• TuscaloosaJohnny

    Trying to get over the hump in DFS and was thinking about the RG subscription. Do those of you who have used it feel it has turned you into a winning player (or a more winning player)?

  • Jvanspro

    Nope. But it does give you access to lineuphq which is the only reason I have it.

  • bigez952

    Premium offers many great things that I enjoyed when I had it but it never made me a profitable player but I do think it did help me a little to get closer to a breakeven player. I had it for a few years when it was around $200 or so a year for all the core sports but I got priced out of it for the volume I play.

  • durbinjag

    I like it. I use lineup Hq everyday. I find the premium articles valuable as well. I feel like it’s well worth the cost. My only complaint is that it doesn’t include college football. I feel CFB should be part of the premium service. Other than that it’s well worth in my opinion.

  • NIN1002

    I’m not really sure one way or the other, but I have tried a few other premium subscriptions and found them to be SUBSTANTIALLY worse than what RG offers.

    Part of my problem is the content is nearly exclusively 100% FD/DK driven. Guys like stlcards and noto don’t even know where the letters “Y” “A” “H” “O” “O” even are on the keyboard (big massive props to Cheese for being the only writer ever to actually take the time to make sure to write up a blurb on Yahoo in his million dollar musings almost every day). Since I play Yahoo exclusively, I get marginally more premium content than without the premium membership.

    Anyway, with all that said, RG is the best of the four premium memberships I’ve found out there for DFS service. I truly miss the days of reading the great and wonderful kirkdiese put together his write ups for NBA and MLB and the exclusive and great detail he put into writing up Yahoo specific players. Sadly, those write ups disappeared over two years ago now, and will never ever be coming back (probably to make room for yet another DK/FD “combo” article about who knows what).

    Value is in the eye of the beholder. This is a subjective question you pose and you will get a wide variety of angles. Everyone has their own situation and objectives, and it’s completely up to you to figure out if the value exists. At the minimum, it is ABSOLUTELY in your best interests to get a premium membership for a month to see the full product to make an informed decision about it’s value for you.

  • BigRay

    I won a month of premium content last year for finishing in the top 10 of a qualifying tournament during football season. Then decided it was worth it to keep it. For football, I really like the Chrome Browser extensions for ownership % and consensus pts projected per player. I think the Golf Content is top notch. For NBA, the Situation Room is handy for injury news. I did drop it for baseball because MLB is such a HR Derby dart stab everyday. The only thing I miss is the showdown slate IQ for NFL that we had last year, it was very useful. There is a lot of information out there. Premium content will give you more than enough, however it also has articles that consolidate all that info.

  • Ross21

    I’ve had RG Premium on and off in the past. Honestly, I would say it depends on the sport. For MLB, the randomness of it makes ownership projections the most valuable part if you’re a GPP player. Plus slate IQ is a nice article to read at 6:30 before submitting lineups. I don’t know if it’s worth the subscription price though since ownership projections are already widely available.

    For NFL, there’s so much free content out on the internet I don’t feel it’s worth the price, especially considering another site I have in mind (that I’ve subscribed to the past three seasons) gives as much if not more content than RG for one-third of the price.

    However, I will say that for NBA DFS, the “Crunch Time” show is worth the NBA subscription price all on its own. Late-breaking news is so important in that sport that that one hour show with the various experts going over the most up-to-the-minute news and player projections is so valuable. I can’t recommend that enough.

    And with premium in general, it unlocks the full power of LineupHQ, which, for me, is really valuable for the niche sports so I can quickly upload my custom projections, make groups if necessary, and build lineups quickly.

    I hope this helped, Johnny!

  • humanash

    I can directly attribute more than enough of my DFS profit to RG premium content that I could easily pay for a subscription for the rest of my life even if it never makes me another penny. I enjoy all of the premium content and tools, and feel my game has benefited in some way from all of them. However, I personally find the content related to general game theory, line-up construction, contrarian strategy, and how to identify and exploit ownership/scoring/salary variables to be the most valuable. The tools are nice to help speed up the daily grind and the slate-specific content is always nice to brush up on to see where your thoughts are vs the “experts”. However, if you’re just paying a monthly fee so you can jot down today’s picks from the guys and toss them into LineupHQ, you might not end up profitable enough to cover the fees, or at all. In my opinion the best way to get your money’s worth is to utilize the tools while constantly striving to learn the “why” behind the plays rather than just copping some picks for today’s slate.

    I started paying for RG before I was a winning player. I certainly give myself the credit for making myself into a winner, but I will gladly say that RG’s premium content was instrumental in helping me get there.

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