• robey23

    Just got a notice that I was in a restricted state when I logged into my account. I’m in Florida. Mistake? Or did I miss some news?

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  • Majorrock

    Peter called back about an hour ago and said this issue was resolved.
    It was too late for me to bother with any action but i was able to login and build lineups.

    If you are still having issues, Log out of DK, Clean your cookies and Cache and give it another go. Mine seems to be fine now.

  • RamblinMan88

    I sent a complaint to the DK support team bc I literally couldn’t get access to my $210 worth of lineups to change them before lineup lock. Here is the response…

    I completely understand your frustration. In all sports, but especially NBA, I know it is important to make adjustments to your lineup minutes to contest start time. I apologize if our new geolocation service inhibited your ability to make the necessary swaps, which it appears it did.

    I have escalated your complaint regarding hotspot to our team which works on the geolocation services in hopes that we can implement a fix to this down the road. If I hear anything, I have made an internal note to reach back out to you to provide you with the updates. In the meantime, please seek an alternative connection source such as wifi or hard wire in to your network.

    For the inconvenience tonight, I have credited your account with 5 $20 tickets.

    I thank you for your patience and if you have any follow up questions, please let me know.



    Customer Experience Team Leader

  • RamblinMan88

    To which I responded…

    Hi Brandon,

    What is the logic behind the 5 $20 tickets? Changing the browser requirement settings arbitrarily without warning on the busiest day of the NBA week is quite an undertaking to take on without telling your users!

    In my view, Draftkings can either admit the site acted in a manner that adversely affected certain customers or claim that it didn’t, and apparently customers should’ve known ahead of time that they needed to be on wifi in order to change lineups. It seems that with $100 worth of tickets as a refund, Draftkings is admitting it did not act in the best interest of it’s consumers, and therefor should fully refund my entry fees for the slate I was screwed over on.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever been so riled up about $210. How can a legitimate billionare dollar company acknowledge customer dissatisfaction was real and occurred and then only give 1/2 of a refund?

    I feel like they just don’t get it…? Or am I way off base with my response?

  • MortalWombat

    My account is still restricted. I’ve done what support advised, but still locked out of my account. Wanted to set more golf lineups. Every other site works, just not DK and their new geo-locator. Funny how geo-locator was always able to locate me when I hit the little green deposit button.

  • chasingmay

    I’m in AZ. Can’t login on my account anymore after today. It’s great how the government loves to take away people’s freedom.

  • NeonKnight

    I am a little disenchanted with this location tracking nonsense that DraftKings has just recently incorporated. I completely understand that they need to follow guidelines, protect their interests and are most likely being advised to do so via legal advise.

    First, if you are going to implement a Brand New policy DraftKings, you don’t roll out an alpha version in the middle of the week, in the middle of the afternoon with No, (NONE) advisory on the site or via email, on one of the busiest NBA slates of the week! – Not to mention that it is most likely in violation of a personal privacy policy that I never received. And a personal security risk as well.

    I had rosters in many contests that I entered earlier Wednesday morning and when I needed to adjust them in the late afternoon… I was restricted from doing so. I couldn’t figure for the life of me what the hell was going on, but I soon saw a (restricted) message in red lettering next to my ID.

    Anyway I flushed the browser I use, then I attempted to login again along with 2 alternative browsers with the same result.

    I then immediately emailed DraftKings support and advised of the issue. Soon after I received a reply stating that DraftKings was experiencing super high support volume this evening and couldn’t provide any personal support to me (What am I …..wood? !!!) and below that was a generic text with links to verify location access to DraftKings.

    I checked the links, verified my location access to the DraftKings site, flushed the browser and reloaded…. seemed to work for a little while, then it went to shit again…. on all browsers.

    Not only did this issue cause me not to be able to make the needed roster swaps that caused me to place ridiculously low in each of my contests on this slate on this night, but am also unable to modify my NFL Monday Thursday rosters without issue. I hadn’t been experiencing any issues like this until Wednesday late afternoon, except for some BS login deterrent for a few days last week.

    I do not live or operate in a restricted area and my account has been in good standing since I created it.

    The way I see it… I’ll give it until tomorrow (Thursday) an hour before lineup locks for these BS issues to get resolved. If they can’t resolve by then, I’ll be withdrawing my total account balance and packing up my skill-set to take elsewhere along with anyone I know on there.

    You guys @ DraftKings had a real good thing going there for a short run, but low and behold you continue to find new and innovative ways to train wreck and mess it all up with all those damn FanDuel and DraftKings commercials, moronic infomercials and so on….

    Fantasy sports was something brand new to me and something I had been really looking forward to, until just recently, but now appears to have found its way to the A-List of passing fads.

    Let’s just see if its not as bad as all that….

    13 hours and counting down… tic toc

  • deejones49

    I still cant get in to enter contests

  • Truufinator

    This just became super dumb. I am in California on my work computer in Yorba Linda. Their internet though is proxied through San Diego. It shows I’m restricted from playing. I read their geofaq thing and it says if you are proxied you are restricted…… I can’t make a decent lineup on my phone. Thanks draftkings!

  • tvsfrink

    The restriction message popped up for me yesterday, but I can still play. Weird.

  • nychas

    New York City Report: I have about 20 minutes outside on the D train in the morning before going into the tunnels when I can usually set one or two lineups on my cell phone; this morning I was blocked out from DraftKings. Now off the train and above ground, I just checked and everything was fine both from my PC and my cell phone. (in Manhattan now, perhaps Brooklyn is being selectively excluded!)


