• Ty_Bananas21

    I recently had my fanduel account suspended. I got in contact with the account team and they told me it was because i had multiple accounts. Now i am guilty of having multiple accounts, but i have only been using 1 recently and have not been using the others. I am trying to assure them that i would like to keep using my 1 account that i have been using for about 3 weeks now, but their response time isnt exactly speedy. I still have money i have deposited from my bank in this account so i would really like to keep using this account. Pretty sure they forfeited my wins that i obtained from the NFL last night, but i am not too worried about that. I just want my account back re-opened!

  • feekdogg

    You knowingly broke the rules. What you deserve is your money back. That’s it.

  • Ty_Bananas21

    I did not know until i was informed that you could not have multiple accounts. I was not using them at the same time. I created my new one and stopped using the old one. I didnt knowingly break the rules.

  • baggerly

    That’s why they tell you to read the terms and conditions before opening an account. You are probably out of luck but when you are making contact with them make sure to be truthful with them about opening the accounts and if you really did not ever play those accounts together they might help you out but I wouldn’t count on it.

  • DomTwan

    @Ty_Bananas21 said...

    I did not know until i was informed that you could not have multiple accounts

    lulz u clicked to agree to terms before you got to sign up

  • feekdogg

    Since this is your first post in this forum, I’m going to assume you have multiple accounts here as well.

  • crazypaul

    You should play H2H’s against yourself, you’ll never lose!

  • ehylton

    Try telling them to close your recent accounts, they think you are trying to cash out in the beginner contest that they offer.

  • wildcatfan9698

    @Ty_Bananas21 said...

    I did not know until i was informed that you could not have multiple accounts. I was not using them at the same time. I created my new one and stopped using the old one. I didnt knowingly break the rules.

    just out of curiosity, would love to hear your rationale for this part……” I created my new one and stopped using the old one “…..makes no sense to me.

    Did having a “new” account make your lineups better? Did having a new account help in any way with your research? If not, why did you open a “new” one and not just use the “original” one?

    Seems there can only be one logical answer.

  • Ty_Bananas21

    Well they already closed all my accounts and sent me a refund. I really wasnt trying to cash out on the beginner contests that they offered, i could care less about them, i just wanted to create a new account and have fresh start. Wasnt trying to do anything shady, but i appreciate all of the sarcastic comments.

  • edro990

    @Ty_Bananas21 said...

    but i appreciate all of the sarcastic comments.

    I think you left yourself open to that…………..

  • DomTwan

    @Ty_Bananas21 said...

    i just wanted to create a new account and have fresh start.


  • BmoreClutch

    There are plenty of people that have created a new FD account for whatever reason and have never had an issue. But that’s most likely because there has been no activity on their old account for years. How recently did you use your old account?

    There are also people out there that openly admit to having and using 5+ FD accounts. In fact there was a recent youtube video of 2 guys who admitted to using 5 or 6 accounts. Hopefully their accounts were suspended as well.

    Also I think it’s complete b.s. that you didn’t know you couldn’t have multiple accounts. You see the issues that it would/could cause right?

  • Daryn97

    I got an email from fanduel today accusing me of having multiple accounts . Unlike the guy who started this thread I do not have more than one account! I have no clue what is going on and I am a daily loser of money on this site . I sent emails back and forth and let’s say the live chat was far
    From useful. After stating my case I received a generic email stating I am found guilty of having more than one account .

    This is news to me , I do nothing but lose money on this site , I am not cheating nor do I have more than one account on the site. I am at a loss for words and what to do on resolving this . Has this ever happened to anyone????

  • Hokiedomination

    In 2014 after listening to Sirius XM Fantasy Radio for a year I finally gave in and opened an account. Couple weeks later I opened another account with a friend. I didn’t know that was illegal or against the rules. Obviously did not read the rules when i signed up. One account I have been about break even, maybe -$100 over all over the last 3 years, and the other account we were break even until i hit for 5K a few weeks ago. Today my account was locked out with plenty of money left in the account. After reading the rules tonight it is obvious I was not following the rules. That is my fault. I would say that having my account and account with friend did not give me any advantage either, not that it matters.

    Question is what is going to happen from here? I have no issue being truthful with Fanduel, but it has been difficult to get in touch. Live chat was useless. I assume I will get sarcasm but hoping to get some real advice on how best to address. I love playing and would hate to no be able to continue playing there. Any comments welcomed.

  • fantasylloyd2015

    I need some help/advice. When I tried logging into my FanDuel account this morning I received a message that my account was suspended. When I contacted FD support this morning, they said they suspended my account because I had two accounts. I tried to explain the situation but they would not resolve the problem. I love playing FanDuel and I am asking this forum for help.

