• zrich529

    Just venting here. It seems like there’s a short list of elite players that just NEVER seem to produce for me any time I roster them. Guys that are usually elite plays, that seem to always go hitless or score under 10 when I roster them. Makes me never want to roster them again, but occasionally I still find myself going back at times. So frustrating!

    Miggy (I swear he’s never registered even 1 point for me)
    Mookie Betts
    Nolan Arenado
    Manny Machado
    Anthony Rizzo
    Edwin Encarnacion

    Anybody else have any frustrating plays that never seem to work out for them?

  • KindGuy

    Miggy just doubled at least… Lol

  • walkoff9

    Miggy has been that guy for me this year. Probably because i roster him when hes cold because hes cheap and then fade him when hes more expensive cause “he was 1k cheaper” last week.

  • KindGuy

    That one guy for me is Yordano Ventura. And yes, I faded him tonight. Fucking dude can’t find the strike zone whenever I pick him. He has great stuff but I just couldn’t bear watching him struggle through 15 pitch at bats anymore. Now he’s playing games with me lol.

  • Phinsfan83

    A couple of those players you listed there are players I consider Streaky hitters. Then again its baseball and any player can go 0-4 4Ks ann night. Had the Indians 3 man stack (santana, Lindor, Kipnis) one night against a “gas can” all got me 0. Sometimes its the way it goes.

  • WestCrook1

    Strasburg and Altuve. Guys who always come thru for me are Big Papi and CarGo

  • txdave41

    Freddie freaking Freeman. And he goes bonkers whenever I skip him. Mike Trout is another. Thanks for the loss again last night, dude.

  • ImPissed

    Arenado never does crap for me so i’m going to roster him until he pays me

  • Vanco

    I have the same experience with Miggy. Astros stack is my real enemy though. Altuve, Correa specifically. They go off when I don’t play them, nothing when I do. I do however have my trusty Padres stack that always seem to work out when I play them.

  • Gokou

    Yeah Freddie Freeman, Edwin Encarnacion and Yordano Ventura were all great plays last night. Just normal variances

  • mewhitenoise

    RG Contributor

    • Blogger of the Month

    I’ve heard rumors that Jose Bautista has hit home runs in his MLB career, but he’s gone 0-for-4 with three strikeouts literally every time I’ve rostered him.

  • lolGTO

    Obviously you’re going to be on the wrong side of variance sometimes, but often what you consider to be an elite play isn’t actually an elite play.

    If it happens to you significantly more often than not, over an extended period, then it’s likely that you are probably doing something wrong.

  • sprom

    • 2012 DraftStreet DSBC Finalist

    @elementasrat said...

    That one guy for me is Yordano Ventura. And yes, I faded him tonight. Fucking dude can’t find the strike zone whenever I pick him. He has great stuff but I just couldn’t bear watching him struggle through 15 pitch at bats anymore. Now he’s playing games with me lol.

    Chiming in on an elite player thread with Yordano Ventura, ha.

  • KindGuy

    Touche lol

  • pburghpens22

    Miggy could be facing Lincecum and still go 0-4 for me, he’s the one guy that always burns me, or not to mention overrated Harper, hasn’t done anything in months

  • madmanjayWV

    That’s b/c Harper has been masking a back/neck injury that the NATS say he doesn’t have

  • TeamTwerk

    Bryant & Rizzo. I see in the game logs that these guys consistently have great games but it’s been an auto 0 when I’ve played them this season.

    Also the entire AL West .

  • glennantz

    If you want to make a lot of money, look at my line up and do the opposite

  • WestCrook1

  • depalma13

    Elite plays? There’s no elite plays in baseball!

  • CJtheGrump

    These kinds of plays stick out because I rarely make them. When I do I’m almost always let down.

    To add insult to injury, I had Machado last week for his 3HR game but none of my other bats did anything and I still didn’t cash.

  • zrich529

    Mookie Betts can f right off today.

  • mabrla

    Ian Kinsler is 0-26 for me this season. Cost me seats to the FD fantasy championship twice by being the lone 0 in my lineup.

  • Tammy409

    Every Pirate is Pyrite for me.

  • Hogwired

    I only pick Mike Trout on his 0fer nights.

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