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    RotoGrinders fam!

    The new era of RotoGrinders is here. LineupHQ is locked, loaded, and launching as we speak!

    As alluded to previously, LineupHQ is a next-level experience that is seriously unmatched in the DFS industry (I’ve been messing around with stuff on the back end the last few days, and this thing is absolutely ridiculous!).

    As of this…very…moment, the former Lineup Builder page (now Lineup Headquarters!) is your one-stop shop for every piece of research you need each week in NFL DFS.

    Find FanDuel LineupHQ Here!
    Find DraftKings LineupHQ Here!

    Want to see what my thoughts are in the NFL Edge? Without leaving the LineupHQ page, you can find out!

    Want to see who I have tagged as my top salary savers of the week? Or find out who Notorious sees as the optimal cash game foundation pieces? STLCards84’s GPP picks? Meansy’s favorite core plays? You can filter our plays on the LineupHQ page to immediately get a snapshot of what we are thinking!

    Want to research CB/WR matchups? Want to get Expert Insights from Stevie, BigT, and others? Want to have everything you need for crushing NFL each week, on one page?

    Welcome to some seriously next-level stuff!

    It’s time to hit up LineupHQ, my friends. It’s time to prepare for your journey to the top of the leaderboards this weekend!

    Be sure to hop on Chat if you have any questions about the functionality. Gimino – the mastermind behind this piece of beauty – will be there to help you out!

  • sbailey2

    @ panters, thanks for your input. I know last night in the .25 NBA, the winning lineup included curry, westbrook, and James. All those guys combined had a salary of around 31k. So you would have 19k for the remaining 5 guys which is average around 4k per guy. Picking 5 remaining guys at 4k and having them all put up 25-30 points is extremely hard.

  • sbailey2

    @ theryanflaherty, I agree with you that picking players that could have a blow out game is opposite what you should do. Last night I had cousins and davis in a couple lineups and heard they didnt play in the 4th quarter. Maybe for blow out games its good to look for value in bench players that will have 20 minutes a game, and in the case of a blow out, maybe see upwards of 25 minutes a game.

    On the same topic, I think its better to pick the Curry’s, James’s and Cousins on game slates were the score is going to be very close. Maybe in the last 8 minutes the games are within 6 points so you assume the best players will play the remaining of the game, trying to tie it up, and on the other end the big players from the opposing team are going to try to extend the lead.

  • panters

    The only exception maybe is very short slates. I’m playing in the Arcade for the 2-game slate at 8:00. You can’t fade the top guys. You just sort of hope they get “theirs” before heading to the bench and let the blowouts ensue. Good Luck

  • superjon

    Ownership %

    Any chance this could be adjusted by slate?. For example, Player X might have a projected ownership of 10% on the 12-game Main Slate, but it would be nice to see what it would be on the 3-game After Hours Slate

  • durbinjag

    I’ve been playing with LineupHQ by locking in the Core Players, and try to build around that. Meansy’s core players are typically pretty good. I will also listen to his livestream with Kevin Roth the 30 minutes before lock. The other thing is if you have time during the day I would suggest listening to Dan’s pod. I listen in my truck on my way home. This has been working for me. Good luck.

  • TheDataDetective

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    I find that I generate a better ROI by making a few lineups each night the old fashioned way (i.e. do my own research and go with my gut). However, I like to use LineupHQ to generate a large # of lineups when max-entering a multi-entry contest. It’s too difficult and time-consuming to do this by hand.

    FYI, I’m in the process of writing my own lineup builder app since I don’t like how the algorithm that LineupHQ uses is opaque (for obvious reasons). I’ve found that LineupHQ occasionally ignores the target max/min exposure %‘s that you enter.

  • panters

    Will this slate be added? I see the slate for the 8:30 Turbo but not the 8:00.
    Thank you

  • panters

    It has been added. Thanks to whoever added it.

