• turfking8

    If I wanted to use the mobile app and not see what I’m looking at or trying to look at, then I would welcome the change, but then again I would just use my cell phone if I wanted to blindly stare at a tiny screen that can’t sort anything or find anything that you want! This is ridiculous! I got to go somewhere else so give me some tips for a similar place but better because this is retarded! I am so sick of the b******* over there f****** fixing things that aren’t frigging broken it’s so disgusting I can’t even see each slate in order, it’s like ones here ones they’re ones over here depending on if you’re winning or not! It is the dumbest thing ever! They better change it back or give at least the option to change back cuz this is disgusting! Who wants to use this small Page? it’s NOT for the PC, it’s for the mobile app. For tablets? Make a tablet thing, do it with a freaking tablet but the freaking PC LIVE or any other PAGE, should not be this small in this goofy can’t sort nothing, can’t click on a lineup to see only that lineups entries LARGE. If you’re not putting slates in order anymore, then I am History! You can’t see what you want to see, it’s just crazy! It’s like a two-year-old decided, “They I want to play FanDuel and hey look bright and funny hey”, hey goofballs, stop fixing things that aren’t broken!

  • madmanjayWV

    @sheckiec said...

    This could be the thing that finally forces me to move everything to DK. Horrendous change.

    I understand the ‘THEORY’ behind this, but I flipped last week when the change was made.

    It was made at some point early in the afternoon b4 an MLB slate locked. Next thing I know, #NEWnIMPROVED

    Total #AYDS — I sent a support ticket, not that that matters one iota to the #POT boys — aka — Product Operations Team

    I love what YAHOO does — where you can view like the perfect LU and the best plays in order of top scorers to worst… but YAHOO doesn’t boggle it all up like FANDUEL has now.

    It’s completely atrocious and the person who came up with this idea and the person(s) who approved this should be looking for a new job.

    As much as I love FD, they never cease to amaze me with continued #AYDS changes —- I’m gonna have to say this “new look” format where we can see all the guys we should’ve had — can’t see any of your players in your lineup (I DO NOT USE MOBILE) — is actually worse than the switch to hey — let’s pick 9 guys in NBA — and we’ll drop your lowest score.

  • fanofbraves65

    Agree whole heartedly! Makes trying to make changes after a lock a nightmare as well.

  • wolfjb1

    Just chiming in with another voice to say the new page is terrible. Literally no one wants to see a list of the top performers – who aren’t in your lineups – on the right side. FD really did a poor job with the new page. You go to the live page because you want to see your live lineups. Why would they make it harder to see your live lineups? (If they want to mess with something, make it easier to sort my results, so when I wake up in the morning I can see separate out last night’s results by sport…by week, by month, etc.).

  • yisman

    What was more amusing was that when NFL preseason was in action, by default the right side was showing me the top preseason performers.

    I didn’t even play any NFL preseason. I only played MLB.

    Even if I cared about top performers, I surely wouldn’t care about something I didn’t play…

    I do not know what was wrong with the old setup. There were ways to improve it, sure, but this made it significantly worse.

  • ThatStunna

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    Have a separate page with top performers so it doesn’t clutter up the live results and have a link to it on the live page.
    Use the old format but with the sorting/filter options in the new format.
    Have default filter options be retained in general (I’m irritated that I have to filter out low stakes every day).

    For now, let us have access to the old page under a different url so we can flip between them as desired.

  • dlb

    has anyone else had issues with the results database sync not working since the change? Manual upload does not work either. Anyone?

  • emnj69

    i agree it is beyond terrible nobody i know likes it either-business 101 a happy customer is a ongoing customer an unhappy one is not and customer is king-please change it back

  • diamondice

    HATE the new live page. It’s super cluttered and hard to find all the tournaments I’m entered into because they eliminated the skip to page 1, 2, 3, 4, etc navigation. I’d rather they just make a separate new page that shows the top player scorers and ownership % in the largest contests.

  • dolphinkick182

    I agree. Terrible update. Don’t so much mind the history update but the live update is hot garbage. Maybe put the scoring leaders in a tab at the top with the Upcoming and Live line-ups? That way if for some crazy reason there was a group of people who thought it was something that was needed, and somehow thought that it would enhance the DFS experience, all they have to do is click to it. Crazy how some companies piss away money by making unnecessary changes to their site just for change sake. Fanduels runs pretty useless polls all the time but never a poll when it comes to making major changes to the product I use. Sad really. But then again a slight rake increase will pay for it so no big deal for them I guess :)

  • yisman

    @FDRep said...

