• Draftpot_Eric

    Hey all,

    We’re ​always looking to improve our product and we’re taking the next step by engaging on a holistic level with our user base en masse.

    How would you improve Draftpot?

    Any feedback (good or bad) is greatly appreciated.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  • tvsfrink

    @sheckiec said...

    Until they fix this, here’s a good work around:

    When you enter a contest, RIGHT CLICK on Enter —> Open link in new tab

    This will allow you to enter the contest without closing the Lobby. The Contest Lobby will remain as is AND will note your entry in the contest you just entered.

    Well that seems obvious but somehow I never thought of that. Thanks!

  • Frickman81

    I want to win first every time make that happen and I’m in

  • BobGrinder

    @jregger said...

    Improvement for entry fee selection:

    1) Make slider more precise (ability to easily select amounts rather than current slider)
    2) Change slider to drop down box with ranges of entry fees (similar to other DFS sites)

    Dbl click the numbers under the slider and set to what you want.

  • dj39466

    Mobile site is not as responsive as it should be. Also noticed a lack of dollar NFL competitions this week. Why was that?

  • nautica54

    No NY Deposits allowed at this time?

  • zaiko888

    Like the site, but I wish there were more $1-3 NFL tournaments. (I do usually wait to fill out my entries until Sunday morning so it’s possible they’re full and just not showing for me by that time)


  • yosoyfiesta

    - There’s too much of the color white/needs aesthetic polishing – The photo you use for Klay Thompson makes me wanna kick somebody down the stairs – Lower the max entry on double ups – Create 10-20 person double ups – That slider bar needs more functionality – The pricing is whack on a lot of players – points for three pointers and double/triple doubles?

    Great site and looking forward to see what the future offers!

  • Vandoparaisobilt

    Global swap on NBA is pretty bad. When I want to global swap one of my flex players, I’m only allowed to swap in players at the same position, even though I should be able to swap in anyone in a flex spot. This has been extremely frustrating in the last couple weeks trying to react to last minute news; I moved a lot of my Draftpot money to DK because they have a better global late swap system.

  • danliebl

    download lineups to a CSV and/or show more than the top 100 in the standings.

  • Joseph55

    • 2018 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    Not sure if I have a filter clicked or not but I don’t understand why you can only see the top 100 entries. I’m just out of the money and have no idea whether I have a chance to cash or not!!!! On the other side if you’re in the top 100 you have no idea if someone is going to knock you out of a cash.

  • NeonKnight

    Hey DP_Eric,

    Some decent ideas I’ve read on this thread thus far… I have a few of my own as well.

    I hope the length of my post isn’t detouring in the least as I believe that It’s all good…

    In a nutshell, I have always been involved in real sports since I was a little kid, but only recently began to play DFS or any kind of fantasy sports just last October (2014). I enjoy the competition and pride myself on my statistical research and strategic abilities to make for a more enjoyable experience.

    I’m not a player that plays on all these fantasy sites or even a few…. I find the one site I like the best and best suits what I’m looking for in a platform and back-end and play on just that one site.

    I have played only on one site since I started laying DFS, learning how to play, learning the inter-phase and learning how to become better at what I enjoy. I was more than content with this one site until just recently when all sorts of discussion has had the future of this site in my area under serious scrutiny and in serious question, which has brought about some technical enhancements that have caused some complications and issues on the front end for the user experience. I can’t speak for all, but I can speak for myself. In the last week or so my inter-phases have had a great deal of technical complications in regards to communications with the site, which in turn had lead to a more than usual for me, blowups and losses. It’s one thing when your research is off or you pull the trigger on the wrong players, but when technical issues dictate weather you will be successful or not, that’s typically not a good thing.


    This whole discouraging experience has prompted me to explore alternate options on where I should be applying my skill-set in the near future and there on.

    One thing I am looking for in a site is stability, both in technology and business related stability. I don’t want to get or be involved with an entity that will potentially only exist for a matter of months.

    Another key component is integrity. The integrity of the the presenters of the site, the site itself and the players that play the site to ensure an equal and fair chance to compete successfully. Although the integrity of players is harder to govern, the presenters and platform should be transparent enough to ensure a sense of comfort to the client (player) in the way of ethics.

    In my research over the last few days a few DFS sites peaked my interest, but after exploring a bit deeper, Draftpot seemed to be finding its way to my focus. There are features and certain things on the site I currently play on that I really like, that I felt kind of fell short on Draftpot. I do realize that these, for argument sake, “short-comings” I see on Draftpot has the potential to step it up and even exceed in these areas.

    I haven’t yet signed up on Draftpot as of yet. I guess I’m still just waiting to see some signs of life, so to speak, in the way of enhancing the experience WITHOUT blowing it all out of control with infomercials, advertising, etc… like some of the leading competitors, which is A HUGE turn off!!!

    What I have discovered thus far while exploring the site from the outside…. some enhancements that I would really like to see implemented.

    *Full Global / Individual roster changes right up until lock. (Changing one rostered player would replace in all contests that the player is entered)

    *Import Rosters into additional contests and perhaps a Bulk entry feature where you can see what contests you have already entered in and be able to enter newly created contests without unwantingly enter the same contest more than once.

    *Not enough Smaller contests with a higher prize pool (ie: $0.10, $0.25, $0.50) contests would be great.