  • GordonsGecko

    adding the ability to use ceiling to determine lineups would be helpful. Unless that option is there; in which case I haven’t found it. thanks

  • warnert44

    Is there a way to go back and look at what your saved lineups actually scored in LineupHQ?

  • bhdevault

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    No sir, unfortunately not at this time. Something they have discussed down the road possibly.

  • kujo33

    Lineup HQ is working for FD but not for DK for NBA.

  • bhdevault

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    @kujo33 said...

    Lineup HQ is working for FD but not for DK for NBA.

    Thank you, they are aware and attempting to get it back up and working.

  • kujo33

    awesome thanks


    Fanduel wouldn’t take my CSV from Roto, any pointers on how to make this work? I’m pretty bummed out I had to cancel 150 entries at 7:50pm.

  • deactivated146352


    When you make your lineups using the tool, do you go for the highest projected points or who has the most upside?


    I made a lineup that has 272FP projected but a ceiling of 400FP.


    @tannic said...


    When you make your lineups using the tool, do you go for the highest projected points or who has the most upside?


    I made a lineup that has 272FP projected but a ceiling of 400FP.

    I go for upside. While I do take the projections into consideration I’m less concerned with the projected total as I am with getting the exposure I’m looking for to my picks.

    I love the tool but was pretty bummed out to have an issue uploading the LU’s… I think I fixed the problem, hopfully I’ll get my 150 uploaded tonight.

    Congrats on the 400, I hope it pay off nice for you!!

  • Mayberri

    So do any of you guys a heart for the exposure settings in lineuphq ? i only have min max exposures and i have to type in the numbers and it messes everything up when i try to create a mass gpp lineup entry. none of my exposures are correct most of the time. sometimes it won’t even make a lineup because it says i haven’t used enough players or the min max exposures are incorrect. either way.. i see some guys that have a heart they can click on and pick the exposure they want. do you guys totally exclude players you dont want to use ? i would love to see a lineuphq tutorial depth. if you guys have any feedback to this please let me know..also whats considered high medium and low ownership on an individual is 35% of one player in all gpp lineups a lot or is 60% a lot ? what would be a medium exposure…20-30%? just wondering guys..please get back to me if you can. THANKS IN ADVANCE! this has been a really helpful forum for me and the whole RG crew. thanks guys!!!

  • lexmarke238

    What am I supposed to do when players are missing? This is happening quite frequently. Not a huge deal on bigger slates, but on the small slates it’s a problem.

    Trevor Booker has a DK salary and is playing today, but is not available in LineupHQ. Not even in the “excluded” players. And I’ll say it again, this is happening a few times every week with relevant players. I can’t find a way to add missing players.

    Also, the B2B page is often incorrect. I’m having to double check everything. More often than not, there’s a team on a B2B that isn’t noted.

    Thank you for listening, and hopefully improving.

  • esotericmg1

    I like the Lineup HQ very much but have found it most useful when creating 100+ lineups.
    What have you guys found is a nice balance between number of unique players and max exposure? How do I approach this?

  • captmonk1

    Today making 20 lineups in the NBA Builder…it says that 20 lineups were made but when uploading to DK, it only uploads 13 lineups in the Classic and 17 Lineups in the Pickem. Has something changed with the DK Uploaded in relation to the Rotogrinders Builder?

  • Vickers30

    YES! that would be amazing if this feature was added. Be able to go back and look at what mistakes you had and where one or two players could have changed your night. If they do add this… they should also had a column that shows actual points scored right next to the original projection column. Lets people analyze if their projections are going good or where they need to change. Thanks for all the hard work with the lineup builder. Similar to what I had a Fantasy Labs but 70/month is outrageous. Im happy spending 29/month for premium here.

  • TnRiddles

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    Is anyone having trouble with LineupHQ for Dk? it works fine for FD , but not DK

  • av3206

    the last few nights the free lineup generated by LINEUP HQ for NBA have been god awful do the premium members get better lineups or is this site just on a real real bad bad cold streak?????

  • davemoon

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    Stacking in NHL for LineupHQ, will this feature ever be available?

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