• SmartWater

    Marketing and Social Media Manager

    Hey Grinders,

    We have partnered up with FanDuel to bring you a lowball freeroll tournament for tonight’s HUGE NBA slate!

    If you are unfamiliar with lowball, the concept is simple: you are trying to score the LEAST amount of points.

    1. Must have a RotoGrinders account AND have your FanDuel username linked to it. (To link your account, go to your Profile, click the little person icon on the top right, then there is a section to add Screen Names. You can add your FanDuel account there.)
    2. Use at least 50,000 of the available 60,000 salary.
    3. Every player on your team MUST play at least 1 minute.

    1-3: Choice of RG Hat or T-Shirt
    4-10: RG T-Shirt

    Here is the link –


    1-3: Stv1313, 2headedboy and mizzoutigers48

    4-10: p8ntbllkip, bbrock05, bajohn16, guyboss, shammy, klutz1853 and nhaiflich

    I will be DMing you shortly to get your information.

  • Ravensfan929

    I like the new 1 minute rule, going to make things more interesting

  • thegeneral391

    @Ravensfan929 said...

    I like the new 1 minute rule, going to make things more interesting

    indeed o_0

  • flip4flop

    love these, thanks!

  • SmartWater

    Marketing and Social Media Manager

    Yes, the 1 minute rule certainly changes things up a bit. Glad to hear you guys are enjoying these!

    Best of Luck tonight.

  • CUTiger81

    Love these…good lookin’ out.

  • Orangeman96

    advice? Go all 4k to 6k range or throw in a stud who you hope tanks?

  • gravity44

    These are fun. Thanks guys!

  • Nosuckoutplz

    Guys, I appreciate you doing these, obviously, I just have one request in case the ultra rare event of two freerolls and two threads, on a non DK/FD site, on the same day, happen again. Please don’t sticky them right next to each other.

    I only had time to enter one, I was st work, and I read the 1k freeroll as a lowball game or got confused somehow because I set a good lineup, then noticed this thread and I thought I overlooked it so I quickly went back and deleted everyobe and put in a lowball lineup…

    Edit: geez, even now I just noticed this is FANduel, not FANtasyDraft. Fuck… probably just me so disregard, but i still think it’s a good idea to separate completely different games. Then again, I guess that’s another avenue to add skill. Don’t be a hurried fish like me at work, who can’t read πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

  • infy72

    Screwed by Jennings not playing.

  • Stouts01

    Cole Aldrich – why you no play?? He’s played in 50+ consecutive games! WTF? I was already adding that t-shirt to my wardrobe!

  • mattdunbar12

    Why do so many people not follow the rules πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  • scsa1998

    Powell played long enough to get 2 in the +/ rating. However he is under a minute of gametime. Does he count?

  • theoddsmaker

    damn too bad I missed this. Pretty much could have played this straight up and won tonight. This pretty much sums up what it’s felt like trying to get a halfway decent lineup in nba the past 2 weeks:

  • KillaChap

    Damn, missed it.

  • ldstexas

    So who won!? I was 266? But some of the guys below me didn’t have guys play

  • fightingjohn

    3/4 of the entries are already eliminated. Object was to get a LOW score not around 300….lol. I think I might actually get swag…lol


    • 776

      RG Overall Ranking

    • Ranked #22

      RG Tiered Ranking

    151.8 here –

  • SmartWater

    Marketing and Social Media Manager

    Hey guys, thanks for playing and hope you enjoy these fun and different ways to enjoy DFS!

    I will be posting the winners later in the day. :)

  • CUTiger81

    Scrolling through the bottom of the leaderboard on this is a good indicator of just how bad people are at following directions….

    If it makes your life any easier…

    1. stv1313 – 127.7
    2. 2headedboy – 128
    3. mizzoutigers48 – 130.2
    4. p8ntbllkip – 148.9
    5. bbrock05 – 151.8
    6. bajohn16 – 155.2
    7. guyboss – 158.7
    8. shammy – 158.9
    9. klutz1853 – 159.7
    10. nhaiflich – 160.5

  • km19shel

    So mad that Jennings and Ibaka didnt play. I totally picked the right guys. Cousins at 25.8 and Draymond at 9.9.

    Put up 101.3 with a $50,200 salary, but those two idiots didnt play. Probably would have won.

  • mmarseil

    • 2015 FAWBC Finalist

    Shoot sorry I missed this one as I love this style of tourney!! Congrats stv1313!!!

  • Orangeman96

    127 is impressive!!!!

  • stv1313

    • 684

      RG Overall Ranking

    It’s been awhile since I’ve won a GPP. Woo hoo!!

    I’d like to thank Cleveland for building enough of a late cushion over the Pacers that allowed them to finally insert Kay Felder and DeAndre Liggins into the game with only 2:38 remaining in the 4th quarter. If that game had stayed close, Felder and Liggins would have not played and my lineup wouldn’t have qualified.

  • Coheedrodeo

    this was fun i finished 2nd to last overall, but 4 of mine didnt play when i thought they’d get at-least a minute lol, these are fun

  • stv1313

    • 684

      RG Overall Ranking

    Coheedrodeo – You didn’t come close to meeting the minimum 50,000 salary requirement, anyway. Even if all your guys had played, you wouldn’t have won.

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