    I’m in SC running off of a cell phone hot spot and have been locked out for almost 24 hours. DK’s answer for me……. Just use your cell phone to create lineups.. Not cool DK not cool

  • YoAlb

    So every time I click on a new page i see a (Restricted) next to my username in red. It then goes away after a couple of seconds. When I try to enter a new contest, it gets stuck on the “Searching for your location” page. Has anybody had this problem on DK before?

    I’m in NJ, so unless DFS was just banned here too, I don’t see why it’s not letting me play.

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  • maxeernst

    Refresh or if you are on a mac, fix your location settings.

    Others reported this issue yesterday.

    Dk Seems to be testing their geolocation services.

  • YoAlb

    i’m on a PC and i tried exiting the browser and going back in. still not working. might be cause i’m on a work computer

  • shark61350

    WTF, have you guys saw this? I logged into my DK account & briefly saw a red restricted notice next to my user name that quickly disappeared. I was curious & investigated & found a new DK section that resticts your play if you want to do that?

    You’re right it probably has to do with geolocation.

  • KevBaile

    @YoAlb said...

    So every time I click on a new page i see a (Restricted) next to my username in red. It then goes away after a couple of seconds. When I try to enter a new contest, it gets stuck on the “Searching for your location” page. Has anybody had this problem on DK before?

    I’m in NJ, so unless DFS was just banned here too, I don’t see why it’s not letting me play.

    I’m in KS, where DFS is explicitly ALLOWED by law, and DK’s interface has started ALWAYS asking me to allow them to track my location. I assume this is just a nationwide thing.

  • snapped

    It’d be good if someone at DK would show some common courtesy/empathy/respect to it’s customers who use site daily and maybe just take 3-4 minutes to comment on this issue and pending resolution.

    They MUST know this thread is here! We are not asking for magic.. just a common courtesy, non form, comment on what’s happening and what we can expect.

    My account goes from being restricted to not restricted randomly. It’s a software issue on their end that someone needs to resolve. No biggie. Tech issues happen. But, can you please stop giving us the metaphorical finger and throw a bone please with some info attached?

  • eperson911

    Does DraftKings and FanDuel block known VPN IPs now, too? If so, I understand.

    I live in PA, so I am not location restricted, but I use a VPN service when I am on open WiFi. If you don’t YouTube search how easy it is for people to watch your traffic.

    Anyways, I notice that I am blocked from both sites now with my VPN turned on.

  • querb

    same thing happened to me except they locked my acct

    i went to LA last week for work and entered a few lineups before they found out where i was. assume this is why. i live in TN now and clicked a link to show them where i was located. unlocked now

  • yoteach

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    In CA and this briefly happened to me as well (flashed red “Restricted” and then went away). Assuming that they are working out kinks.

  • deejones49

    I’m getting no help from DK i guess i will have to play on Fanduel today

  • emac

    @eperson911 said...

    Anyways, I notice that I am blocked from both sites now with my VPN turned on.

    My completely caveman logic, technologically uninformed answer would be that their VPN identifiers are blocking most if not all VPN use (yes, I understand you are not from a banned state).

    FanDuel ~ New York Questions

    Q: What if I try to use a proxy server or a VPN to change or obscure my location

    A: Any attempt to knowingly circumvent our geo-block is a violation of our TOS and can result in account termination. Also, our systems are designed to identify and reject such efforts. If you do find a way to circumvent our blocking software and we later determine that you played from a restricted state, we may refuse to pay any winnings and may terminate your account. Don’t do it.

  • Nookx

    So this morning I email Support about yesterday’s issue that affected all 4G verizon users that were unable to access draftkings and they basically told me to f off. I have always sided with draftkings on nearly everything but they got this one wrong. I had multiple emails back and forth with Brandon from support yesterday. Here is what I emailed support this morning:

    Hello Brandon,

    I spent an hour and a half right before lock trying trying to log on to Draftkings and make lineups but because of geolocation that had just been added hours before lock I couldn’t access Draftkings. I had very little time to make lineups across multiple sports (CFB/NBA) and multiple sites to begin with. As a medium to high stakes player on your site I feel like you guys cost me money yesterday by rolling out geolocation hours before lock without any notice. I ended up discovering on my own that if I used another internet that it would work fine. So with just about an hour left I was able to log in and throw multiple lineups together. I was on the 4G LTE Verizon home broadband internet. I posted my experience on this thread

    As much as i hate blaming others and I tried to pull it off I still feel like this cost me money yesterday. I play for thousands of dollars everyday on your site and I feel like I should be compensated. This even cut into my research time for other sites as well which pretty much cost me money everywhere. I am reaching out to ask for a bonus offer matching the amount I had out on yesterday’s main slate NBA. I feel like a 1,000 dollar bonus would be fair.



    I felt like reduced rake for a week or two was fair since I play for thousands daily on there site but here is Cameron’s response:

    Hi Trevor –

    Unfortunately, the new Geolocation feature does not meet the grounds for a refund or credit. This system is used for location verification, which every user will need to do to verify their location. We apologize for the inconvenience regarding this and if you have any other questions, please let me know.



    Customer Experience Team Leader
    DraftKings Inc.

    This leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I have been loyal to draftkings for a long time. I felt like they would make it right with the 4G lte users who were in constant contact with support from an issue they created hours before lock. A 1,000 dollar bonus is the bare minimum they should have done. I see that other people have been receiving tickets for the same issue but others receiving nothing. Draftkings failed this one. I will be contacting support one more time to see if they make this right. I have already cashed out my entire roll and will be playing on other sites for a while.

  • Majorrock

    Not sure what exactly they did for me, but end result was i am now able to login using Verizon 4G Mobile hotspot.
    Guess I got lucky with the guy that called me. Actually called back again to let me know it was fixed.

  • deejones49

    Need a DK rep to respond here

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