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    So DK tweeted out millionaire maker ownership here which as of 230pm still includes ownership data for games that have not yet started. IMO this is a big leak and should never happen. It also seems like something that your average analyst should probably not have access too, and able to tell his buddies who is owned and who the best players have. Hey did you know that CSURAM has Randall Cobb going late? Given that they can access the macro results it seems probable they can access specific users during and/or before contests start.

    They definitely should no be sharing it publicly, if they’re going to do it just list the full rosters in the contest and call it a day.

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  • theseige

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    @budfox6 said...

    I agree with this, but the perception has changed which means the fish and/or recreation player pool could get smaller. This is what a lot of the pros are worried about, since a lot of your edge comes from having a huge fish/recreation pool.

    Has anyone talked to fish outside of this forum? I haven’t found one person who cares about this as long as they get their money back fast and they eventually come up with a plan to make sure it isn’t happening

  • lewper

    @deejones49 said...

    Let everybody see ownership percentage have a live ticker on the sites lol

    If everyone knew it then no one would know it… which still works out actually.

  • rainbowtroutman

    @Ryazan said...

    The fact that Ethan won 2nd place in the Sunday Million simply means he took the right combination of players that got him a high score. That right there is a fact. Nothing else has been proven, and it is all complete allegations from people who are pretty damn jealous of a winner who happens to work for DK. Hell, i tried to work for DK too, i just didn’t get hired. People who are good at DFS like to work for DFS because it’s their passion, so it should not surprise anyone that DFS employees win big sometimes.

    Being as good as you are at DFS, I can’t believe DK didn’t hire you. Oh well their loss

  • stoptheinsanity

    Tommy G is being so reasonable about this. Never thought I would say that in my life. Dude’s on point.

  • tbird05

    @Njcop2001 said...

    Does anyone else find it odd that the guy that placed 2nd (Mcmagin) in this weeks $1,000,000 tournament has a grand total of 15 entries on Fanduel ???

    I’m not talking about just this tournament, I’m talking about 15 entries in any and all Fanduel contests.

    No it doesn’t surprise me that you see new accounts finishing deep in these tournaments with 100,000s of entries.

    The advertising for these million dollar prize pools is bringing in alot of new players.

    To beat out 200,000 lineups you probably have players that don’t make sense. It’s super unlikey that you will win 1,000,000 with Rodgers, Peterson, Forte, Jones, Cobb, and ODB in your lineup. What I’m saying is you have to have a lot of luck.

    The problem is if a guy like CSURAMs wins, he must be cheating.

    If a newer account wins, he must be cheating.

    Who do you find it acceptable to win? The losing player who has been playing everyday for the past 3 years?


    @Zialum said...

    I was working under the assumption that I was a winning player, I didn’t realize that was sneaky. If the ones that were widely own perform well, I lose. That’s the game. This maximizes your winnings when you do win.

    Example (I made these numbers up, but they should illustrate the point):
    Lineup 1 – projected total 145 – most players owned by ~50% of the field.
    Lineup 2 – Projected total 143 – most players owned by ~20% of the field.

    Lineup 1 hits it’s projections and finishes in 75th.
    Lineup 2 hits it’s projections and finishes in 25th.

    Lineup 2 will have the higher ROI over time. The 2 point average advantage for playing the most played players is not worth the drop in where you would be finishing with the lineup. This is an unfair advantage.

    So what? I could easily change those figures to work in my favor. As long as your under-owned players over perform, then you are going to win. If they under perform, then you are going to lose. The key is whether or not your beliefs are better than the public’s. In other words, by picking players who you BELIEVE are under owned by the public, you BELIEVE you are going to get the best of that same public.

    Now, let me make an important point. Let’s say you DON’T have the public ownership numbers. Are you telling me you are so in the dark that you freeze and are unable to enter a lineup? Of course not. Even without the ownership numbers you are entering lineups built with players who you BELIEVE are going to be under owned by the public. You BELIEVE you can beat the stupid public, no matter what their ownership numbers are. In the end, the public’s ownership numbers are useless.

  • woefulstuff

    @theseige said...

    Has anyone talked to fish outside of this forum? I haven’t found one person who cares about this as long as they get their money back fast and they eventually come up with a plan to make sure it isn’t happening

    The only adjustment I’m making is steering clear of the multi-entry GPPs until the waters “feel” safe again. I’m mostly a cash game player so the adjustment is pretty minimal for myself.

  • Njcop2001

    @Njcop2001 said...

    Does anyone else find it odd that the guy that placed 2nd (Mcmagin) in this weeks $1,000,000 tournament has a grand total of 15 entries on Fanduel ???

    I’m not talking about just this tournament, I’m talking about 15 entries in any and all Fanduel contests.

    And the guy that got 3rd has played a total of 4 NFL contests ??? Lots of beginners luck in this tournament.

  • mmraven

    Whether or not fraud took place is an issue for the office of the New York Attorney General the US Department of Justice to decide. It is in the public interest to ensure that these investigations are thorough. At this point, this may be the small tip of a very large iceberg – and until these investigations are carried out is is preposterous to state that there is “literally 0 reason to believe fraud took place”. Let’s wait and see the results before we rush to judgement.

    However, if it is later determined that fraud did take place, the perpetrators need to be punished to the full extent the law allows – and let’s all hope that means more than a nickel bounce in some country club work camp.