    *Not enough Big Prize tournament contests or cash contests. Would like to see a weekly Millionaire Maker, Mini Millionaire Maker, etc… in each sport NFL, NBA, MLB

    *A reasonable limit on Multi Entry contests. Yes, cash is king, and just because a player could potentially afford to play $10,000 or 500 entries into a single contest IMHO doesn’t make for a fair competition. Anyone can potentially fan any rosters down the slate with enough $$ and come up a winner. Yeah, yeah, I know… then just play the single entries…. I know, but a reasonable limit for each multi entry contest is what I’m stating.

    *A higher prize pool for Single Entry contests without making it a ridiculous player entry limit. Mostly for GPPs.

    *I’d like to see some Triple Ups, Quintuple Ups, Winner Take All contests.

    *Some ($0.10, $0.25) contests to play to win tickets for higher entry fee contests.

    *Continued incentives (ie: Frequent Fantasy Points to redeem for tickets to contests, etc…)

    *Reaching certain levels in points perhaps an Appreciation Bonus like a Free Entry into a High Profile Contest

    *I like the Grid View / List view keeping Grid View as on option. I prefer List View, but seeing the player cards sometimes is a refreshing change of pace.

    These are just a few ideas off the top of my thought process to start with….

    I hope that these ideas will be read and perhaps even have some of these concepts implemented….


  • zachlowry

    I would love DraftPot if the customer service was better… Last week I told a friend to sign up using my referral code (DraftPot told me I would get $20 for every depositing referral). Good ‘ol awoo signed up with my referral code and it said “invalid”. I chatted with “Nathan” (I think), and he said he would look into it and get back to me (never did). DraftPot owes me $20 as far as I’m concerned.

  • zachlowry

    my supposed “referral code” is hackazach (if you are looking into it)

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @jimmyrad said...

    Default filters please. I set to NFL/fan mode/$ amount, join a game, back to lobby and have to reset the filters.

    Our dev team is working on this right now. : )

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @Semperfibw92 said...

    Improve your iPad experience

    Appreciate the feedback! This is on our to-do list.

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @soopra said...

    I’ve been really enjoying the site but the interface and look are horrible. overall, the site just needs a “cleaner” look with better fonts and colors. If you need some inspiration, take a look at starsdraft’s layout. I also wish the results page was more similar to FD where it’s just a vertical list that shows entry fees and winnings.

    Thanks for the feedback! We’re in the process of hiring a lead designer who will be responsible for improving the design and overall user experience.

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @ataros said...

    Love the site but more feedback:

    The import functionality is awful if you need to start hitting “Load more” multiple times. I would remove all the gimmicky graphics on import and just create a simple list that one can easily scroll through all lineups on one page – similar to how FD does it.

    Remove all Grid layouts and use List layouts everywhere. I get that you’re trying to make it look cool, but Lists are used everywhere for a reason, because they are functionally far superior for displaying data. I get that you have an option to switch to List in some spots – but in other spots you do not.

    Appreciate the feedback! We’ll review the import functionality today, and work on improving this ASAP.

    We’ve discussed grid vs list layout at nausea, and will continue to do so. We’ve received both good and bad feedback regarding the grid layout.

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @zachlowry said...

    I would love DraftPot if the customer service was better… Last week I told a friend to sign up using my referral code (DraftPot told me I would get $20 for every depositing referral). Good ‘ol awoo signed up with my referral code and it said “invalid”. I chatted with “Nathan” (I think), and he said he would look into it and get back to me (never did). DraftPot owes me $20 as far as I’m concerned.

    Not acceptable. Very sorry about that. I just credited your account with $20, and I will credit your account with a free entry into the Touchdown once it has been posted.

  • zachlowry

    @Draftpot_Eric said...

    Not acceptable. Very sorry about that. I just credited your account with $20, and I will credit your account with a free entry into the Touchdown once it has been posted.

    Awesome! Thank you sir!

  • tkotrain

    A single entry fan mode nba double up would be nice. The top 75 is more like a top 30. I think both contest would fill.

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @stv1313 said...

    I don’t like the fact that you can only swap like-kind positions when using Global Swap. If I’m switching out a player in a flex position, I don’t believe that I should be limited to switching out a player at that same position.

    Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on fixing this.

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @StuBarnes said...

    The main thing that needs some fixing is lineup editing. Not sure if this is the case with others but often times I’ve been told my lineup is invalid when I try to make changes ~2 minutes before games start. This has kind of forced me to take my action elsewhere, especially during NBA season where late tinkering is huge.
    The other big issue with editing is once games start and you want to make late changes. To my knowledge, you have to change each entry individually to apply your fixes even if they are the same lineup and the same change is being made. This can incredibly tedious and definitely needs to be fixed.

    Appreciate the feedback! We found a bug that was causing some people to receive an “invalid lineup” error. We fixed this bug today! : )

    We have a global swap feature, but it’s not currently on the iPhone app. We need to add this feature to the iPhone app ASAP.

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @BobGrinder said...

    I have never noticed one before and I just went to look and I see penny and dime arcade too! Did you guys just add those?

    We’ve had the dime and quarter arcades for a few weeks. Feel free to email me at if you ever don’t see them. : )

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @rahtbarg said...

    Eric, I really like playing on Draftpot, but the iPhone app is slow and freezes quite a bit. I would love a dedicated iPad app. Thanks.

    Thanks for the feedback! We’ve made a few changes to improve the speed within the app, but there’s more we can do. I’ll push this up our to-do list.

    iPad app is on our to-do list, but it’s going to take some time to develop. In the meantime, I’d recommend accessing our site from Safari or Chrome while using an iPad.

  • Draftpot_Eric

    @tvsfrink said...

    Agree with sticky filters as well. I hate entering one contest, going back in my browser, and then having to redo the filters.

    Appreciate the feedback! We’re working on this.

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