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    I understand that FD’s rules specifically say that punts blocked for TDs do not count, but I was wondering if a Fanduel rep could give the rationale behind that rule? Because on the surface it makes no sense, the special teams unit is creating a turnover and taking it in for a TD. What if they partially block the punt, it goes down the field a bit and then a guy catches it and runs it back?

    I’m not asking to be given extra points for the Texans today. Just wondering why they decided on this particular rule.

  • JMan44

    There we go. We can finally kill this thread after 2+ months lol. Thanks DillengerFour, look forward to the addition of this score next season.

  • LegiaWwa

    Over/under on what week in 2015 someone complains that the new punt block TD rule cost them thousands on FanDuel?

  • narniak

    Wow, an “over/under” biggity buzz word comment. You are so smart and original!

  • Jeff7kv


    @narniak said...

    Wow, an “over/under” biggity buzz word comment. You are so smart and original!

    Wow, questioning someone’s intelligence and originality. How unfortunately predictable of you.

  • duder500

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    @DillingerFour said...

    Hi All,

    Waiverwire has stated the past reasoning in this post about why we did not have it in our scoring, which was on page one and also quoted a few times on this page.

    The current rules will not be changed this season. We do not feel it would be a best practice to change our scoring 75% of the way through the NFL season.

    We are currently revamping our entire live scoring process/page, and blocked punt TDs WILL be added before next NFL season begins.

    There ya go. Thanks D4.

  • iconfantasyJoe

    See guys, change is possible in this world.

    Thanks fd and d4.

  • teamboss

    Those Vikings DST points cost me a spot in the playoffs in my season long ESPN league (opponent played them) and cost me about $600 in cash game loses at FanDuel (I had them).

    FML… lol

  • CMags44

    @RangerC said...

    If you click on “Rules and Scoring” when setting a lineup the defensive scoring rundown mentions NOTHING about blocked punt TD’s not happening (its only under FAQ – Rules and Scoring, NOT the Rules and Scoring window that pops up in this situation) – it just says – Return Touchdowns – 6 pts, not Non-Punt Block Return Touchdowns – 6 pts. So Fanduel actually has contradictory information on their site – one of their scoring explanations DOES NOT mention this technicality.

    This is a very valid point. When I enter contests, I sometimes click the tab on scoring that accompanies each contest. I rely on the info posted for each contest to make a decision whether to enter the contest: that includes the cost, salary cap, competitors and scoring for each contest. As we know, this information could and does vary from contest to contest. In the link for Sunday’s contest, regarding defensive scoring, it clearly states under the rules and scoring link that accompanies the individual contest that you are looking at, under defense: “return touchdowns – 6 points”.

    This is contradictory to the scoring rules that FD has in a different portion of their site. One could make the argument that, since the scoring rules are not consistent, the ones listed for the specific contest that one enters would apply. In this case, all return touchdowns would count as 6 points.

    I think this is a big issue – saying 2 different things in 2 different places on the site. I would expect the scoring listed in the actual contest link to be correct and would be the one that a user would depend upon.

    How would a contestant possibly know that the scoring rules for a given contest, that are included as a link within the given contest, not be correct? That seems to be a bridge too far for me. I always assumed them to be correct.

  • bobbyrogers46

    Good news. Glad to see this positive move forward.

  • RangerC

    So Fanduel admitted that their posted scoring for a contest is INCORRECT, but no mention of honoring their posted scoring for a contest (you would think that the posted scoring for a contest would override scoring posted elsewhere). And before someone chimes in with another round of ‘hey dumbass, you should have known about Fanduel’s scoring’; I DID know about it, but I assumed it had been fixed at some point after I checked the scoring for a contest a few days ago to compare it to another site and found that blocked punts not counting as a return TD was NOT mentioned.

  • walleyek

    Hope they finally change it after two of these happened with the same D/ST this weekend.

  • WhyNotEh

    Obviously no TD on the play, but does that Dolphins punt block not qualify for 2 points under the current scoring? I’m bubbling all my 50-50’s right now and the added points are huge.

