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    So DK tweeted out millionaire maker ownership here which as of 230pm still includes ownership data for games that have not yet started. IMO this is a big leak and should never happen. It also seems like something that your average analyst should probably not have access too, and able to tell his buddies who is owned and who the best players have. Hey did you know that CSURAM has Randall Cobb going late? Given that they can access the macro results it seems probable they can access specific users during and/or before contests start.

    They definitely should no be sharing it publicly, if they’re going to do it just list the full rosters in the contest and call it a day.

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  • coqburn

    @Wombat said...

    Would the sites even be able to effectively police employees from not playing on other sites?

    No. It is all just for profiling purposes. If they were caught though then they would have to be let go which is what most are looking for.

    How easy is it to make an account for family member or friend that you essentially control….

  • slcseas

    @Cal said...

    Mike, you need to take a step back and consider multi entry on these posts. These are not single entry GPPs. He beat 99.5% of players with his top finishing team. This is not an extreme outlier. It’s nowhere near as extreme as BeepImAJeep’s qualifier run that others are mentioning, for example.

    I respect your level head, professionalism and the fact that you are supporting Ethan and the sites, at least in light of what we currently know.

    However, how many coincidences and actions have to pile up for one to lose credibility? From my count there are 5 or 6 legitimately questionable things about this situation and it seems irrational to me to defend them all independently as if they aren’t likely to amount to something greater. All of what is alleged is easily explained away independently, but collectively it’s hard to dismiss.

  • padlock

    @MikeMineo said...

    the run is highly improbable regardless of his bankroll or number of entries, is my point. I have no issue whatsoever with high bankrolls or max entries.

    is his success more probable if he put in max entries? absolutely. but I still can’t recall a run that hot in MLB, even from players who bet more than Ethan per night.

    yeah, I’ll see the likes of bcalicore, ehafner, etc absolutely kill it over a week-long period or whatever for MLB, but I don’t see them dominating every day over a month.

    ah greed:)…

  • Stewburtx8

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    @dude_abides7 said...

    It could be that they realize there is a real story here and they have the moral/ethical obligation to do the right thing?

    This made me laugh. Just like ESPN fulfilling their moral/ethical obligation when it comes to Roger Goodell and the NFL right?

  • mellofellowsu

    @y2mulder said...

    Ultimate Bet got to be one of the biggest poker sites in the world. Their advertising was everywhere. They got arrogant, and allowed their reps to cheat and destroyed the site.

    Sounds dead on to me

    Was Ultimate Bet based in the US?

  • wafflesandbeer

  • dudeoflife

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    the dudes thoughts…

    As a former online mtt player for 4 years, guys go on massive heaters that defy all probability…see Vietcong run where we won 2 SM and he was not very good at poker.

    I had my worse DFS season with this past MLB and it seems a lot of people in this thread/twitter are looking for someone to blame for their losses but the edge these employees had likely had a minuscule effect on your equity(unless it’s 30+ people with this edge).

    Ownership % are a much bigger deal for MLB that NFL where we can guesstimate within 5% or so with the release of Thursday’s numbers. baseball is much Harder. Oh look…Seattle stack is only 2% owner vs Guthrie or schwarber only 10% owned vs bad lefty. Knowing what % pitcher owned are top pitchers is invaluable.

    A bigger problem would be if employees saw the big winners core group and then built off that.

    I sdid play petrgibbons in King of the cage 10k MLB match and I was surprised how bad his lineup was and was surprised how he was crushing everything lately. I will be very sad if DFS goes the way of online poker because of this.

  • JimmyTango

    @winsome said...

    They’re not gonna forsake billions to keep making a few million.

    Exactly. MLB doesn’t need to be directly affiliated with DFS to benefit from it. The NFL has benefited indirectly from gambling for decades — I’d argue it’s the biggest reason for its popularity today.
    Why the NFL, MLB, or any other league would partner publicly with DK or FD without doing their due diligence (ie, making sure employees were prevented from using DFS) is baffling. This scandal is on them too. They gave FD and DK a massive platform for promoting their products without making sure said products were 100% legit.

  • rpncaine

    Joe Drape is a complete hack. See my previous post about his hatchet jobs on horse racing. Every year right before Derby he goes after them.

  • MileHighTy

    @codyallison1026 said...

    Agreed shout out to DC who seems to be one of the FIRST high profile players to not SHILL himself out. The peoples champ.

    DC is the truth.

  • dude_abides7

    @Wombat said...

    Would the sites even be able to effectively police employees from not playing on other sites?

