• AxeGrinder

    Today I got an email from FanDuel saying that I had 10 days to update my profile or I wouldn’t be able to play on there anymore. So I thought I would give them the information sooner to get it out of the way.
    I put in all the information that was required straight from tax return. I got a message saying the information couldn’t be confirmed. I tried 2 more times with my middle name removed and put as an initial and received a message saying to contact support which I did. Although this has never happened to me before, it was a small nuisance, so I thought. I contacted support.

    I went to enter contests and after I entered my lineup, I was stopped from entering the lineup due to my information not being updated and I have to contact support. I was told that support has a higher than normal wait time and to expect 36-48 hours.

    So I guess as a reward for trying to put in the correct information, I won’t be able to play on FD today and possibly tomorrow as well.

    I would recommend others to ignore that email and wait until the last day to update their profile so perhaps their programmers won’t be so hasty to implement things that should have part of FanDuel from day 1 and maybe they will get it working by then.

    It seems that with the legal issues that the two big companies are acting like chickens with their heads cut off and alienating long-time and loyal customers.

    I had a few glitches with the new DK location finder that caused a couple of entries to not be entered.

    FanDuel decided to go further and stop my access to contests all because I entered correct information, most of which they had on file anyways.

  • loured

    Do you live in a legal State? where does it say information from tax return?

    I got same email waiting to fill out after the 25th court date

  • AxeGrinder

    I live in Canada and decided to use my tax information.

    They got back to me and want a picture of me and my Driver’s licence. Because I used up all my attempts at trying to give them accurate information early.

    Moral of the story. Don’t ever try to do anything earlier than expected.

    This is the rationale they gave me.

    “it’s a necessary step in securing the integrity of our games and our site as well as protecting our user community.”

    Yeah sure look the other way for all the other shadiness but when someone offers to give accurate information, treat them like a criminal especially when they have been a exemplary customer for over a year.

  • loured

    oh well at least you will be able to play now. I think I had to give them a copy of my license a while back before they let me cash out . Well good luck !

  • AxeGrinder

    I am quite upset about this and may withdraw all my money from there. It’s completely stupid to block someones account because they tried to give you the information early. It’s like charging you for finding stolen money and returning it.

    They removed the block but that was a headache. All because I tried to do something earlier.

  • einars

    @AxeGrinder said...

    It’s completely stupid to block someones account because they tried to give you the information earl

    they arnt blocking you because you did it early, they are blocking you because you cant be verified yet. this has happened to numerous other people. almost everyone has had to be re-verified. just email support/keep in contact with support and it will be resolved in a day or so.

    nvm just reread your post and realized it was already resolved and you are complaining about the fact it took a couple hours.

    personally i would rather they are extra careful when it comes to making sure they are giving my money to me (as opposed to someone else)

  • lolrice

    i got the same email and when i used up all my attempts to verify, they told me i had to send in a picture of my face and my drivers license. once i did that, i was able to play

  • cccalloway

    Sorry but I have no issue with this. Tons of legal issues swirling around sites right now and they are being ultra careful and conservative. If you have to sacrifice a day or two of play b/c of this, then that is a small price to pay to keep sites operational.

  • idontluvdemhos

    happened to me as well.. don’t have a DL so I uploaded passport.. They get back to me and say they need a license as well b/c passport doesn’t prove current address. Why is passport even an option if it is not enough to unrestrict the account? Then they ignored me for a few hours after I told them I didn’t have a driver’s license. I could get one at the DMV but don’t have a car so need to arrange a ride or pay uber both ways plus replacement license fee which seems dumb as nobody else in the world asks for a driver’s license when you can just show a passport. Now it looks like I won’t be able to play tonight or the in the last week of survivor (before live final)that I spent the whole year trying to make it to.

    Fanduel showing a lot of appreciation for someone that has played almost every night for the past 3 months.

    also, why do they need a current headshot to unrestrict my account and allow me access to my money? asking me for a passport when there was absolutely zero need plus a current headshot sounds a little strange.

  • AxeGrinder

    @idontluvdemhos That’s ridiculous that they won’t accept a passport. Passport was the first option that they had.

