• HoneyBadgerDFS

    Greetings Grinders… Its Badger here…. and I am a Former DFS Donkey…

    Thats tough to admit. In a industry where every single person you talk to or listen to is the BEST and never loses and this and that… I think a big issue for some myself included obviously is admitting “Dang.. Im really not as good as I WANT people to think I am”. Sadly however, this line of thinking leads to denial and more bad choices leading you further and further down the proverbial Donkey Hole. Something that you have to stop before its too late. The good news is you clicked this article… which means either 1) you wanted to peek in a laugh or 2) you can see that you have some holes in your DFS game and want them to end.. which puts you on the right path… the path that Donkeys don’t travel… So lets begin shall we.

    Step 1) Analyze your current play so you get a visual of how your performance REALLY is versus how you THINK it is.

    — This is big for a DFS Donkey trying to improve. The famous Jay-Z line “Men lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t” couldn’t be more accuracy especially when it comes to someones skill level and their DFS ROI. Whatever tool you want to use to track your results is fine, me personally I use the new RG tool called the DFS Analyzer ( that with easy allows you to upload your results from whatever DFS sites you use. Within minutes you can see your amount of $ entered vs $ won (which can be eye opening), you can see what site(s) you perform best at (very important), and what types of contests you have had the most success in (we will get to that later). Once you get a big picture on what you are doing well and what you are doing poorly in you can start making specific decisions to fix the mistakes you have been making.


    — This topic is something that many DFS players, Touts, etc throw around but im not sure if the average DFS user pays attention to this when they hear it. Usually you just ignore it and wait till they start talking about whats a good play again LOL. In all seriousness though, this is IMO the most important part of making sure you aren’t being a DFS Donkey. But what exactly is game selection and how do you apply if to get the best benefit for YOU? Lets discuss

    - Game Selection = Choosing contests that are favorable for you as a DFS player and are in line with your goals. But Badger what does that mean? It means that for each and every contest you register for on a given slate you make sure that you are getting ideal conditions (whether that be rake considerations, % of the field being paid out, entry limits, total number of users entered, potential winnings, etc) To get a better understanding here is what game selection met for me.

    Im not a baller by any means. On a given day, Im comfortable playing no more than 100$ a day total (with rare exceptions) between any sports that I am interested in. That sentence alone right that limits the scope of contests I should be playing REGULARLY simply based of my Bankroll allotment. any tournaments that allow max entries (150) is not beneficial for me because I will be at a disadvantage vs users with bigger bankrolls who can enter more lineups than me. Because my goals for DFS are to be profitable, and not to necessarily CHASE the big pay off, I like to keep the playing field even between me and competition. So for me, my games that I enter are either single entry or 3 max entry for tournaments, single entry 50/50s and cash games. In these types of games, I dont have a disadvantage based simply on the number of lineups I have compared to competition. Now some DFS guys say “well my research is better, or I am sharper so IDC if my 1-3 lineups are going against 150 of someone elses” but in my experience that thinking is garbage UNLESS you are at super high $ entry tournaments like the $1000 entry tournaments and stuff. In those i have seen users with 1 lineup have success vs their opponents with more than 1 lineup.

    “But Badger… those bigger tournaments have huge payouts and I want a shot at those!” Cool thats great, im not saying dont enter them, but understand the risks associated with entering them. They usually have a majority of the $ going to the top and it takes beating wayyy more other people/entries to min cash. Lets take and example from NBA this week. On Tuesday Draftkings had their $33 dollar entry $1M Megabird In order to to min cash you have to beat 22,042 entries. In the 27$ 3 max on Draftkings, In order to to min cash you only had to beat 467 people. Im all about being profitable in gpps remember, so to me having to beat less people, in a contest with an equal entry playing field works for me and my goals. Dont get me wrong, I still will dabble in those big top place tourneys but its a more calculated entry, and only done when my Bankroll can handle the high probality that it wont be a successful entry. Kinda like entering a qualifier. As a DFS user you have to look at you, your bankroll and your goals and use that to decide your games.

    Step 3) Bankroll Management

    — What does this mean? A common recommendation from DFS users is to play certain % in cash games, and a certain % in tournaments. In my opinion this can be just a donkey if not done correctly or it doesn’t fit you as a player. Not ever player is built for the cash game grind. Where w win is less than double your entry… it can be boring, you have to swim/dodge sharks, etc etc. Some love it, they know that they build solid, safe lineups and They are looking for games where their skills shine. In my opinion you should choose what you do best and should be stuck in a % of this to these types of games and a % of this to another type of game. Instead you need to site down and figure out… if i loss every day for 2 weeks, what amount of money can I play where that wouldnt hurt me. They you average that out and pick slates where you see an edge for yourself and dive in. If you can play 20$ a day but you are a tourney player, entering 15 bucks in cash games and 5 in tourneys isnt going been fun for you and might even hurt you. If you are a cash game player entering those 5 bucks out 20$ in a tourney might be a throw away. So dont get caught up in a % but instead find a dollar amount you are comfortable with to play with daily, and pick games that suit you.


    — In my DFS career ive subscribed to a lot of DFS sites at some point looking for the answers to the problem “who do I play tonight” and have entered lineups with players ive never heard of, in sports i know nothing about because .. well because I thought it was gonna be easy plug and play. It wasn’t until recently .. (within the last 6 months) that I actually started LEARNING about the sports I wanted to play, so that I could research myself and end up on some good plays. This doesnt me you dont subscribe to anything.. What it means is if you are going to subscribe to a site, make sure it is one that is TEACHING you about the sport, how to research it so that you are learning. Remember at the end of the day whether you win or lose the site you subscribe to is going to get their money, so if you arent learning anything then why are you there?

    Ive been playing DFS for almost 2 years now. Im still learning and improving but the strides Ive taken over the course of this year has turned me into a consistently profitable player. I dont donkey away winnings by playing amounts higher than my Bankroll allots, i don’t choose games that aren’t conducive to my goals and skills as a player, and I dont play sports I dont know about. So trust me when I say… theres light at the end of the DFS Donkey tunnel… just keep grinding.

    – Badger Out

  • panters

    good insight

    Hee Haw

  • garbage9922

    • 2016 DraftKings FHWC Finalist

    They were wrong about you. You DO give a shit.

  • Tammy409

    Missed this til now. Good write. Good read. Tx.

  • CUTiger81

    Your second point is good and while I don’t disagree it’ll only take you 1 time of winning $1,000 in a small single entry when you would’ve won $10-30k in a large GPP to immediately regret that stance.

  • stayready40

    Thanks for this post man the whole read was great and informative but Point 4 spoke volumes to me!!! I am subscribing to a site for the first time and have really regretted it because like you said I am not learning anything just listening to guys spew out there favorite plays and losing money in the process.

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