    Good point. But I think the “starting line” in that conversation is to AT LEAST create the rule of law that they can’t. This was done yesterday, about 2 years too late. Enforcement can be tackled once you’ve issued the mandate.

  • hammer74

    im tired of hearing and reading about this can u pull this thread until we get a response from dk & fd then we can start another 80 page thread

  • ebsteelers

    fun while it last boys.. hope everyone is gonna be happy when your back to your season long leagues ..

  • theseige

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    Doesn’t help the thread is a huge witch hunt either, why try to have a legitimate discussion somewhere where nobody wants a legitimate discussion?

  • y2mulder

    @mellofellowsu said...

    Was Ultimate Bet based in the US?

    I’m just drawing the correlation on how the sites destroyed themselves from within. Location is irrelevant.

  • xandamere

    Well, if the biggest names in DFS don’t think it’s a huge deal and don’t believe Ethan had the data early enough to use it for his own lineups on Fanduel, they’re the ones who know the people who are involved the best. They’re also, in many cases, people who depend on DFS for their full-time income – this issue potentially impacts them far, far more than it would the casual player.

    If they don’t seem to think it’s a big deal, then neither do I.

  • y2mulder

    @hammer74 said...

    im tired of hearing and reading about this can u pull this thread until we get a response from dk & fd then we can start another 80 page thread

    Based on what I have seen, I am far from convinced we will ever get a PR response from them that won’t be complete and total garbage.

  • jesse3250

    Whether it was a mistake or not this guy Ethan just opened up the door for more regulation. There are people in the public sector waiting to jump on anything they believe they can use to make a name for themselves.

    I don’t know anything about this guy, but I do know that people lie. No matter who you are in this world you are capable of lying and cheating. So for people to say that he is absolutely telling the truth is a bunch of bull. I’m not saying he’s guilty or innocent. I’m just taking the wait and see approach.

  • Immaculate

    How did this post turn into a riptide current? I started reading it yesterday from the beginning and I got up to the 20th page out of 50, then 30th out of 60, this morning 40th out of 70 and now 50th out of 80. Will I never see the shore? I keep reading and it keeps growing as fast as I read! Monster post.

  • scsa1998

    @donnybasbl said...

    The reporter who wrote the NY Times article will be in Mike Francessa show on WFAN in NY at 1:20. Can listen online at

    Mike will have no clue what to ask. If they wanted to do this interview maybe Evan Roberts knows something about the subject.

  • table41a

    Even more puzzling is skywalker’s use, or misuse rather, of quotation marks.

  • dude_abides7

    @Stewburtx8 said...

    This made me laugh. Just like ESPN fulfilling their moral/ethical obligation when it comes to Roger Goodell and the NFL right?

    This made me laugh. Just because DK says 1:40PM was the release time of that info we should just believe them right?

    This made me laugh. Just because people know Ethan to be a “good guy” immediately excuses him of any potential wrong doing any investigation into the matter is a waste of time right?

    I have way more trust in ESPN than I do in Draftkings when it comes to reporting truths.

  • dudeoflife

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    One last thought that may or not be relevant. When Petrgibbons won his football qualifiers in week 1 or 2 , I remember seeing RayofHope name right up there in the leaderboard. If anyone has free time, it would be interested to see how RayofHope did the days petrgibbons won his FD NFL tourney and MLB tournies. If RayofHope is near the top in all of those days, then very good chance he was stealing the majority of Rays lineups and tweaking 1 or 2 spots so it’s not identical. I doubt this is the case but worth exploring to rule it out.

  • Unico10

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    The most relevant comment in this all thread was, in my opinion, made by STLCards when he said “If I had access to such information, I would definitely use it to my advantage”

    It is relevant because it’s honest
    It is relevant because it defines the important of ACCESS and DATA which creates an unleveled playing field or clear cheating and it is really the core of this issue.

    It is clear – undisputed – that a small number of people had or has privileged access.

    It is human nature as honestly spelled out by one of the best players, that they would use it to their advantage.

    The real question is how far did they go?
    Is it just a sneak look at own %?
    Is there more to it?

    When you have a FD employee that had minimal or zero DFS playing experience going on a 5 months amazing run on DK, while at the same time a DK employee goes on a heater on FD…. the least one can do is to be a bit skeptical.

  • Joe1Coal

    Someone who knows everything about this situation really needs to call WFAN to talk to Mike Francesa and send the record straight. It would do wonders for the DFS community, if someone could put an end to this, because FanDuel and Draftkings (STUPIDLY) have declined interviews with the biggest sports talk show in the country. He has now said he would not recommend putting money into either site this weekend until it is resolved. That’s a huge anti-ad for both of them.

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