• DatDerFranny

    Is this guy actually a winning player? He seems like an ok guy and all, but…

    and I really dont want to come across as a jerk, but when I listen on Sirius, he can barely speak… Hes constantly using and butchering cliches and stumbling on his words. And it doesnt appear to be from nervousness. The purpose of the show seems mainly to me to be a a promo for Fanduel. He also uses fuzzy math for things like, as an example yesterday, he claimed he cashed at a higher rate this week in 50/50s with a smaller number of participants which made the point score pay line lower, as opposed to 50/50s with a larger amount of entries because the pay line cut line is higher ones with more players. Sure, the cut line in a smaller field 50/50 has a greater chance than a larger entry 50/50 for being lower, but it also has a higher chance as well… its called standard deviation. And no he wasnt saying he cashed because the pay lines were lower… he was saying that smaller field 50/50s have lower point score pay lines as a fact. Reasons he gave in passing were youre not going up as many lineups.

    Again, all that increases is the deviation from the mean. he does this sort of thing frequently.

  • OneShotKill17

    I’m so confused…am I starting Mark Sanchez this week or not?

  • deactivated70770

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    @ckamins87 said...

    How can you say something like this without looking yourself first lol

    Are you trolling or what?

  • ckamins87

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    @slpanthers24 said...

    Are you trolling or what?

    Are you being serious right now? You said “I would look at the game again bud. Jeff is right on this. Hoyer came in against the falcons and started the next week because of how good he was.”

    The game after the falcons was the colts. Hoyer did not start. Mallet played 1.5+ quarters and then got knocked out. hoyer threw a hail mary td as time expired for halftime and remained in the game for the 2nd half despite Mallet being cleared to return.

    Thus, how can you tell someone to go look at the game again and that they are wrong, without confirming yourself seeing as you were in fact, wrong. Mallet was 7/10 passing. Asking if I’m trolling when the comments above explained everything pretty clearly is the definition of trolling.

  • miggytoddbest

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    Slpanthers24. Best to shutty

  • bumdizzle

    @DatDerFranny said...

    Not getting the Liss hate. Guy is hilarious. He also doesnt claim to be a DFS expert or anything, either. Very good in season long, though.

    I was starting to think I was the only person who enjoyed Chris Liss. I will never understand anybody liking the morning show – Ronis is fine, but the rest is brutal.

  • slashtc

    @musky93 said...

    Also drools over Stephania Bell every time she is a guest (no idea how he gets her on).

    If you looked like Stephania, you’d probably enjoy anybody drooling over you. She’s one of the few women on ESPN because of what she knows instead of what she looks like.


    So the only idiot in this thread … would be me! I would like to openly apologize to Jeff Mans for the comments I made regarding the Hoyer start.

    The Texans/Colts game is one of only three games I did not actually watch, but (sparingly) listened to on radio this year and it was a complete shitting of my mental capacities to think Hoyer started that game by simply looking at the stat line. There were lots of rumblings on message boards for the Texans and their SBNation site that Hoyer would get the start and after I saw the stat line in hindsight, I thought he did get the start. So that was my reason for argument of Jeff Mans calling anyone an idiot who started Hoyer that week. So I do apologize Jeff for labeling you as condescending toward those who made such a move when in reality, Hoyer did go in as the backup.

    As I stated earlier, I wholeheartedly agree that playing a backup on the hope and chance the starter gets struck by lighting is a recipe for disaster. This was just a horrible misreading of the situation on my part where I thought Hoyer would/did go into that game as the starter and was completely mistaken about it. My sincerest of apologies and I will leave my older posts unedited so people can see what a buffoon I am capable of being when making a mistake.

  • kaetorade

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    Today, I learned that Jeff Mans is a real pro.

  • DatDerFranny

    Edit: was responding to Bum… accidently didnt quote it.

    Yeah that one is terrible. Not sure why the rotoexperts got rid of Nandos show. Him and the fantasy exec were hilarious from an entertainment stand point, and Cincotta was actually good with them… not so much on his own. I dont know if Nando left on his own or Engel got rid of him for more Engel. Engel acts like hes the smartest person in the room, yells way too much for me in the morning, and is far too pleased with himself over his impersonations. When Engel does impersonations of Cincotta, he just sounds like well, Engel.

  • WhiskeyTavon4

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    Justin Morneau would like to chime in to this thread and say his fantasy alarm is broken.

  • donnybasbl

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    @bumdizzle said...

    I was starting to think I was the only person who enjoyed Chris Liss. I will never understand anybody liking the morning show – Ronis is fine, but the rest is brutal.

