• Philly25

    Last Week Tonight main segment was on DFS today if anyone wants to watch it. I love the show however Oliver took a strong stance against sites being a game of skill and mocked many aspects of it.

  • bobbyrogers46

    Here is something similar from Trevor Noah on the Daily Show:

  • jimmyquinella

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    The video will be up soon (Last Week Tonight usually posts within 12 hours)

    I found it very funny with many accurate descriptions.

    Taking my interests out of it, he does tend to show the hypocrisy.

  • Philly25

    Those commercials at the end definitely hurt perception of DFS but they were hilarious.

  • Avgplayer

    The commercial had me in tears. I was surprised they used more info then major news outlets.

  • tyrant1014

    John Oliver regularly takes stances against my beliefs, yet I love the guy… Funny as hell

  • kajshack1865

    I wanted to be mad but I couldn’t be. It was funny as hell.

  • maurile

    Here is the link.

  • whothis

    Lmfao! So true….u should see his take on lotto.

  • crazyboytroy

    Out of 250 people that went to go protest…. 100 was employees of FD………. Just saying

  • Putz

    @crazyboytroy said...

    Out of 250 people that went to go protest…. 100 was employees of FD………. Just saying

    Is that true?

  • crazyboytroy

    @Putz said...

    Is that true?

    Yep, watch the video and you will see.

  • bobbyrogers46

    @Putz said...

    Is that true?

    Appears to be true, John Oliver showed a clip of a New York news reporter on scene making the claim and pointed out that the FanDuel office was near by, compound that with the DFS convention and you have maybe another 100 folks and then maybe 50 true Non-FanDuel employed New York residents at best to equal out 250. Hence why all the signs were made from the same company and had no individualized design concept.

  • ActionJunkie

    His poker argument made no sense as it contradicted itself so many times. And the statistics for winners was just lazy conjecture that seems to plague the media when it comes to DFS.

    With that said, the rest of the show was hilarious with the fake commercial at the end being epic, lol.

  • einars

    @ActionJunkie said...

    the statistics for winners was just lazy conjecture

    right, the winning statistics are stupid because it doesnt show this insane disparity in entry $$ as well (ie the same 1.3% probably make up 90+% of entry fees also) . i do think the 85% of players are losers is a fair point tho.

    tho 85% is about where you would think it would be. in a completely even odds game you would have 60-65% losers after a 10-15% rake

  • dp47

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    Almost everything was spot on.

    I’m happy John didn’t touch “Insider Trading”.

    Disappointed that the “Only 1% Win all the Money” was reported without sharing the reasons (tournaments are top heavy, top players wager 1000X more money than amateurs).

    DFS sites clung to #SkillGame because they had no choice. Admitting it was gambling would have immediately outlawed it in most states. Despite the fact that most industries incorporate aspects of gambling.

    Problem is that most people will watch that and just conclude that DFS is a scam and should be illegal.

  • 3PuttPar


  • esnyd10987

    Good lord that commercial was hilarious

  • petesdynasty

    @crazyboytroy said...

    Out of 250 people that went to go protest…. 100 was employees of FD………. Just saying

    Well no sh*t, they may be out of a job if they don’t protest. Wouldn’t you protest to keep your job if someone was trying to take it away?

  • beastmode11

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    Was it funny……sure. Did it make some good points……..sure. Was any of it relevant to the actual conversation that should be going on… Why anyone would debate the idea that DFS is gambling or not gambling is hard for me to understand. The question should not be is DFS gambling or not, the question is why it should be legal for me to gamble in a State run lottery or a Casino but not online. The lawmakers argue that they are merely looking out for the best interest of the people they serve… is that, by taking a percentage of my winnings so the state gets a cut. People hear the commercials say “anyone can win” and immediately change it to “everyone will win”. Everyone will not win! That is somewhat the point. DFS so closely resembles the way everyday life works its not even funny. As Mr. Oliver pointed out about 1.3% of the players make the majority of the money, 15%ish win, and about 83% would be losers…..if that is not America I dont know what is. The difference between DFS and real life is I do not need any help from anyone to make my future better. I do not need a raise from my boss or a loan from a bank. I just put in more time and more effort than the vast majority of the people who play and I win money. This conversation is not about what is or what is not gambling. This conversation is about why the government continues to insist on taking a big fat steaming pile on everything that America is supposed to be.

  • srolleDFS

    @beastmode11 said...

    Why anyone would debate the idea that DFS is gambling or not gambling is hard for me to understand.

    if it fits under the state law definition of gambling, it is not legal under the current laws.

    why people debate whether dfs is gambling or not according to random definitions of gambling?

    i do not know.

    there’s seems to be a widespread perception that the definition of “gambling” in the dictionary on your shelf is relevant to dfs’ legality. it is not. the state laws in question use multiple paragraphs to create their own definitions of gambling, and that specific language is what matters to a judge. if you aren’t referencing that specific definition, i think you are just spinning your wheels. giving that not many of us our lawyers, we might be spinning our wheels no matter what.

  • Joe1Coal

    This is relevant because FD and DK have stood behind the UIEGA for years and said it was legal. People in this forum and many like it were ridiculed when calling the game gambling. Now, it is all out in the open for everyone to see. Even the drafter of the legislation said that it was never intended to be a carve out for DFS.

    However, I enjoy DFS, so I will be sad to see it go, or be bastardized into something with a huge rake, and looked at as being a degenerate if you play it. The joy was that everyone was playing, everyone could chat about it, but the air joy is slowly being taken out of the balloon. I hope legislation is passed to regulate and legalize permanently, I just feel this wave is coming too quickly to stop a federal law passed by people who have no idea about DFS and don’t care if they kill it.

  • milktruck2

    Yep, the facts that it is gambling, you have many former poker pros involved and other inconvenient elements were swept under the rug in any discussion about DFS. That’s not to say it shouldn’t be legal — it obviously should be with regulation — or that it’s impossible to win without a spreadsheet — I’ve won regularly without one. Just glad we can have an honest discussion about this and hopefully it leads to legalization with oversight rather than a complete ban.

  • depalma13

    I think I am going to go print a big check at Kinko’s today.

  • ActionJunkie

    @depalma13 said...

    I think I am going to go print a big check at Kinko’s today.

    $18, so make sure and put more than that on the check or it’s -EV


  • southside

    . You have British, fairly liberal?, John Oliver pretty much taking a stance against gambling, just so he can take shots at DFS. That sums up how much these commercials and industry message have annoyed people.

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