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    So DK tweeted out millionaire maker ownership here which as of 230pm still includes ownership data for games that have not yet started. IMO this is a big leak and should never happen. It also seems like something that your average analyst should probably not have access too, and able to tell his buddies who is owned and who the best players have. Hey did you know that CSURAM has Randall Cobb going late? Given that they can access the macro results it seems probable they can access specific users during and/or before contests start.

    They definitely should no be sharing it publicly, if they’re going to do it just list the full rosters in the contest and call it a day.

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  • bluestooges

    @letterj007 said...

    “Having said that people are going after this guy like there is no way he didn’t cheat which sucks if it turns out he didn’t.”

    Then he or Draft Kings should just provide the info to ensure to the general public that he didn’t. It isn’t rocket science…there’s smoke here, and it can easily be quelled.

    definitely smoke that’s for sure.

  • jmo26

    @dayman said...

    The argument that you shouldn’t let these employees play on other DFS sites is kind of preposterous, since what’s the point of having DFS analysts that don’t play DFS. If you want to make the argument that the DFS sites shouldn’t be in the business of giving out Fantasy Sports advice, I couldn’t agree with you more, but it seems as if that ship has already sailed.

    I’d have to disagree here – sites that provide the contests don’t need to also provide the analysis. There are countless other places users can go for such info (e.g., RG), and seeing as there is a potential conflict there, it’s completely unnecessary. My hope is this is one of the first things they get rid of.

  • rainbowtroutman

    @dude_abides7 said...

    The enemy right now is not the Attorney General that wants to shut them down, it is their loyal user base that feels bamboozled, taken advantage of and lied to. This is how they posture when dealing with their paying customers? We want DFS to be open for business, honest and fair. We want the sites to make their money and grow (its the American way) but at the same time not be best buds with the industries leading bankroll players. We want it to at least appear that they want to create an enjoyable environment for all, not just by them saying so, but by their actions.

    If you can’t separate ^this from ‘tin foil conspiracy’ then maybe it’s you that is wearing the hat.

    This is the best post on here

  • stoptheinsanity

    Saw this interesting little tidbit posted on reddit.

    “@Aaron_Da_King won $150K on the MM two weeks ago. He was a new user from Massachussets playing a single bullet and entered this lineup. Amongst his 102 followers on twitter are: Zach Sanders Ethan Haskell Incidentally @zackpsanders won $250K on the MM last week”

    I hadn’t seen it posted anywhere in this thread so I just figured I would copy and paste it here. Obviously it doesn’t prove anything, but interesting nonetheless.

  • MikeMineo

    again, it’s objectively true information. people can make of it what they will.

  • hambazaza

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    so wait, somebody won a million $$ on draftkings and a guy who’s job is DK publicity follows him on twitter? do you think maybe to send him a PM to congratulate him?

    nah… probably cheated.

  • Neiderman

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    @srolleDFS said...

    there’s not any “evidence” any happened. its very unlikely any of the things being alleged are true. its ridiculous to conclude a conspiracy is likely without any evidence of it existing.

    If you reference the Begining of the thread you can see that indeed Ethan admitted that he had access to the ownership percentages for DK. Now that doesn’t mean he cheated or used it in an unethical way. But just the fact that someone has access to ownership % before games are over for the day is a major issue. No one I’m no one should have access to this until all games for the week are over!!
    That’s fact… And why everyone is going crazy

  • IronMonkey415

    Good Golly Miss Molly… if I win I’ll be toss in the fire as well?
    Pure luck if I win.

  • bluestooges

    @hambazaza said...

    i think if you say he cheated, then that means everybody who’s ever won more than a tournament a month has cheated. is that realistic? I don’t think it is.

    I don’t know what Ethan did with the data, and frankly it doesn’t change anything for me. What changes things for me is whether or not the site is protecting sensitive data and how they are protecting it to maintain an even playing field.

    For that, I am disappointed we haven’t heard more, but I trust that with positive discussions we can, as a community, bring about at least a two-way communication stream that is currently non-existent. And it won’t exist until those that are out for witch hunts settle down a bit and allow things to be discussed.

    I don’t know what was done, and what wasn’t done, but assuming everybody is cheating, and anybody that jumps to argue otherwise is obviously a shill in the pocket of “BIG DFS” is a tad insulting.

    I don’t think I was saying that anyone was cheating to be honest. I don’t see anything insulting in my post at all. If anything I think I had a typo .What I was trying to saying was people are going after this guy and I feel bad for him if it turns out he didn’t cheat…

  • rainbowtroutman

    @hambazaza said...

    no, the argument that was made was that his biggest scores have all come this year, i’m proving the opposite of that.

    so did mcjester cheat when he won 12 $25 tournaments on fd? did cards cheat when he went on a massive run in 2014 as well in mlb? please man, there is no need to turn everything into a witch hunt. yes, the data shouldn’t have been available. and yes, i think the sites need to do more to earn our trust regarding this matter. no, i don’t think ethan cheated his way to his success. to imply that is to say that since ive never won a GPP there is 0 chance of me ever winning one, and if i do, then its because i got inside info? unreal man.

    He won 4 in 1 month—not 1 but 4—Thats 1 a week—thats pretty good—Sure hope he doesn’t scoop my $1 H2H cause thats what I play

  • stoptheinsanity

    @hambazaza said...

    so wait, somebody won a million $$ on draftkings and a guy who’s job is DK publicity follows him on twitter? do you think maybe to send him a PM to congratulate him?

    nah… probably cheated.

    I agree that is a very likely reason for why. Like I said. Proves nothing. Just information. I’ve chosen not to give my opinion here at all.