    I didn’t expect to have to take the picture of the back of driver’s license as there is basically nothing there and had I known I wouldn’t have wasted so much time.

    I anticipate November 30th that things will be crazy on there and there will tons of complaints.

    I still believe that I should have been given until the 30th to work things out before my account was restricted. I also believe that this should have been implemented from day 1 and not just now.

  • idontluvdemhos

    very disappointed in fanduel and I may quit playing there over this. account suspended 2 days now after following their initial instructions and then being told a passport is not enough.. ubered to get a DL today and can’t get that w/o a social security card which I can’t get today. Had played every day for past few months and never left a state where DFS is legal.

    They have yet to answer this after I asked at least 5 times, Why are they asking for passports if it does not give them information they need? Why are they asking for a current headshot? What in the world does a current headshot have to do with anything?

  • idontluvdemhos

    3rd day in a row being ignored by support. Do they just close up shop on the weekend? Is their a fanduel rep on these boards that can help me since support is clearly not trying to help? All of my $ is on FD and can’t even cashout to play on a different site for the weekend.

  • idontluvdemhos

    so apparently they searched a “secondary system” agnd saw I had a previous address in a restricted state so they will not reopen my account unless I get a driver’s license. No matter that I haven’t even set foot in that state this year and the IRS contacts me at the address where I actually live at, in a legal state. They are now going to hold onto my $ for my protection until I am able to get a driver’s license. I will no longer be playing on fanduel after I go thru this hassle.

    Others out there might want to be careful as well. Fanduel can hold your $ at any point for any reason they deem necessary.

  • hackstack99

    I entered correct info and now my account is frozen. Never playing on Fanduel again. Don’t drive so this is going to be a real hassle. Their support is garbage so I’ll be waiting forever for a response

  • Ross

    Most states offer non drivers ID cards. They are state issued ID’s that look like a drivers license and can be used as legal identification the same way a drivers license can.

  • hackstack99

    I live in Canada but don’t have a picture id right now. Played on Fanduel every day for almost 2 years. They’ve lost my business for good.

  • bluestooges

    @hackstack99 said...

    I live in Canada but don’t have a picture id right now. Played on Fanduel every day for almost 2 years. They’ve lost my business for good.

    I am just wondering how you don’t have photo ID? Not hating or disputing it just wondering. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t have a Drivers Licence or passport. You would never be able to board a plane, cross a border, buy a drink, enter a bar stay at a hotel the list goes on.

  • cccalloway

    Guys, I get that the situation is not ideal but come on. State AGs are breathing down their necks and they have to make absolutely sure no one is playing from restricted areas right now. I get the frustration but try and think about it from the business side here.

  • hackstack99

    They were not up front about this and have lost my business. I have an expired passport and don’t drive FYI bluestooges.

  • bluestooges

    @hackstack99 said...

    They were not up front about this and have lost my business. I have an expired passport and don’t drive FYI bluestooges.

    feel your pain!! I know they won’t accept an expired passport but they should. If its expired that should only mean you can’t travel. Same for people that can’t use their Health Card. I remember crossing the border back in the day with only my birth certificate.

  • cccalloway

    This just came about recently. How did you expect to ever actually get paid if you couldn’t prove who you were?

  • WhiteGeneva

    Just wondering but how do you know when you are verified? I gave them my information and have not heard anything. The link to verify my account at the top of the page is gone but I never got an email saying I was good to go. I live in a state that is restricted (hopefully for just 1 more day) so I am not in a rush. Just curious.

  • hackstack99

    I’ve cashed out thousands no problem already. Now they instantly freeze my account and support takes forever to respond! They never had any issue for the last 2 years. They’re dead too me lol

  • einars

    @hackstack99 said...

    I’ve cashed out thousands no problem already

    so you are willing to give up the presumably thousands more that you would cash in the future because FD wants you to prove you are who you say you are? do you at least see how ridiculous that stance sounds to almost everyone else?

  • hackstack99

    I will just play on Draftkings. I’m glad you speak for the majority einars. Now GFY!

  • RamblinMan88

    I know that some states allow you to use a past W2 that has your name and SS # as an alternative to the actual SS card with a number on it. And then obviously bring something that shows your current address like a lease or bank statement.

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