• KushBush

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    BREAKING: NY Attorney General says daily fantasy is gambling & illegal, says DraftKings & FanDuel must cease operating & taking action in NY

    :( i wanted to play skinny lowry

  • n1ck111

    @slcseas said...

    This is why I don’t even bother voting. It’s either a conservative that thinks his/her religious beliefs should be what governs, or a nanny state liberal that tells me what I can do with my own money. It’s so frustrating to watch the grandstanding and really be helpless against it. I feel for everybody that’s affected. I live in Utah and I’m certain we aren’t far behind.

    3rd parties exist and I’d bet that one is more inline with your viewpoints. Felt the same way as you in the past.

  • Avgplayer

    @slcseas said...

    This is why I don’t even bother voting. It’s either a conservative that thinks his/her religious beliefs should be what governs, or a nanny state liberal that tells me what I can do with my own money. It’s so frustrating to watch the grandstanding and really be helpless against it. I feel for everybody that’s affected. I live in Utah and I’m certain we aren’t far behind.

    This really PISSES ME OFF. Yea sit on your ass, do nothing but complain.

  • whybore

    @Starsprophet said...

    How can DFS be a “game of chance,” yet the top 1% supposedly win 90% of all profits. A “game of chance,” would indicate that all players have an equal chance of winning an equal bet. The fact that lineup creation and projection quality so directly result in an enormous winnings gap renders the assertion that “chance,” is involved abjectly ludicrous.

    If you were to see the lottery numbers I’d guess they end up being similar.

  • JeffG1414

    Who controls the ponies and the lotto in NY! The State of NY! They are not getting enough DFS $$ in their filthy greedy hands. Sorry for you NY guys but don’t feel to bad as the rest of these amazing politicians that get elected in other states will soon follow suit.

  • loured

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    Great post bro!!!! So freaking true

  • loured

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    Just heard a sports lawyer on the news he said the AG is going to have a hard time proofing that daily is illegal but regular fantasy is not. I am hoping they reach a deal of some sort

  • internetfamous

    On the news here in Tampa, the Florida AG was spouting the same nonsense, I get the feeling Florida is gonna be next to go, sadly :(.

  • madmanjayWV

    OH BOY^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    This is so stupid…This country has been lost for quite some time and the stupidity just exacerbates itself on a near daily basis now…
    I mean, who cares what ppl want to do with their money…..We got both REPUKICANS and DEMONCRATS both voting as senators here in W.Va. to rob the Social Security funds of $$ to pay for entitlements….

    DFS is what it is…….

    NY has gone nowhere as of this second —at least — except on DRAFT DAY I think someone said in a post somewhere that DFS was banned for them…..but not “YET” on DK/ far as I know as of 2 hours ago………

    can’t wait 2c what Robbins and NIGEL opt to do in 5 days..I SAY FIGHT 2 THE DEATH….b/c if the NY AG gets his way — which from my one buddy in NY told me he has no “real” power and it must go thru the courts —- if the NY AG is successful (after state supreme court rules whenever — then FANDUEL has to be shutdown and closed in NY.

    I can’t believe they are going to allow this to happen considering 10% of their user base is from NY state…… — LAWYERS are like stoked right now #$$$$$$

  • bigtroll04

    the rake will be 40% soon

  • depalma13

    @qutgnt25 said...

    To have a federal allow it and to them allow states to have 50 different opinions on it shows everything that is wrong with this country.

    There is no Federal Law that allows it. It is a loophole in a law that the industry was built on.

  • tim51278

    So realistically, how many more days do you think we can play DFS in New York? This legal matter has to at least draw out for a week or two right?

  • TheFranchise

    We need to call in the Missouri Football team for assistance

  • bigtroll04

    serious pro sportsbettors will not go near DFS they laugh at it

  • S7ubs

    @n1ck111 said...

    100% agree with this. It’s not like a casino game where the odds are always in the house’s favor. There is an edge to be had and that’s why the pros can do this for a living.

    Poker is gambling yet takes skill and the pros win all the money. Still gambling, tell yourself all you want it’s not. You see the injuries in the NBA last night? I.e. I had Kevin Durant last night, he was a good start. He hurt his hammy and missed the 2nd half. That is unlucky and happened by CHANCE. We can do all the research and crunch numbers as much as we want but at the end of the day we still need the players to perform, which we have 0 control over. Just like poker players can know all the odds and percentages but they still need the cards to fall their way in order to win in the long run. Stop telling yourself DFS isn’t gambling because it is

  • AtGame7

    @n1ck111 said...

    You could argue that every time you make a decision you are gambling as there is no guarantee of an outcome. You are just making an educated guess that gives you the best chance of a desired outcome.

    And at the end of the day why should it matter if we define it as gambling or not? Your ability to choose is being taken away from you. If I want to play someone at chess for $50 bucks why shouldn’t I be able to?

