• joshisaking

    So I have a $80 bankroll on DK and stick to cash games, mostly double-ups. My routine is to research as much as I can on Rotogrinders and submit one cash lineup to multiple games. Any given night I’ll play $5-8.

    I also throw in my cash lineup to a $1 GPP for the heck of it.

    Anyhow, I’ve been on a cold streak lately, not cashing any of my double-ups…which is obviously frustrating.

    For you other cash players, I was wondering if you had any recommended strategies for a low volume guy like me to break a cold streak.

    Would you stick to H2Hs? 50/50s? Mix it up…and if so, how do you normally split?

    Thanks for any ideas…I realize there are no sure-fire strategies to cashing every night.

  • bhdevault

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    I can relate, but my advice really doesn’t change much.

    I have always been a cash game player. Earlier this season, I went on a 19 day losing streak. No lie. 19 days in a row, I lost in my cash games. I was losing it, thinking maybe my time has passed me and I should give up on NBA cash games.

    I stuck to my guns, kept doing what I normally do, and I have made up my losses and have been back to my normal win rate in the past few weeks.

    It’s tough, variance is going to get you. I did not have Butler, Kawhi or any other of the late scratches this past week or so, and I figure it’s just being on the plus side of the variance as opposed to earlier in the season when I was getting crushed by injuries, ejections, etc..

    Maybe play 1/2 your amount until you turn that ship around?

  • joshisaking

    Thanks! That’s encouraging. Yep, I figured at the very least I would conserve a little more of my BR until I get on an upswing.

  • cccalloway

    I just went thru a 7 straight day period where I lost about 80+% of money in play each night. It was absolutely brutal. I took a 3 day hiatus over a weekend, withdrew cash on FD and DK and redeposited earlier this week to start fresh. So far, I’ve had 2 nice nights in a row. For me, when the losing streaks come and they will come even in lower variance cash games, it was important to take a breather and get back to grinding when everything didn’t feel like it was crashing.

  • Gqinxs

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    Everyone goes through cold streaks. I believe that Saahil said on a podcast he has lost for 2 straight weeks at times (at the levels he plays at that’s a lot to lose in 2 weeks). If you were a winning player previously, stick to your process, variance occurs even in cash games. If you never were a winning player (you did not specify), then you need to change your research and process. Consider coming at your plays from different angles.

  • Jvanspro

    Whenever I’m on a cold streak I tend to take a few days and completely ignore all dfs. I then tend to come back fresh and make sound decisions. For me, whenever I’m losing I tend to overthink most simple decisions. A quick reset work wonders.

  • Njsum1

    I don’t think the type of contests you play matters, if you’re not making good lineups, youre just not making good lineups, and theyre unlikely to cash in any contest. I wouldn’t recommend cutting back the dollar amount you play, when you play, as it will be tilting to lose on nights when you put more money in play, and win when you have less money in play. 1 step forward 2 steps back kind of thing. However, maybe only play when you really like how he build works out, and are confident in your plays, yet play with your normal volume.

  • txdave41

    I think the best way to snap a cold streak is to go full on GPP. I started out pretty solid this season in November winning and seeing my ROI go up. I had a process that seemed to work. Then the wheels came off in December. I got burned so many times by late stratches and injuries. I only made profit 3 days out of the entire month and vowed that I was done throwing money away with DFS at the end of the year.

    But we all know how easy it is to get sucked back into playing so I played January with a severely reduced volume. More frustration, more losing then finally last Saturday, I woke up to see that I had scored by first big win in the Block. $75. For me, that was a big snap of a cold streak and put me well on my way to recouping my losses from the last two months.

    The problem with cash games is you really need to have two good nights in a row to feel like you are getting ahead. Otherwise, it will feel like one step foward and one step back the next day. A GPP win can set you ahead many steps. I personally find the $2 10 man league games to be best payout with a 30% chance of cashing. Problem is you can have one guy with a monster lineup who just sets the bar way too high and there is no way to beat him. I needed a 350 score to win my league game last night!

  • joshisaking

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, this is good stuff. As it turns out, I played a few double-ups and two GPPs last night and cashed in all of the above. So that was a nice confidence boost, especially since it was the same system I’ve always used.

  • Landa501

    The best thing i could suggest is just stop playing NBA. Its a total waste of time. I’ve been playing DFS for years now, and this NBA season has been the single worst sports season for DFS ever.

  • joshisaking

    What has been the most profitable DFS sport for you? I’m an NFL guy, but thought I’d give NBA a shot, and I actually like the daily nature of it.

  • jmm92

    Do you know what a BSA is ….

    This might not be a popular thing to say , but last night was my last night. As a 1st year player , RG was able to guide me through a profitable NFL season , with lots of fun sweats for 5 figure , but in the NBA , not so much .

    Your playing a high rake game with lots of great players.

    BSA = Bad Spot Alert

    The NFL has soo many more players and sooo many more bad players willing to make the less then optimal play because they just want to root for there guy or team, and I am okay with that. I will see ya next NFL season.

    PS. Before you jump on me for ‘blaming’ RG , well if I give them credit for my winning NFL season , and I do , couldn’t of done it with out them, I feel justified in saying the NBA breakdown this half season , hasn’t helped me from myself.

  • sethayates

    @joshisaking said...

    Anyhow, I’ve been on a cold streak lately, not cashing any of my double-ups…which is obviously frustrating.

    I’m not sure if this will help or not but Derek Jeter once borrowed Jason Giambi’s golden thong to bust out of a slump.

    Jeter was 0-for-32 and hit a homer on the very first pitch wearing it.

    I’m not saying it will work for sure but I’m also saying that we can’t rule it out until you try it.

  • neogamer

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    I already wear a golden thong daily, so do you happen to have any other ideas so I can break out of my slump.

  • krazyju84

    im in need of jason giambi’s contact info…

  • mwgdfs

    I stick to my same process and don’t change anything. I was recently on a HUGE cold streak. I was almost to the point of trying a new process but I stuck with it. Needless to say I broke the streak and now I’m on a 6 day winning streak… just stick with what you’ve done in the past to win and it will turn around.

  • Cpjttogether

    You can always change your avi and do a “avi check “ in chat.

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