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    RotoGrinders fam!

    The new era of RotoGrinders is here. LineupHQ is locked, loaded, and launching as we speak!

    As alluded to previously, LineupHQ is a next-level experience that is seriously unmatched in the DFS industry (I’ve been messing around with stuff on the back end the last few days, and this thing is absolutely ridiculous!).

    As of this…very…moment, the former Lineup Builder page (now Lineup Headquarters!) is your one-stop shop for every piece of research you need each week in NFL DFS.

    Find FanDuel LineupHQ Here!
    Find DraftKings LineupHQ Here!

    Want to see what my thoughts are in the NFL Edge? Without leaving the LineupHQ page, you can find out!

    Want to see who I have tagged as my top salary savers of the week? Or find out who Notorious sees as the optimal cash game foundation pieces? STLCards84’s GPP picks? Meansy’s favorite core plays? You can filter our plays on the LineupHQ page to immediately get a snapshot of what we are thinking!

    Want to research CB/WR matchups? Want to get Expert Insights from Stevie, BigT, and others? Want to have everything you need for crushing NFL each week, on one page?

    Welcome to some seriously next-level stuff!

    It’s time to hit up LineupHQ, my friends. It’s time to prepare for your journey to the top of the leaderboards this weekend!

    Be sure to hop on Chat if you have any questions about the functionality. Gimino – the mastermind behind this piece of beauty – will be there to help you out!

  • wscooby

    I haven’t been able to get the lineup builder to work for DK NBA, am I the only one??/

  • captmonk1

    Lineup Builder NBA DK worked for me as of 11am central time. Need to know if the lineupbuilder guy is working today because he missed some NBA slates yesterday and missing a couple today as well.

  • wscooby

    Nope, I cannot set byukd rules, exclude or lock anyone nor build any lines. I am using Chrome. No big deal for me in NBA as it is probably saving me money by not multi-entering as much however I definitely want to be able to use for nascar soon.

  • Tennjet

    What is RGVal?
    Thanks in advance

  • 46Rossi

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been a “casual” Fantasy MMA player for over 7 years. Always did research but mostly vegas odds and other forms of statistics.

    A few days ago I discovered the LineupHQ here on RG and the possibilities blew my mind!
    Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on DFS, listening to the daily RG podcasts and basically learning as much as I can.

    My basic understanding is to:

    play max 10% of bankroll per day.
    play only 50/50s
    play H2Hs (even though I feel like they’re dominated by sharks and RG members :D )

    My main questions is about the LU builder:

    1a) How frequently is the data in the LineupHQ updated? will there be any change in variables if I create a lineup 24 hours pre-event as opposed to 30 mins before event? Meaning, how often are the player stats updated.

    1b) If there’s a last minute change to starting line ups, pull outs, etc. How quickly is the LineupHQ updated with the new data?

    2) Lets say I already made 100+ line ups over 20+ games (DraftKings) for a single night of NBA games. What if there’s a last minute line up change and one of my most picked players is no longer a starter or is pulled out cuz of injury, what would be the fastest and most efficient way to edit my rosters pre-game to avoid being locked out of DK because of game start?

    3) Does individual player data change based on players who play with injuries (Sore knee, finger, shoulder, etc). Are the projections for those players lowered on the LU builder instantly as soon as the news is made public? Lets say 30 mins before the game: “Lebron James will not be starting because he cant locate his lucky headband” will the Lineup builder take any impact because of that and if yes, i guess the original question is how quickly will it be updated?

    Appreciate the response!

    Looks like an awesome community to be part of,

  • captmonk1

    When will PGA Lineup builder be up? There’s contests for Jan 4th.

  • bhdevault

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    @captmonk1 said...

    When will PGA Lineup builder be up? There’s contests for Jan 4th.

    It should be up later today after projections are posted.

  • panters

    Will the 9:00 DK two game Turbo be posted on the LineupHQ page? I see the 10:00 late slate already up. Thanks.

  • captmonk1

    Thanks! Now if yall can get the DK Turbo NBA Slate up tonight, that would be great too.!

  • panters

    I appreciate all the free stuff that RG provides I really do. However because this slate was not on the LineupHQ page I had to hand make 20 lineups in about 40 minutes.
    And no I don’t care if you move this to the LineupHQ thread because no one acknowledged two requests hours ago to include the Turbo.

    Who knows maybe some thing good will happen.

  • gcwolf61

    I’m new to the DFS world and have question about how LineupHQ generates rosters. Can someone explain the different “slates” available when generating a lineup?? For example, this week in Fanduel there are Main, Mini, ….ALL. I assume that the games listed for each slate are the players that are considered for the rosters generated. What I don’t understand is if all the games are listed say for Main and All, why the rosters generated are different if the build rules are the same?? What is the optimal slate to use if all the games I am interested in are listed in multiple slates.



  • captmonk1

    Where’s the weekend PGA?!?!? Boooooo!!!! Booooooo!!!!

  • wearandtear1014

    Could you add an additional pairing rules for next year:

    Pair QB with at least one RB/WR/TE from same team
    Pair QB with at least one RB/WR/TE from opposing team

  • captmonk1

    NFL DK Primetime Slate tonight this is the error Im getting when trying to download the CSV: Your CSV could not be generated. The following players are missing an ID for this slate: Los Angeles Rams. Make sure you have the correct slate selected, delete this build and run Build Lineups again. If the listed players should be in the slate, contact and we’ll fix this right away!

  • captmonk1

    Its actually more than the RAMS. Its every Defense Team. Support has been emailed but the slate is tonight, not in 24 hours

  • captmonk1

    2 game slate. Golden State No Durant. Lineup Builder says No Curry in its 20 Optimum lineups…

  • Ross

    Do you have a different PG or some high priced players locked? When I run the 2 game slate for DK it gives me 60% and 80% on FD.

  • captmonk1

    No Players showing for tonights DK Red Eye Slate NBA. Can’t make any lineups

  • fathalpert

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    • Blogger of the Month

    @captmonk1 said...

    No Players showing for tonights DK Red Eye Slate NBA. Can’t make any lineups

    Hi, we currently don’t support multi-day slates for NBA at the moment such as the Red Eye Slate. That’s why players aren’t showing. Thanks.

  • 2Slik

    Is there a way to see what is behind the numbers for projections? L5, opponents, expected minutes, etc… I ask because I like to use the projections as a base but if I knew exactly how they came to their conclusion I would be more confident in tweaking them to what factors I’m inclined to lean heavier on.

  • captmonk1

    When the lineup builder is suggesting 100% Dwight Howard and 70% Kemba Walker lineups….

  • Ross
    @captmonk1 said...

    When the lineup builder is suggesting 100% Dwight Howard and 70% Kemba Walker lineups

    What settings are you using?

    They are both some of the higher DK projected Pt/$/K players on the slate so it makes sense they would be included at a high rate, but I cant get it to force them into 100% of lineups without changing some exposures and build rule settings.

  • lak3rz08

    hi. I upload my own custom projections on lineupHQ. why aren’t we allowed to see individual player projections anymore? I used to be able too. is this now a premium feature? I like how I’m able to see my custom projections when using lineupHQ. Why is it blocked now? Thank you.

  • davehanna011


    I was wondering if there was an easier way to access lineuphq from within the RotoGrinders app?

    Currently I have to set to NBA -> Premium -> Crunchtime -> LineupHQ link

  • jmorgan2650

    I am new to RotoGrinders and noticed they had a projected ownership spot in the LineupHQ. However, it is Nba game time and they still do not have any % next to the player when I build new lineups. Is this something that is not working right now or what?

    Thanks for the help.

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