    I used to think that way about the morning show as well, but it’s grown on me this year. I actually love the days when Ronis is off his meds and screaming at callers for stupid trades and start/sit decisions.

    However, there was a day this week where Kurtz and Sussmann hosted the show and I wanted to gouge my earballs out within 15 minutes. At some point, this is broadcasting and nails on a chalkboard are more soothing that those guys’ voices.

    Much like Howard Stern imitating his parents, I can listen to Scott Engel imitate Tony Cincotta all day long.

  • JeffElJefe

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    I’m late to this thread, but can definitely back up that Jeff Mans does indeed know what he was talking about. I met him years ago right after I had just taken a job with a DFS startup company (before it had really taken off) and he was one of the very few season-long analysts that gave DFS any respect. Early on, Jeff and Ted (and the rest of the Alarm crew) realized that they needed to do their homework on DFS and were IMO the first season-long-focused site to react well with knowledgeable content and innovation — with stuff like umpire reports for MLB. Being that both Jeff and Ted are two of the most approachable guys in the industry, if anyone has the opportunity they should introduce themselves at one of these fantasy conferences or live finals (you’ll definitely see them at some) and have a discussion with Jeff about NFL schemes, or listen to Ted rattle off a random baseball player’s stats in minors or college. These guys understand sports in general, and especially in the last year or so I’ve seen their DFS game improve a ton to the point that they won a live final against arguably the toughest field ever. Go back and look at the names in that tourney… Sorry, rant over.

  • cAUmberlandtiger8

    @bumdizzle said...

    I was starting to think I was the only person who enjoyed Chris Liss. I will never understand anybody liking the morning show – Ronis is fine, but the rest is brutal.

    The morning show is brutal and repetitive. Its much easier to listen to that channel during the heart of baseball season.


    @JeffElJefe said...

    I’m late to this thread

    Unrelated to this thread, but Jeff… check your inbox here on RG.

  • Hkhotsskhotb

    I’ve become a believer in Jeff. Some picks sound a little wacky at times but they turn out to be spot on. Sometimes you’ve got to come at this from a different point of view to have success. DB and beer are great and deserve more airtime. Jeff and Tony C the two guys in dfs I want to have a few beers with.

  • SnowShark

    Jeff Mans does a much better job then most of the other show hosts on sirius. I agree a lot of them mainly have season long mindsets but he does a good job of being a medium for new players for DFS. Ive heard the game selection bit multiple times and he made it clear to me it was single entry vs multi entry games. The pay line is definitely lower in the single for cash. I do think there is a lot of fluff on other shows but i think Jeff does a great job on his show!

  • cdk12

    I think one thing of value that you can take from Jeff and his approach is easily realized in his segment of Right, Wrong, Indifferent. He has the guts to admit the blow ups, recap highlights, and discuss his so-so picks after the fact. This is him being humble and brutally honest in my opinion.

    In doing this, I think it shows a lot of guts and professionalism. I don’t always agree with his statements, that’s why we are entitled to our own opinions. I can, however, appreciate when someone says, wow I whiffed on that one rather than just tooting their own horn all the time.

  • JustGetMetoSunday

    The key with Jeff, or anyone who dispenses advice, is to have your own philosophy going in and to have enough confidence in what you do to pick and choose what applies to you and how you construct line-ups. You should never just blindly follow anyone or dismiss anyone completely, either. I think most people who would listen to Sirius or read the blogs on RG are pretty good players overall — otherwise, why bother — but I think we’re all honest, we have all had years where everything clicked as well as years where things did not go well, relatively speaking. I think Jeff, warts and all, is a pretty good representation of us as DFS players, and he is pretty forthcoming when dispensing his advice, thought processes as well as his successes and failures…and isn’t that what we want? Now, gun to my head, I’m taking advice more from Tommy G (LOL), but still, props to Jeff, the show rocks!

  • OrdaNation

    Nothing against Mans at all, but I really wish Fantasy XM channel would do a better job at scheduling.
    At one point earlier this year Mans was on the air multiple hours a day, in different shows.
    Just really seemed like overkill to me. So many other voices and opinions out there.

    I respect the hustle that Mans has, but is it really necessary to hear him broadcasting the Fantasy Alarm Show, Fanduel Daily, and Every Mans Fantasy with Pilar Lastra on a single day?

  • fivetools

    Jeff Mans has frosted tips and probably wears acid wash. THAT MAKES HIM MORE AWESOME. If you don’t like him, then go kick some puppies in the face.

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