    Here is what happened: In 2014, I opened a FD account with username Lloydjs2000. In 2015, I was unable to access my Lloydjs2000 account so I opened a new account, FantasyLloyd2015. For over a year, I have been only playing contests under FantasyLloyd2015 exclusively. All of a sudden, I login to FD with FantasyLloyd2015 and see a message that my account has been disabled. I admit I had two accounts but only because I had trouble with my original account, Lloydjs2000. I have not played any contests with the Lloydjs2000 account after opening FanatsyLloyd2015. Everything was good for a year using FantasyLloyd2015 and now it is not working. I asked FD support to delete the old account, which has no money. Or move FanatsyLloyd2015 funds into Lloydjs2000 and delete FanatsyLloyd2015. I didn’t mean to violate any rule. I just want the issue resolved so I can plan FD. I am not trying to do anything unethical like submit multiple lineups in single entry contests or anything like that.

    Do you have any ideas how I can resolve this issue? I am tempted to open a new account just so I can play FD this weekend. I guess I could open a DraftKing account and try DK, but I don’t like full PPR and I hate yardage bonuses even more.

    Thank you for any advice you might have,

  • fantasylloyd2015

    Another option for me might be able to ask FD to close/delete both accounts. Then I could create a new account later after all the old junk is cleaned up. Do you think that might work?

  • Ross
    @fantasylloyd2015 said...

    I am tempted to open a new account just so I can play FD this weekend

    ^ This is probably the worst thing you can do and would likely mean they permanently close all of your accounts for good.

    In reality you are just going to need to work this out with FanDuel, if there are no other issues they will probably just delete one account and let you keep the other.
    I suggest just waiting for their support team to let you know what your options are.

  • fantasylloyd2015

    This was the reply from FD support, “I understand that you are upset, but the terms were violated. The accounts will be closed and your funds will be returned to you.”

    This is not resolving the problem, just sweeping it under the rug. I want to only have one account and be able to play with my one account.

  • liwvu13

    Why were you unable to access your Lloydjs2000 account in 2015?

  • fantasylloyd2015

    It was a password problem because it was a year (NFL seasons) between logins. I tried “forgot password” but did not receive any email from FD. I thought the only way to fix it was just create a new account.

  • Mistervapor

    So, my son had been doing fantasy sports for a while and I only just got started on fanduel this football season. Now yesterday out of the blue I got an email that they suspended my account for having multiple accounts…WTF?!?!? I only have ONE account. I emailed them this and the response was…we fully investigated and suspended your accounts…and I think even banned me. Chit, this is utter BS and I’ve got NO opportunity to talk to a person to understand what they checked, how they checked, NOTHING. For all I know, someone had stolen my identity. I swear on my mother’s grave, my father’s grave, EVERY DEAD PERSON I KNOW…I only have one account. I’ll caveat that…one account that I’M AWARE OF. My balance is about $100 and I’m NOT a big spender…this is about the principle. I’ve done NOTHING wrong and have no option to discuss it with anyone.

    Does anyone know of a direct line to call FD to talk to one of these investigators? I’m beyond pissed right now…I’m truly offended by this. I spend MAYBE $15- $20 a weekend and now the occasional NBA game and I’m breaking some rules….hell, I don’t know what the benefit would be of HAVING multiple accounts!!!

  • tonytone1908

    IDK why that shouldn’t be an easy fix. All they have to do is look at the dates the usage changed. If what you say is true, and you haven’t used it since creating the new one, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Anyways, definitely DO NOT open another account. That’s probably the worst thing you could do. Why not take the opportunity and use this weekend to try another site? You can get free incentives to most of them if you sign up through RG.

  • hambazaza

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    the only problem i can see is they might frown upon you utilizing two different sign up bonuses, like you churned through the $200 deposit bonus, then created a second account to get a second sign-up bonus. To me that would be the obvious thing they would not tolerate.

    That said, ask if they’ll allow you to create a new account now that they’ve closed out your other two

  • DomTwan

    @fantasylloyd2015 said...

    This is not resolving the problem, just sweeping it under the rug.

    They don’t have any problem to resolve for you, you broke the rules, and now you can’t play.

    Tough luck.

  • Mistervapor

    So, after giving it some more thought and talking to a CSR via chat, I think I’ve figured it out. Years ago I created a savings account for two sons which essentially were subaccounts of my checking account. That way I could monitor their money and spending. Fast forward and now one of them has a debit card tied to that savings account and he uses it for FD. And I use my debit card for my FD. I think FD thinks BOTH his FD account and debit card and my FD account and debit card both ME. I can see the mistake. But I still think having a live person on the phone to discuss this would have alleviated all of this…and now I have to wait up to a week for them to understand and unlock the account. Not to mention the contest I was in the middle of winning has been cancelled and refunded to my account.

    What a PITA. Hopefully this experience will help someone else in the future…then again, how many people open a subaccount for their kids? Maybe that was the true error…lol

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