• bigez952

    I am curious to find out how many players played in the April Platinum 75K free contest held this past Wednesday on Draftkings and what does the payout structure look like. I reached out to Draftkings with this question but was told that is info they can’t give out if I didn’t qualify for it myself which I find really odd why this would be a secret. I normally qualify somewhere halfway in-between Gold and Platinum and if the Platinum contest was pretty good it might be more incentive to play more to reach that level.

  • yisman

    EV was a little over 50 bucks

  • yisman


    FYI, EV for the Draftkings contests this month (using their evaluations, I understand VIP experience may be worth something else):

    silver: 74.6 cents
    gold: $7.97
    platinum: $51.33

    I was platinum every month for a long time but finally in April I didn’t reach the threshold. Only gold this time, unfortunately.

    Posted that.

    and here was the platinum contest for April:

  • jimmyrad

    How about black?

  • yisman

    I’ve never qualified for Black or even come close. Most FPPs I had in a month was probably like 25k.

    I’m sure that contest is worth quite a lot because very few make it (you need 100k FPPs in a month).

  • bigez952

    Thanks for the information yisman. I don’t understand why Draftkings wouldn’t provide it to me when asked and I was surprised on why they wanted to keep this info a secret as users that are close to the next tier may be more motivated to reach the next tier if they think it is worth it. I do agree that the Black tier contest is probably really nice but no way can I ever dream of getting 100K FPP’s in a month as they would require playing about $3,300 worth of entries daily which is out of my budget.

  • SA16

    @jimmyrad said...

    How about black?

    134 entrants/EV is ~560. see you there next month?

  • jimmyrad

    @SA16 said...

    134 entrants/EV is ~560. see you there next month?

    Thanks, and I doubt it, lol. Surprised there’s that many ballers balling out.

  • yisman

    not surprising

    think about it this way:

    black requires 10 times as many FPPs to qualify as platinum

    black’s EV is 10 times that of platinum

  • LagunaDude

    You gotta step your game up yis!!

  • yisman

    August stats:

    Gold EV of $8.71
    Platinum EV of $45.31

  • yisman

    @LagunaDude said...

    You gotta step your game up yis!!

    thanks to my missions being set absurdly high, I didn’t complete my mission on like 8 straight days last month

    I still set my career high with 30,229 FPPs

    On pace this month to break that.

  • yisman

    September stats

    gold: $8.13
    platinum: $36.58

  • yisman

    You are currently 84124 FPPs away from hitting the Black tier. This month’s Player Rewards free contests are the biggest we’ve ever had. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get a piece of these extra-large September prize pools. This Sunday is the last NFL Sunday of the month and your best chance to rack up more FPPs before September 30th. Get in the football action before Sunday

  • yisman

    October stats:

    Diamond EV: $93.40
    Platinum EV: $33.65

  • yisman

    November stats:

    Diamond EV: $49.65
    Platinum EV: $24.28

    these are worth less and less each month

    I put in over $20,000 in action each month and the EV I get back is miniscule

  • yisman

    December stats:

    Diamond EV: $47.89
    Platinum EV: $21.81

    Value drops every month.

    You could put in over $50,000 of action and you get in return an EV of about $70 plus the FPPs which are next to worthless.

  • yisman

    January 2018 stats:

    Diamond EV: $46.73
    Platinum EV: $22.81

  • yisman

    February 2018 stats:

    Diamond EV: $70.12
    Platinum EV: $33.09
    Silver EV: $1.03 (according to DK’s valuation of rewards VIP)
    Bronze: 25 cents

  • yisman

    March 2018 stats:

    Diamond EV: $75.18
    Platinum EV: $37.54

    With the long NBA break plus there being only 28 days in February, it was a difficult month to achieve tiers.

  • yisman

    April 2018 stats:

    Diamond EV: $52.63
    Platinum EV: $27.56

  • kwdamp

    I have a sneaking suspicion that with the MLB Achievements rewards on DK this season a lot of us are going to qualify for the Diamond and/or Platinum this month and it’s going to be worth like 20% of what it normally is.

    They should really adjust the prize pool at least somewhat based on the number of players that qualify.

  • yisman

    six months ago they changed Black from 100,000 to 125,000

    this really sucks because I’m at 111,000 with one day left.

    Still have never made black and won’t do it unless I play thunderdome tonight.

  • yisman

    May 2018 stats:

    Diamond EV: $37.10
    Platinum EV: $19.06
    Gold EV: $3.85

    as expected, achievements has heavily diluted the tiers.

    ​​​​​​​Diamond and Platinum are worth half of what they were worth two months ago.

    that’s why I tried so hard to reach Black. Came just short.

    Diamond: 906/1078 entered a lineup
    Platinum: 2664/3148 entered a lineup

  • fantasyProjections

    • 134

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #16

      RG Tiered Ranking

    May 2018:
    Black EV: $299.40

  • yisman

    June 2018 stats:

    Black EV: $354.60
    Diamond EV: $30.93
    Platinum EV: $19.86
    Gold EV: $4.53

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