• barnettbrat

    If I wanted to do this full time, where do I start? What do I need to know. My main focus is football and basketball.

  • yanks237

    Not a full timer at all but have always thought about what it would take, and for me I would need atleast a year’s sample size of large volume, ideally two to understand what type of player I am and the amount in play I would need.

  • sjm26b

    I dont see why many would want to do DFS full time. Would drive me crazy with the $ at play every night.

  • Bighouse55

    The rake will kill you over time. Do some simple math on how good you have to be to beat 15-17% rake.

  • barnettbrat

    Ok, thanks.

  • Vitricate

    I was writing up a whole thing on my phone but I figured I could just give you a quick version.(Edit: didn’t end up being quick in the end hah)

    -A lot of the top DFS players put in 80-90 hour weeks. I personally put in about 12 hours a day researching a slate.

    -Bankroll management is THE KEY. I cannot stress this enough. I’m talking about playing 1 percent of your bankroll if necessary. I think you should be able to lose for a full week and not really have it hit your bankroll too hard. Betting extra cause your confident can and will backfire on you. Set a percentage and play that percentage and nothing more.

    -DFS isn’t some magical insider thing. It has a learning curve and a skill gap. Building DFS intelligence is in my opinion like the stock market. You want to research to where you are picking up on team and player trends. In general for me I try and learn everything about every player and team in the sport I am focusing on. Not just names and positions, statistics on these players and teams in every situation are available and you need to utilize them to gain an advantage over the next guy. It’s not just “hey this guy is playing a terrible team” it’s more “Hey this second string running back is in a position where he may upgrade to a starter on a team that runs the ball over 50 percent with a high running back usage rate in the redzone against a team that ranks 27th in running yards allowed per game and on average they allow 2.6 running touchdowns per game on the road with 2 defensive linemen injuries and now they are playing on a short week.”
    See how I broke that down and got a lot more specific? You need to know that about every team and every player on every slate in order to gain an edge over people and pick the best players on that day. It’s not simple but if you gain enough knowledge and understand what numbers to look at and put enough time into it you will understand how people win and profit.

    So that’s the basics. Bankroll management and spending time on research and learning how to identify trends. And also learning to deal with variance where sometimes your lineup looks great and then injuries hit or your player gets ejected or benched and trying to not rip your hair out lol.

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