• AxeGrinder

    Today I got an email from FanDuel saying that I had 10 days to update my profile or I wouldn’t be able to play on there anymore. So I thought I would give them the information sooner to get it out of the way.
    I put in all the information that was required straight from tax return. I got a message saying the information couldn’t be confirmed. I tried 2 more times with my middle name removed and put as an initial and received a message saying to contact support which I did. Although this has never happened to me before, it was a small nuisance, so I thought. I contacted support.

    I went to enter contests and after I entered my lineup, I was stopped from entering the lineup due to my information not being updated and I have to contact support. I was told that support has a higher than normal wait time and to expect 36-48 hours.

    So I guess as a reward for trying to put in the correct information, I won’t be able to play on FD today and possibly tomorrow as well.

    I would recommend others to ignore that email and wait until the last day to update their profile so perhaps their programmers won’t be so hasty to implement things that should have part of FanDuel from day 1 and maybe they will get it working by then.

    It seems that with the legal issues that the two big companies are acting like chickens with their heads cut off and alienating long-time and loyal customers.

    I had a few glitches with the new DK location finder that caused a couple of entries to not be entered.

    FanDuel decided to go further and stop my access to contests all because I entered correct information, most of which they had on file anyways.

  • einars

    @hackstack99 said...


    i agree, good for me,

  • AxeGrinder

    @einars said...

    they arnt blocking you because you did it early, they are blocking you because you cant be verified yet. this has happened to numerous other people. almost everyone has had to be re-verified.

    Of course they blocked me because I tried to give them the correct information early and they were not able to validate it. I asked them to give me until November 30th to get verified and they said no. It was only because I initiated an early validation that I was completely blocked from playing. On top of that, I was given no notice that I was in fact blocked from playing. I only found out when I was entering lineups and sent them an email

    I think how they handled this with me is the epitome of poor customer service. Sure, when they having problems with New York, alienate your best customers. There was no reason for them to automatically block me. I didn’t try to hack into their system, I tried to make sure they had all the correct information and I am 100% sure that I gave them the correct information. Even having everything settled it left a bad taste in my mouth.

    November 30th will be bedlam IMO. As their system by their own account is flawed and many have dismissed their email. When a huge amount of their customer base is blocked, we will see an uproar in these forums. I can’t imagine a different scenario.

  • idontluvdemhos

    @cccalloway said...

    Guys, I get that the situation is not ideal but come on. State AGs are breathing down their necks and they have to make absolutely sure no one is playing from restricted areas right now. I get the frustration but try and think about it from the business side here.

    i sent in the exact legal document they requested and then was told that this legal document wasn’t enough and would need to show 2 forms of ID now. Then they quit responding after telling me someone would contact me “shortly.” Their final explanation was that they were responding within 12 hours which is what their “Service Level Agreements” state. This was all after I contacted them immediately after having my account suspended and sent them my passport and gave them my social security #.

    I completely understand the government regulations. What I don’t understand is freezing someone’s account w/o warning, asking for a passport but then stating it doesn’t have current address on it(no US passports have this info)and then ignoring e-mails for 2 days when I have entered contests 95% of the days in the past few months.

    There is a way to treat customers whose business you want to keep and there is a way to treat customers whose business you are indifferent about.

  • RWCHusky

    What i find most concerning is the lack of transparency and perpetual state of chaos that seams to be how things are running at FanDuel.

    Under these circumstances i do not feel comfortable providing them with my SS# or Drivers License. They requested that my wife provide a clear face picture to get access to her account – candidly that just comes across as creepy.

    Luckily i was able to close my account.
    They have frozen my wife money (under $100 winnings so no IRS implications).

    Do any of you have concern regarding the ability of FanDuel to secure your private information from both internal and external parties? If someone gets access to you SS# and DL they can do a ton of irreparable damage.

  • Stonecoldnuts

    Verified my account info showing I live in Connecticut and now getting a message saying I don’t live in a state that allows play…but I do live in a state that allows play….what gives???

  • cccalloway

    @idontluvdemhos said...

    want to keep and there is a way to treat customers whose business you are indifferent about.

    I get the frustration on customer end. I don’t think a passport suffices after new regs coming out and FD probably missed htat one. You got to remember that they are literally getting thousands of these and response times are going to slow. They should probably send something out in regards to it but I think patience is key here. I would rather them go slow and get it right than continue to piss off other states AG and have this continue to snowball.

  • Stonecoldnuts

    Just an FYI..I updated the fanduel app on my phone cause saw there was an update..after I did that I was able to enter contests without the live in a wrong state error message…

  • Orty1370

    Canadian who can’t get his account verified. Horrible customer service.

  • hackstack99

    Fanduel support is indeed horrible. 2 days for a response is unacceptable .

  • hooter

    @hackstack99 said...

    Fanduel support is indeed horrible. 2 days for a response is unacceptable .

    it really is. having a difficult time withdrawing right now, put a support request in this morning still waiting for a response.

    I mean how hard is it to process a paypal payment? everyone else in the free world seems to be able to do it in a matter of minutes, and usually not even that long. and dont anyone dare give me that crap about verifying identity or fraud protection BS – if it was that important they would have done it on the front-end. sure as sheet didnt hesitate to take my money yet act like the delay in giving it back to me is part of some noble effort for integrity. eff you

  • ubrcuilnsa

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    did something change over night? I live in CA and could enter last night. this morning FanDuel is telling me I am in a restricted state . . . .

  • tonytone1908

    I got this email yesterday. All I had to do was fill in my name address and SS#. Didn’t have to send any paperwork. I’ve withdrawn over a grand a couple times and don’t think I have given them anything else before.

  • natroslezka

    The message they send out is boilerplate and totally lazy. Got the same one twice. Blocked from sunny San Diego where they hope to host their live final! Ha

  • AVirk51

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    I just got that message a little while ago, about not being able to play. Emailed support and got a response pretty quickly, saying that you cannot play if you live in those US states…and this applies to the US and Canada as a whole. Was told to read their terms….I read them, and it doesn’t say anything about not being able to play if you are in Canada…haven’t had an issue for the last two years, and all of a sudden, I can’t play….is the NY AG running the site now, just randomly doing things?

  • natroslezka

    I reached out today to fanduel customer service in many ways that asked them not to send me a “canned’ response. The weird ban was lifted within an hour, and I’m playing fine there now. Just keep making contact. Good for hitters in baseball and good for us.

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