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up that we’re following the feedback and take it seriously. More to come soon.

    - NB


  • yisman

    any thoughts from the people at RG?

  • turfking8

    Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but if you are able to see my daily play at FanDuel, you will see it’s practically over. That’s how much I HATE the new LIVE PAGE. I have Thursday & Sunday NFL Tickets & when they are done, so am I with FanDuel. Like I told various “FD Agents” in many complaints about the Live Page, if you bring back the old Live Page, to contact me and I may come back but the responses I received were like no one really read more than the subject line. How costly could it be to have 2 Live Pages? that’s a solution you wont even listen to. I dont care if it’s the 2nd Page, as long as I can find and acually See whay my lineups are doing without a magnifying glass and 12 separate windows open to look at my live lineups. If people really wanted this new Live Page as you claim, they couldv’e just used their Cell Phones and had the same experience. Heck if they wanted it larger, they couldv’e cast their phone to their TV screen but us, who chose FD for it’s Clean, Large and ease of use, you tossed us aside. I will NEVER conform to the New Live Page and I am finding out through this experience, that other sites are easier to win on so thanks for that. Cheers. I hope you all come to your senses because you may gain a few new kiddie accounts but you are losing steady, larger accounts, well at least one, me.

  • Forest29

    Absolute sh*t

  • yisman

    @FDRep said...

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up that we’re following the feedback and take it seriously. More to come soon.

    - NB

    Nick, we need a follow up.

  • joephoto

    @FDRep said...

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up that we’re following the feedback and take it seriously. More to come soon.

    – NB

    I hope so. I just deposited on Fanduel this week for football.
    It used to be OK. I can hardly stand looking at it now.
    Edit- The website seems fine to use, but frustrating for me using my tablet or cell to follow or edit my lineup.
    Which is what I’ll use when I’m at the Pats game or out and about.

  • btwice80

    I haven’t played FD for most of the MLB season, so today was my first time seeing this update. Truly unbelievable how bad it is. Their live scoring was already mediocre at best, so it’s pretty crazy that they managed to make it this much worse.

  • yisman

    Please do something.

  • btwice80

    It really is amazingly awful. Every change they made was bad. I had kinda given up even following scores there, so I didn’t notice till this past Sunday that you had to click and expand each player box now to see ownership % and salary, so it’s impossible to see the whole roster with that info since it won’t fit on the screen.

    But don’t worry, they’ve been following the feedback and taking it seriously for a month with more to come soon, so I’m sure changes are coming any day now. /s

  • gosixersgo76

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    It’s really bad. The way it was before was fine.

  • Wonger2

    @Forest29 said...

    Absolute sh*t

    Totally agree

  • damionismyname

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    As a design and UX guy this new design is horrible. I just bought a new huge screen and now my new huge screen is covered with players I didn’t pick. Maybe they should spend a bit more money in the usability department instead of hiring someones niece who took one webdesign class in high school.

  • Gqinxs

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    Is there any update to this from Fanduel?

  • gaelicgirl

    @Gqinxs said...

    Is there any update to this from Fanduel?

  • turfking8

    iF by Soon” you mean next year, I’d say you’re on schedule. Moved 95% of my action elsewhere waiting and hoping you all come to your senses. HOW MUCH could it cost to have both as options? I tried to use it but it’s horrible. It glitches when I try to filter the lineups to “view” the contests below so I can open up the main contests with that lineup in its own window but the page scrolls on its own and I’m no longer looking at the lineup I was, it’s SO ANNOYING! It’s impossible to have one lineup, let alone many and all visible at once like we used to be able to do, and see all the contests that lineup is in. Instead, we need a Magnifying glass to try to open multiple insane amounts of windows all while being annoyed because the page constantly glitches as to what you are looking upon. I’m sure I’m not the biggest player but if you look, I bet you sure do miss how much and how often I did play. NBA is almost here, I was hoping you’d fix this by then because if the NBA begins & there is no “old live page” back to view, then I am gone forever. BTW, I keep hearing “customers were asking for this” as the reason for this move and I think it’s BULL! I think someone thought this failure of a Live page was someone’s great brainstorm & they can’t admit it is Terrible so we are forced to use it. Must be someone high up to not listen to the ACTUAL CUSTOMERS. Cheers

  • yisman

    every Sunday I have tickets so I have to do a bunch of lineups and it’s miserable to follow.

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