• Pumacom

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    Edit: First show is up!

    There has been a lot of buzz surrounding DFS lately. The media has put this industry in their crosshairs, seemingly without doing much research or presenting equal representation from both sides of the argument. Sensationalist media types and self-interested power-ball pushing politicians have seized on the narrative and are doing everything in their power to equate the skill it takes to build a lineup to putting your chips on black.

    There is no doubt that it is very difficult for an inexperienced player to enter a lineup into a contest and expect to do well. The truth is many of the people fail because they don’t know the right tools to use, or haven’t put in the time it takes to learn how to play seriously. So, for the people who want to learn how to play like a pro, we have created a new show called “Game Theory”.

    Game Theory takes on a format very different from our normal daily shows. Our goal is to teach people how to think strategically about the day’s slate… helping them learn how to fish as opposed to just giving them the fish. Instead of analyzing each matchup or position, this show aims to focus on lineup construction techniques and how to apply them on a given night. The emphasis of this first show will be on helping NFL DFS players transition into the NBA. For guys, like me, who love the NFL and wish to carry on playing DFS beyond the football season, this show will be a perfect way to learn how to make the switch.

    We are fortunate to have three perfect hosts to collaborate on this show with:

    JMToWin is a professional writer and DFS analyst who has been making the transition into NBA himself, and he can share invaluable insight into the process.

    Eddie Fear is a guy whose entire career has been built around game theory. He’s mastered everything from board games, video games, and game shows to DFS, and NBA is his strongest sport.

    JeffElJefe is a DFS pro who is a seven-time live finalist in addition to currently being ranked in the top 100 in RotoGrinders’ TPOY standings.

    These guys define what it takes to think outside of the box when approaching lineup construction and have been instrumental in designing a show that helps players step up their DFS games. On Wednesday, January 20th at 3:30 PM EST, they will share their knowledge with all of our viewers.

  • Ross
    @DippyD said...

    Did this happen? I didn’t get to see it


  • RGProducer

    @dacuse44 thanks for your interest, yes, should be in available in podcast format soon if not already.

  • ivymoose

    Another vote here to have this added to the podcast feed.

  • MarcusEffect

    Awesome show guys, on my second listen through already. I found it very interesting, I’ve been a break even player so far and haven’t lost any money on my investment yet, so it was great to hear some about that topic to give me hope to keep playing.

  • jv21

    Hey good show. They brought up a lot of good points. Some of my thought/suggestions and things I hope you touch upon in the future:

    1. I don’t think it was mentioned that your goal in a GPP should be to win the tourney. I know this is obvious. but it is important because to win a GPP, you have to beat thousands of other people. People tend to forget this and play a chalky lineup and expect it to win, forgetting that 30% of the field had the same idea. To win, a lot has to go right and game theory helps you put yourself in that position.

    2. This was mentioned in the show about playing the lower owned guy, but I dont think it was emphasized enough. You take the lower owned guy because if he does better than the chalk, you shoot up the leader board. I think this is also important to note, because people will complain when the chalk doesn’t do well and say if the chalk did go off, they would of cash. What forget is that the chalk was owned by 40% of the field, so their position didn’t really changed and they may not cash.

    3. Variance: Variance is the key to game theory. I think this has to be emphasized more otherwise people may not fully understand why you would fade a player or why you shouldn’t play the chalk. This also helps explain why Damian Lilliard can have an off day. And also why experts can be wrong in their picks.

  • Trawlins4

    I like this

  • DntSwtDaTcnq

    at the ~40:00 mark Eddie is looking at data or a spreadsheet of some kind that he mentions having sent out—does anyone have the link to it?

  • RGProducer

    Here is Eddie’s link @DntSwtDaTcnq:

    And here is a similar tool RG produces:

  • thewrongguy

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    great show would love to see more on this topic in the future. keep up the good work !!!

  • bmgolfguys

    nhl would be sweet :)

  • RGProducer

    Stay tuned @bmgolfguys

  • walkoff9

    Has there been a 2nd one of these?

  • jegcelticfc

    Is there anyway you guys can turn these into a podcast? I would love to be able to listen to this type of show without being at the computer and more importantly, without eating through my data.

  • db730

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    Yes….I turned the last one into a podcast and likely will do today’s as well.

  • jegcelticfc

    Thanks DB730! I enjoy your podcasts as well. It’s good to get industry news updates from you as well as a solid game day analysis. Keep up the good work!

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