• snellman

    I have been picking the right players lately that go off, but getting the right combinations in lineup construction has been my problem. It seems like my lineups have a couple of the players right but not the whole combination so they sit at the bottom. What is your method for constructing lineups.

  • Volkster6


  • snellman

    @Volkster6 said...


    NFL Football.

  • Volkster6

    For football it really depends on the game (GPP or Cash) as you need to be different in different ways. For example a chalky popular player in cash should never be faded, especially if he is cheap, as you don’t want to the the 20% chasing a big score if he is 80% owned. However in a GPP you can seriously think about fading that player and pivoting to something else.

    The slate dictates most builds as well, especially if there are dome games. But also contest selection. Are you playing large field tournaments? Single entry? Everything comes into play before construction.

    Personally I like to play 3 max or single entry GPPs of the higher dollar. I find it less difficult to build as you are likely playing against pros or certainly more experienced players so the core isn’t as hard to predict – what sets the pros apart is their one offs are typically amazing value where mine are more predictable.

    Tell us more about your strategy and maybe it will help. Asking the question is always the first step though!

  • Volkster6

    So looking further at your profile shows me your biggest scores come from low dollar high participant GPPs. So if you’re getting results (which you seem to be) but want more you likely aren’t stacking enough??? For GPPs of the size you’re playing correlating is more important — typically a QB with WR/TE and run it back with a WR is a good start.

    Have you tried higher stakes, less participants?

  • snellman

    I have done fairly well in the cash games, but constructing a lineup there is not as difficult as a GPP (of course). I rarely play higher than $10 in the GPPs occasionally putting a couple lineups in the milly maker. I also usually stick with the 20 entry max tourneys and the 3 entry max tourneys. I know it was a smaller slate, but as an example in Thursdays games, I had exposure to Golladay in lineups and Beasley in lineups, but did not have them paired together in any lineups. How I am currently constructing lineups is I will get my group of players that I like after researching, I will them put them into the lineup builder and build my 20 lineups. After the lineups are built, I will tweak some of them by swapping out players. Unfortunately I just never seem to get the correct players together. I am starting to think I am just better off playing straight cash, but it takes away some of the excitement of a tourney and the hope of finishing high and turning $3 or $5 into a couple grand.

  • Volkster6

    Ok – a bit tied up but would love to answer this further when I can

    20 max and 3 max —- have you tried hand build? Galloday and Beasley were not optimal on Thanksgiving so my guess is you locked them? Especially both together we’re not optimal — I know LineupHQ preferred Marvin Jones in my builds.

    The best quick advice I can offer is this — do you go through your optimizer builds and use the swap function? Because you might be missing out on a key function, especially if you’re only building 3 LUs (which should be hand built to be honest).

    Another tip would be, if you have a Premium account, to look for BlenderHDs videos. Guy is an optimizer genius even if he doesn’t play high stakes soccer anymore (small dig) with it for MLB, NBA and NFL. Highly suggest it

    Hope it helps for now — I’ll dive back in later with more suggestions. Again looks like you’re on the right path with asking questions. Hopefully better players than me can weigh in too! Great topic

  • DFSx42

    @snellman said...

    I have been picking the right players lately that go off, but getting the right combinations in lineup construction has been my problem. It seems like my lineups have a couple of the players right but not the whole combination so they sit at the bottom. What is your method for constructing lineups.

    this literally describes every single lineup, rarely is anyone more than one or two pivots away from binking – which is why there is so much allure to the 90% who keep on depositing

    don’t be fooled by standard results, unless you can take a step back and look with an objective perspective this is never going to end well for you


  • Jvanspro

    If you are turning a profit, keep doing what you’re doing. If you have a decent strategy and try changing it up you may find yourself losing more. Keep the strategy the same and your hit will eventually come.

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    I just try to roster the best plays.

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