  • FantasyScout13

    As a DFS player who has had decent success, this whole story is disheartening (more incidents like these could lead to the end of DFS altogether). With that being said, I don’t think DFS employees should be allowed to play at all! Too much valuable information is at your disposal from week to week. Instead, management should set up some kind of commission program for DFS employees if DFS players seek out advice or expertise (if people would rather pay someone for their advice instead of doing their own research, you should be compensated for your additional efforts). In addition to all of this, the most disconcerting aspect of DFS is whether or not pro athletes are allowed to play (they should also NOT be allowed to participate, because they ultimately control the outcome. i.e. Fake injuries, take plays off, etc.). With all this money being thrown around on a daily basis, DFS needs to have some sort of regulation, or CEO’s of the company need to constantly bring their “A-game” to make sure the overall integrity of DFS is being met.

    Kyle W.

  • EJOne

    What we know:

    A Draftkings Employee tweeted out Ownership percentages to some of the Week 3 Millionaire Maker participants(those that follow that Twitter) before all lineups on Draftkings locked.

    Not every participant in the Week 3 Millionaire Maker follows that Twitter account, or could even edit their lineups(had all players from the early games).

    That means some, but not all participants had knowledge of ownership percentages before their lineups locked. They could use that knowledge to edit their lineups if they wanted too.

    This created an unfair playing field for the Week 3 Millionaire Maker, thus all buy-ins need to be refunded.

  • deez1233

    I spent time writing this, so read it:

  • rgyanks

    @COMMISH said...

    Yes, your example makes sense, to an extent. All you have done is proven my earlier point about owners looking for what they BELIEVE are under-owned players. What you did above is make a “make all other things being equal” assumption. The public certainly doesn’t BELIEVE that. They believe all other things aren’t equal, which is why they are favoring Brady. Just because you BELIEVE they are equal doesn’t mean they really are. It is not a FACT. In this case, you would bet on Rodgers because you BELIEVE you know better than the public. However, that doesn’t mean you are right.

    But if I am right, I am saying it does matter, because over time, picking the lower owned one will lead to more profit.

  • mannmicj

    @dude_abides7 said...

    Where did you come up with that? If you have 6 hours go ahead back through this thread and you will see that my anger is with DK/FD and how they have done a shitty job spearheading the growth of this industry.

    I love DFS and appreciate RG and what it contributes to the industry. I am taking a stand against what I see is a unfair system and I want change, positive change, that isn’t based on greed and solely catering to .5% of your user-base that lines your pockets.

    Go pack sand dude..

    Again. It’s your choice to play. It’s always been your choice. Have a good evening.

  • lggarruto

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    @ckamins87 said...

    As of this moment there is literally 0 reason to believe fraud took place. The known mistake was publishing ownership information on players that were yet to start. It was information he accidentally made available to everyone, though. That is not fraud.

    We’ll see if the AG digs up some other dirt, but I think Ethan posting ownership %‘s once time and tweeting it out to all DK followers is not something deserving of losing a job. If he had not won any prizes, and no wrongdoing besides the posting of ownership was done, do you really feel cheated by him?

    No I do not feel cheated by him, I do not play at Fanduel. I feel cheated by PeterGibbons.

  • tbird05

    @stoptheinsanity said...

    Tommy G is being so reasonable about this. Never thought I would say that in my life. Dude’s on point.

    Yeah I’m pretty much agreeing with everything he’s saying

    1. Being okay with FD/DK being smaller. They don’t have to be trillion dollar companies

    2. We don’t have to win 5 million dollars playing fantasy football

    3. Flatter prize pools. Again, we dont need 2 million. Let’s give more players more money. Keep the ecosystem going

    4. Single entry. I’m on the fence with that one…

  • smutpeddlers

    I like when it gets late on her and everyone goes to bed. You can actually breath in the thread…..

  • pburghpens22

    This has got way blown out of proportion, geez

  • table41a

    Is DK refunding buy-ins from week three of NFL?

  • woefulstuff

    DK is doing a good job with single entry NFL. With the rest of the sports its pretty shabby at best.

  • Steroid

    @stoptheinsanity said...

    Tommy G is being so reasonable about this. Never thought I would say that in my life. Dude’s on point.

    Yea, he has lots of clout with the politicians : /


    @blackout8 said...

    In my original post I gave an example of having to pick between two players you like the same amount. Both have good matchups, hitter friendly ballparks, swinging a hot bat, etc. Imagine they are tied on everything you base your decisions on when picking a player.

    I’m a winning MLB and NFL player btw. Lost at NBA last year as it was my first year playing NBA dfs and first time I had followed the sport in about 5 years.

    As I wrote in an earlier reply (I think to someone else), you are assuming “all other things being equal”. If that’s what you believe, then you should take the under-owned player. However, the public clearly doesn’t think all other things are equal. By over owning one player, they believe things are unequal. Perhaps they believe your player’s game is going to be rained out. Again, since these decisions are made before the games are played, you can’t treat your BELIEFS as FACTS (the results are in).

  • smutpeddlers

    Big Day Tomorrow Taking My PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS’ (PMP) test…. Booooyyyyyaaaa. Is anyone not playing this weekend?

  • bedwards

    The silence from the sites is deafening.

  • table41a

    Is DK refunding week 3 NFL buy-ins?

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