• squidkill

    So Seth Yates ran 3 SB pools on twitter. Took 3 K from all different people via PayPal and Venmo and never paid out the winners. He hasn’t tweeted since Super Bowl Sunday but has been active on RG as early as yesterday. I wasn’t a victim but he just screwed 3 K from members of the DFS community and maybe some people in this very forum. He was an Active poster on RG and also wrote a few columns in the past. Anyone hear anything? The guy use to tweet everyday all day and now nothing. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Duelly21

  • dskinyg

    @afxx said...

    It’s far less about getting the 3k back. If he scammed (almost certainly) then it’s highly unlikely anything anyone does increases the likelihood of getting the money back. People who scam, especially with previous standing in a community, are almost certainly in some sort of financial trouble to resort to such behavior. What it does do, however, is help prevent such occurrences by the person in the future.

    If you came from poker, you would know that standard behavior for dealing with scammers used to be public silence, instead dealing the scammer privately in hope of increasing the likelihood that you will eventually get paid (usually this DOES increase the likelihood of that, so you are correct there). What would often happen, though, was eventually someone would get fed up after failing to get paid after a certain amount of time, and make past transgressions public, only to find out very quickly that there was a SLEW of others who were also owed money by said person. So, by attempting to recoup one’s stolen money – often futilely – people allowed the scammer to continue to steal. 3k turns to 20k to 50k to… fairly quickly when everyone remains silent.

    So if Seth is a scammer and thief, which seems increasingly likely, then shout it from the rooftops so that everyone who could possibly interact with him knows not to trust him around their money. 3k be damned, people will almost certainly never see that money again, no matter what approach you take when dealing with him.

    Very true.

  • jscarfino

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    LMAO 🤣

  • Brandon6385

    Any relation to Field Yates, the ESPN analyst?

  • joephoto

    @Brandon6385 said...

    Any relation to Field Yates, the ESPN analyst?

    Cousin of corrupt Asst. AG Sally Yates I believe.


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    I played last year with Seth and won, he paid me the next day. I tried to play this year with $60, but I venmo the wrong email address and the transaction was incomplete…….WHEW!

  • LegiaWwa

    I bought two squares and my numbers didn’t hit anyway. Plus, I used Seth’s old advice about the Pro Bowl and starting all tight ends, which won me a good amount this year, so I’ll call us even at this point. Good luck to him.


    @mtdurham said...

    If people pay their debts it never comes to that…. if someone were to file a civil claim against Seth to recover the $1,000 he owes them, would that be wrong?

    I mean the guy has committed either a high misdemeanor or possibly a felony here… id much rather someone file a civil suit against me then report my crimes to the police. or beat the crap out of me…

    $3,000 is enough to get killed over my god…

    Good luck getting a civil judgement on a gambling debt…

  • dopeismarcus

    some people here are too nice. i don’t care how “stand up of a guy” seth is you don’t ignore red the flags. the very first post said he hasn’t posted for over 10 days after the super bowl but is still browsing the forum and people were still giving him the benefit of doubt? there is zero excuse for the money not to be paid out the following day.

    so many gems in this thread:

    -“seth’s friend” typing exactly like seth.

    -going to rehab after the super bowl.

    -“friend” calling rotogrinders RG so soon.

    -after that crap of a post that seth’s friend left @squirrelpatrol is calling people irresponsible.

    -two guys arguing over natural light and miller high life??

    -seth playing $1 DK contests to win the money back.

    anyways this what a great read. morning everyone.

  • squidkill

    I am 90% certain he never resurfaces again. The other 10% believes that twitter / RG message boards and DFS/Gambling is all he knows and he will try to continue with the excuses, because that is all he has. The dude had 13.2K twitter followers, which is mind blowing to me.

  • Bam79

    @Messiah717 said...

    Seth’s friend figured out his Twitter password and will soon be launching a March Madness Contest. 50% of the people who got scammed with the Super Bowl boxes will join.

    Why not, right?