  • phillbennetzen

    People have been wondering for a while why it seems like the sharks best line ups never have any of the guys they actually recommend on podcasts or write about. Where the heck was the Tyler Eifert love in week one? Oh yeah, one of them chats about it casually on his podcast as he helped his future brother in law set his milly maker line ups after the fact…

    We all love this industry and earnestly hope that we’re investing our money into something that is fair and honest; not just helping a few select people pad their wallets because they’ve got “insider info”. The egregious advertising campaigns by both big sites already has the feds looking closer at DFS as a “game of skill” in regards to the 2007 online gambling law, and has most people outside of fantasy sports sick of DFS. If a leading news agency gets a hold of this story and paints it the way they see fit to fit their narrative for the 5:30 PM news crowd than we stand on a slippery slope. This issue may be the very thing that makes DK stop doing late swaps.

    Hey, in a few years we’ll be back to our season long leagues and all these sharks will be back to working as accountants. Way to go us.

  • BmoreClutch

    It’s really disappointing to see posts being deleted on here. Specifically the one by LarryLegend33 that was based on facts. I get that RG wants to sweep this under the rug, but the fact that posts like his are being deleted is really sad.

  • letterj007

    @IronMonkey415 said...

    Good Golly Miss Molly… if I win I’ll be toss in the fire as well?
    Pure luck if I win.

    It isn’t about the dude who won…it’s about the dude who won that had access to ALL of the ownership numbers before they were available to the rest of us and had them before any games before 5 o’clock (I’m in Atlantic Canada) were played.

    It’s optics. I’m not alleging anything. And this can be easily quelled and yet the parties involved have chosen not to address this topic.

  • iownYU

    Here’s the deal, all of you pros and friends of Ethan can just stop with the “he’s a good guy” “I know him, he would never” crap, that means zero to the people in the dfs community who have never met him. I can honestly say I know my brother better than anyone and he is a “great guy” but I have no clue what he would do if an opportunity to make 100’s of thousands of dollars fell into his lap and the truth is no matter how well you “know someone” you don’t know how they would handle a situation like this when this kind of money is being talked bout. Money can make the “nicest” of people straight evil.

    I’m sure we would all like to HOPE they do the honest thing but how many times is it the opposite? It honestly has nothing to do with “Ethan” it has to do with VERY sensitive information being tossed around like it is nothing, and for what to help a writer meet a blog post deadline?? Seems to me DK and FD need to step back and look at the integrity of their businesses. They have successfully grown into giants, now it’s time to act like you care about the people that got you there.

  • eastbayal

    8 months ago: (someone replied to a post where the user noticed suspicious site activity:)
    No. You can download the CSV of the tournament at any point during the night to follow exactly what teams there are and which entries have what players.
    There may be some visual bugs with the app that need to be worked out, but rest assured, DraftKings is not doing either of the things you are accusing them of.

    So DK employees are accessing ownership information during contests. I can only imagine what is possible on the technical side.

    I am wondering how systemic the issues are: I really want to keep playing, but I am just above an idiot and feel really stupid playing with real money when the outcomes can be potentially influenced with inside information, or even worse, table level data entries.

  • detroittigers44

    Watching that video of Aaron_Da_King during night sweats talking about his big win really makes me question that this thing is a skill game.. Haha, what the heck is up with that dude. Did he just smoke a bunch of pot and throw a team together?

  • lpk8787

    • 2016 DraftKings FBBWC Finalist

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    @dude_abides7 said...

    If you can’t separate ^this from ‘tin foil conspiracy’ then maybe it’s you that is wearing the hat.

    Well said!

  • einars

    @detroittigers44 said...

    Watching that video of Aaron_Da_King during night sweats talking about his big win really makes me question that this thing is a skill game.. Haha, what the heck is up with that dude. Did he just smoke a bunch of pot and throw a team together?

    that was amazing. i love how he said his buddies wernt going to let him in to the season long league because he didnt know much about fantasy football and then he said he traded peyton for richard rogers because he went to the same highschool as richard rogers lol….and thats why they wernt going to let you in bud lol. instant classic tho

  • nysos10

    @hambazaza said...

    I don’t know what Ethan did with the data, and frankly it doesn’t change anything for me.

    Wow, really?

  • letterj007

    @nysos10 said...

    Wow, really?

    Yeah, just wow that it doesn’t change a thing.

    I would be curious to hear what maxdalury thinks of all of this…

  • detroittigers44

    I am a smart guy (i think) and I sit here and crunch numbers and try to come up with this strategy to attain DFS greatness and I then I see this. I know its a skill game, but man it sure seems like these DK Millionaire Makers are pushing that theory to the limit with all of these first timers with huge cashes. Coincidentally, we haven’t seen any of the big names cash top 10 in these things either.

  • IronMonkey415

    Now I must search for that Aaron_Da_King video.

  • Putz

    @dp47 said...

    I shut up after Cal said a statement was coming.

    Unfortunately, the statement does not outline which employees have access to competitors lineups prior to lock, which employees have access to player profit/loss info and what exactly sites are doing to prevent employees from using this information to profit from playing in DFS contests.

    With that being said, I’m not sure that I have the answer on how to fix this problem. If you prevent employees from playing in the industry, what stops them from just passing that info on to a friend that can legally play?

    One thing I am sure of though, is that the people here, and writers for other publications, that are inferring that Ethan had ownership information before lock are either uneducated on the situation, or jumping to a conclusion that is 100% untrue, and I hope he takes action against you for tarnishing his good name.

    Prevent employees from accessing lineups and % until contests are over. Simple. There is no need for this access. No one on here or from a site has given justification for this access.

  • einars

    @IronMonkey415 said...

    Now I must search for that Aaron_Da_King video.

    he was on DK night sweats and it was amazing

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