the shout out! Just had my best basketball night of the season so maybe I need to write some more articles!

    Like SelfCharmer I believe I’m ineligible for Aces, as I’m a Virginia resident (though I’d love to play on Aces when I can)… but a ball cap or t shirt would look mighty fine…

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