    Just because Seth is a thief doesn’t mean his friend is, maaaan.. lol

  • Russthabus26

    Well he’s either a non-brilliant sociopath or he got in too deep. I know as gamblers some of us have been there.

    I personally have about 10% hope in getting paid by the end of the year because I’m an optimistic person.

    10% believes it was intentional from the start.
    30% he needed the money or lost it. We never see him again.
    50% he needed the money or lost it. He resurfaces at some point asks for forgiveness and attempts to make amends/repay.

    Again eternal optimist.

    Also for those saying never send money to strangers on internet here’s my thoughts i spent 100 bucks for something additional to do during SB. I got lucky won 1k. I didn’t get paid. I figured I had well over 50% of a chance to get paid. Was worth the gamble. I’d do it again.

    At the end of the day regardless dude needs help. Hope he gets it. Carry on thread 25 pages here we come.

  • djjoeyg

    I send money over the internet to strangers almost everytime I play on DK lol

  • sharksfansd

    @MHDU2424 said...

    Still baffled that someone would do this for $3000…if you’re that desperate just take out a credit card or loan

    First off, this entire thread is one of the best ever on RG. I have enjoyed Seth’s work in the past and like many of you follow him on Twitter.

    As MHDU2424 suggests it seems as though the answer to all of this would be to obtain a personal unsecured loan to pay off those he owes funds to. The interest rates are astronomical, but at least those he owes would be paid off. However, it sheds light on the perilous financial position he may be in if he is unable to get an unsecured loan at the $3K loan value.

  • Stewburtx8

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    @Russthabus26 said...

    Also for those saying never send money to strangers on internet here’s my thoughts i spent 100 bucks for something additional to do during SB. I got lucky won 1k. I didn’t get paid. I figured I had well over 50% of a chance to get paid. Was worth the gamble. I’d do it again.

    Right. It’s entertainment. You play with the expectation that you will likely lose that money anyways. I’ll still participate in pools with strangers (assuming they at least have some level of respect in this community or others) as most of the time, at least in my experience, everything works as it should and the person pays out the next day.

    Obviously with Seth, he’s a scumbag if he just disappears and never even offers a reason or explanation or attempts to repay those that won. I don’t think him doing that still can be ruled out, but being honest immediately would have been the best course of action (well unless this was all intentional which I find hard to believe since he’s run these pools in the past with no issue). Instead he completely ruined any reputation he had.

  • Messiah717

    In looking back it should’ve been an immediate red flag when he stopped any Tweets at 4:30 on SB Sunday. He’s not going to be Tweeting about the game or giving updates on box winners? Went totally silent.

  • zpruitt3

    Does Seth Yates tweet before kickoff of preseason NFL week 1?

    Yes +275
    No -300
    Seth’s friend makes a statement on “RG” +800

  • stv1313

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    I’ve never done it myself, but isn’t there a way to “Report a Problem” on Paypal? Every person who entered Seth’s pools via Paypal should attempt to recoup their funds via Paypal. I believe that has worked with some DFS sites that went belly-up over the years. At the very least, if Paypal starts poking Seth, it might precipitate some activity on his part.

  • RW

  • bucherpsu08

    You’d think a Financial Analyst would be good with things like, you know, finances.

  • Cocomilk

    sliding back into dk 10 days later for a $1 entry single bullet is classic

  • Southie777

    @Cocomilk said...

    sliding back into dk 10 days later for a $1 entry single bullet is classic

    It was Marcus Smart Chalk Night, put yourself in his shoes!

  • Duelly21

    Guessing this will be the end result for everyone.

  • Lee123

    @Cocomilk said...

    sliding back into dk 10 days later for a $1 entry single bullet is classic

    Did he play last night?

  • Bam79

    @stv1313 said...

    isn’t there a way to “Report a Problem” on Paypal?

    You can absolutely report it to PayPal; it’s a good option for those people looking to be made whole. PayPal takes wire fraud quite seriously.

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