• daddydan57

    how do i get too use the grinders incentives, when i signed up at draftstreet before i came across rotogrinders? and i also had signed up at fanduel also. can i still sign up at like say, draftday, and then be in the rotogrinders incentives? p.s. i would be willing to pay $10-20 a month too be enrolled in rotogrinders incentives, according to what i hear,the rotogrinders info is all a person would need too make a lineup..any feedback would be appreciated..thanks daddydan

  • daddydan57

    i have another question…would i need too resign up at say draftstreet too become eligible for rotogrinders incentives?….daddydan

  • db730

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    We currently only offer incentives to members who sign up to daily sites through our links. Unfortunately multi accounting is not allowed so resigning up is not an option. I’m fairly confident there will be a way for members to purchase incentives down the road, but we don’t have that in place right now.

    Our incentives are currently limited to Draftstreet, FanDuel and Daily Joust. We don’t currently have incentives with Draft Day, but definitely sign up through our links as you get a nice bonus and if we add them in the future you will be eligible for them.

  • HarryV

    RG Blogger

    I usually view the forum, but can’t add anything worthwhile so I don’t post. I realize this isn’t the correct thread, but it happened here too so I will ask here:

    How do you add a subject to your post? All the others I see people have a subject, while this one has your long sentence as the subject. When I click to “post a new thread” it doesn’t give me a place for a subject and ends up like this one? Real confused…?

  • stevietpfl

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    when you post a new thread your first line is what is seen on the forums. so if you wanted a subject you would make it look like this when you start a new thread…

    I always pick the wrong high priced player

    Like tonight I took kevin love over dwight howard and 95% of the time I take dwight. etc etc etc

  • HarryV

    RG Blogger

    thanks for the help

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