    I think a couple of my points are being misunderstood. Please don’t confuse “gambling” with “game of chance”. I never said that DFS wasn’t skill and that the best players don’t win more often. I think the fact that the best players win more often and that skill is the main factor are self evident.

    I do think you should be able to play chess for money if you want. To make my point clear, I do not believe chess is gambling, betting money on chess is gambling. Playing craps does not have to be gambling, you can play the game of craps without money, you can play blackjack and just keep score, etc… The minute you wager anything of value on the outcome of those games you are gambling.

    Game of chance with a wager placed on it=gambling
    Game of skill with a wager placed on it=gambling

    This is why I have said all along that if we fight this fight from the point of view DFS isn’t gambling then we are doomed to failure and lose DFS. I’m no lawyer, but I could easily argue in a courtroom that this is gambling and win that case.

    Now, whether or not we are allowed to gamble on such things should be the matter at hand. You can play poker online on dozens of sites right now, you just can’t play for money.

  • sgtskeever

    I concur wholeheartedly…. Well said.

  • osuryanf

    First off, let me state that gambling in any sense should be legal. We should be allowed to do what we want with our money. This was my problem with Black Friday and poker —— Land of the free, but we can’t spend our money how we want? The government tells us how we can spend our money?

    The main thing here that I think many people are missing —— Vegas wants DFS out. They know what kind of money it’s bringing in, and are probably thinking that if this is legal, how long until sports betting across America is legal? Think of how much money they lose then if every casino in the United States is allowed to take sports bets? Vegas loses BILLIONS.

    One of the ironic parts about all this is —- several of the old bible beaters are against gambling in any sense because the bible tells them it’s wrong. It also tells them gay marriage is wrong. However, our government was all about making gay marriage legal even if it wouldn’t be accepted, but “gambling” is something they refuse to do the same for.

    But why?

    It’s a easy explanation really —————————> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • DabsAndFrags

    @bigtroll04 said...

    serious pro sportsbettors will not go near DFS they laugh at it

    What does this mean?

  • RST1123

    Reminds me of the day Draftstreet got sold.. Very disappointing day

  • sivankev

    @bobbyrogers46 said...

    New Yorkers, don’t get caught with frozen accounts like the online Poker world did. Protect your money and withdraw. It only benefits the sites and their affiliates for you to continue playing with such risk.

    This is so hilariously wrong and uninformed.

  • carney259

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    @sgrosenb said...

    It’s funny – I immediately thought of day trading stocks when I read the AGs letter, and the fact that day trading stocks is almost identical to DFS when you think about it. Do you see Etrade getting whacked for charging fees for daily stock trades? Of course not… Kind of funny when u think of it that way. And anyone who says people can pick stocks better than DFS players, I can show u more statistics you could bare to read that would rebut that.

    It’s not a bad comparison but the stock argument doesn’t really fit to me. First, stock trading is not a zero sum game. Even in day trading, no one has to lose in order for someone to win.

    Second, imagine if brokerages ran a billion commercials nonstop touting how many beginners have won boatloads of money day trading, and telling people how easy it is – “pick your stocks – BOOM, you’re done.” Then imagine if there were reports giving the appearance that brokerage employees had access to information that regular investors did not and made large profits trading. I imagine there would be some government action in that case.

  • CDonaldson83

  • osuryanf

    The days of DFS are limited, whether we want to admit it or not. Can DFS resume in the future with different laws and regulations? That’s yet to be seen.

    The main question I have is —- Will the major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NFL etc.,) get involved? They have obvious motivation here — If DFS is banned, their viewership goes way down. The amount of people buying NFL Sunday Ticket or NBA League Pass will go WAY down in the upcoming years. The amount of people viewing their games in general will go way down, potentially by the millions. They have several reasons to want to fight with/for DFS, but how can they do that and still salvage their image?

    Let’s be honest… Unless you’re a fan of one of the teams, nobody’s going to watch a Houston Texans / Jacksonville Jaguars game unless you had exposure to certain players in your lineups. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even begin to care who won/lost that game unless I was watching a specific player(s). Same for NBA…. Who’s going to watch a Philadelphia 76ers/Portland Trailblazers game unless you’re sweating Lillard in your lineup?

    The motivation for them to want this to continue is there, and it’s there in the form of (potentially) BILLIONS of dollars.

    But what will they do? Better question is —- What can they do?

  • firesouth72

    Our country is F’ed. The same corrupt politicians are fine with state-run gambling operations (who hasn’t waited behind some scratch-off derelict at 7-11?) yet will break their arms patting themselves on the back for protecting us from ourselves and the societal harm of DFS. Scum.

  • torchia39

    how do regular DFS players join the fight against the laws?… besides sign petitions what else can be done?

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