• Algoholic

    So I’ve heard various recommendations on bankroll management that say spend about 10%-20% in GPPs and 80%-90% in cash games (50/50+H2H), or some close variation of that.

    Assuming you’re working under that allocation, how many different lineups do you use in cash games? Do you stick with 1-2 different lineups in a bunch of cash games, or do you add more variation?

    I’m assuming that in GPPs you want alot more variation in lineups. But what about cash games

    Another side question, I’m staying away from H2H in FD because you cannot block certain users like you can in DK. Is this wise?
    I’m afraid of getting too many sharks in H2H.

  • lpdev

    I would base what you put in to GPP and Cash on what your strengths are and not a set percentage that someone else recommended. I’d say those percentages you mention are geared toward someone with a strong cash game. I play mostly GPPs because I’ve found that I’m just not very good at building cash game lineups. What’s more important is to choose the percentage of your total bankroll that you will put in play on a given slate. For GPP’s you need to account for the time it may take you to hit a good payout night, give yourself plenty of cushion to weather the storm. For cash I see the 10% figure thrown around a lot, but don’t take any advice from me on cash games.

  • Algoholic

    Thanks for the reply Ipdev. You’re the first person to provide that perspective. Literally every single other article I’ve read or person I’ve asked on THE BAT chat has said the opposite. That you should do only spend about10%-20% in GPPs and 80%-90% in cash games, as far as bankroll management goes.

    But I still don’t have any of my questions answered. Can anyone help here?

    1. If you’re playing GPPs, you want many lineup variations. Right or wrong?
    2. In cash games do you want alot of variation in lineups, or to only pick 1-3 different lineups and stick with those across multiple cash games?
    3. I’m staying away from H2H in FD because you cannot block certain users like you can in DK. Is this wise?
    I’m afraid of getting too many sharks in H2H.

  • cwitt

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    You’re asking questions that don’t have ‘right answers’. Also, most of this has already been addressed in these forums – try search.

    1) There isn’t a right answer, it’s personal preference. I play mostly GPPs and like to do MME, so play 100-150 different lineups per night. Others do single entry. It depends on what you like – I personally enjoy tweaking a model and playing with exposures, so do MME.

    2) Cash you should focus on 1, maybe 2 lineups. I personally think 1 is the way to go with cash but have seen others who say to use multiple (e.g. 2) lineups to manage risk.

    3) All depends on how good you think you are. If you’re concerned about matchups then choose from the lobby vs creating your own, then look at player profiles before you lock into contests.

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