  • Skuba82

    Watching the game Gruden said something like the jet punt went into the books as a 2 yard punt not as a blocked punt. Don’t know why just remembered he said that and thought of this thread.

  • lionssuck

    It’s only scored as a blocked kick if the ball doesn’t cross the line of scrimmage

  • lionssuck

    @lionssuck said...

    It’s only scored as a blocked kick if the ball doesn’t cross the line of scrimmage

    If a defender deflects a field goal attempt in such a manner as to make the field goal attempt unsuccessful, the field goal attempt is considered blocked. The impetus of the kick can travel beyond the line of scrimmage. Punts are only considered blocked if the punted ball does not go beyond the line of scrimmage.

    That is an excerpt from the NFL guide for statisticians.

  • cjack51

    sidewayspussy (5th place) has a $155,000 argument (and probably one of the most gut wrenching feelings ever).

  • jdubadubs

    Ravens 25% Owned in fffc…this could be a $2 million difference

  • jdtrey22

    Dont forget about the PATS DST TD not counting, think there 10%

  • imsogone

    The rule is going to change next season. Stop whining about it.

  • fadein34

    Whine all you want folks. It’s a terrible thing. This guy.

  • tomac

    @fadein34 said...

    Whine all you want folks. It’s a terrible thing. This guy.

    Could not agree more. Their initial response to me in week 1 showed what they thought about the importance of the change.

  • Tennguy

    Beating a dead horse by now, but I wanted to add my 2 cents in support. Thanks to all the FD players who spoke up with reason and encouraged FD to rethink their strategy and take action to make the correct scoring action next year. Those of us who have played fantasy FB for a long time know that no matter how well you know football there will always be lucky, “flukey”, anomalies. It’s a fact that many of the weekly winners often win on a “fluke” or lucky roster combination created with no real strategy.
    While it’s true you can’t and shouldn’t strategize the statistically rare event of blocked kicks for TD that doesn’t mean your D/ST shouldn’t be credited for it. Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t we credited for overtime stats? How is that “fair” to everyone? Those players get extra play time that not everyone is lucky to have. You can’t plan a strategy for that; all you can do is hope. A direct quote from Chris Bertrand on the FD site regarding tips for beginners playing NBA contests says Tip #9 PRAY “Pray for what, you ask? Pray for OVERTIME! Overtime is pretty much God’s way of saying that you deserve a few more points. Nothing makes a DFS owner happier than overtime. Five extra minutes of basketball can send your team from the middle of the pack, all the way to the top. If you are really lucky that day, then you might even get a second or third overtime. There’s obviously not much skill involved with trying to select players that will get to overtime, but you can go back to tip #2 and choose players from the games that are projected to be close.” It sounds like Bertrand and the FD rep who initially posted on this thread are not on the same page.

    By that rationale why shouldn’t we consider blocked kicks for TD, not-at-fault interceptions(NAFINTs), NAFINTs due to deflecting off a receiver’s hand(no fault of the QB yet he still gets penalized), center-QB snap exchange fumbles, etc as God’s way of saying we deserve a few extra points?

    Whether you consider it to be a fluke or not it needs to be counted in daily leagues as well as regular fantasy leagues as long as all other rare events are already being credited.

  • mranderson

    You know its flukey when a QB catches a TD, and a receiver throws for a TD. These count in FD scoring, and any TD that’s scored should be reflected as a possible earner for the player, defense or special teams. In the last several weeks, we’ve seen the Vikings return two blocks in a game for TDs, and today the Ravens did the same.

    If you have no interest in rewarding astute players points for their research because of an opponents special teams weaknesses, please let me know up front what other points you choose to not be awarding in your rules. A QB catching his own pass shows up as a gain for the QB. A safety shows up as a reward for the defense, and both of these instances happen far less less a block return for a score.


  • Tennguy

    Amen! And this goes to ALL fantasy services. Stop penalizing QBs for negative rushing yards when they kneel to end a game.

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