• chasec23

    I’ve heard Fantasy Feud offers snake drafts, but I’m not crazy about the minimum deposit ($20) and then minimum to withdraw (also $20). Besides this, I’m not too familiar with the site, as I don’t know anyone who uses it. Any feedback is appreciated.
    Draftstreet was my favorite DFS sites until DK bought them, I liked that they offered snake and other unique ways to play.Anyways, are there any other sites that offer snake drafts?

  • Myprimetime

    Draft Day

  • elctrceye

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    Fantasy Feud

  • plugman

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    Feud is solid

  • HardCore

    DK promised us they would bring over DS features. I called BS then and i call BS now the site will never add pick ems, snakes, and unique salary pricing contest or how ever they worded it. Its a shame too but whats done is done feud is solid though.

  • Taterchipdip

    Yes Draft Kings did say they would have snake drafts and pickems after they bought out Draft Street. Now that the NFL is almost done they will have time to put these into Draft Kings.

    They should also offer more goodies in the DK store like Draft Street did too for your FPPs

    Pens, stress balls, shirts, beach balls. etc……

  • medavis6



    @HardCore said...

    DK promised us they would bring over DS features. I called BS

    Hitting nails on heads, DK not adding this right away was the writing on the wall. Now they have added MMA but not the snake drafts which were popular on DS.

    The question is, were they really that popular on DS? If they were the smart guys at DK would have seen they made up a large % of their profits, this can not be the case!

    Want to play snake drafts, as many have said in this thread, both FantasyFeud and DraftDay offer them, play there! Enough of you guys start to play them on these sites, DK might take notice. At the end of the day the only thing that talks in this industry is your money.


  • HardCore

    @QQSTUKIE said...

    Want to play snake drafts, as many have said in this thread, both FantasyFeud and DraftDay offer them, play there! Enough of you guys start to play them on these sites, DK might take notice. At the end of the day the only thing that talks in this industry is your money.

    DK is a great site and i’ll continue to play there i just hate being played like that. All they had to do was come out and say we bought DS here’s how you transfer your accounts. They didnt have to hold a damn grinders live press conference and tell everybody a bunch of junk that was a lie then and a lie now. The user base on DK is large enough to have over 100 snakes an hour go off every day during nba/mlb season. DK showed us how big they’re base is during NFL season with all those huge GPP’s.

  • iwrestle

    You can select other on Fantasy Feud for a smaller deposit.

  • teksurgical

    Fantasy Feud:
    This is currently the best Snake draft site, closest to DS glory days. We need MORE people Snake drafting over there. Pros: Draft room queue, GPP Snakes that run at certain times whether they fill or not, 10 lineup spots plus 2 reserves. Cons: Cannot save/import Snake queue (this would let us play a lot more), no late swaps (this is site philosophy, all lineups lock at first game time. Some of us would not mind having late swaps for snakes only since we draft reserves, but no big deal)

    DraftDay: Pros: Seems to be good amount of action whenever I look, simple positions (G/F/Flex) Cons: not a great Draft Room, and NO QUEUE. that is tough to handle for me anyway. Fewer lineup spots (8 total plus one reserve), simple positions – I like a more complex lineup structure

    Snake drafts get no love, and that’s a shame. They take far less time, lots of fun, and tons of skill involved when you need to fill positions and you can play with 10 deep. On the clock adds some pressure, just go and try some. I also second that DK told me twice in robotic terms they would maybe possibly think about adding Snake drafts, but I don’t see it anytime soon and I’m not holding my breath. How could adding Snakes hurt anybody else?

    Finally, I would play a H2H Sal Cap with anyone who will play me in a H2H Snake for the same buy in. NBA. Bring it! I did this with Flight a couple weels ago and it was very interesting…I won the cap and he won the snake…

  • itstherealest

    Has anyone tried fantasyscore snake drafts?


    @medavis6 said...


    Sweep the leg

  • holmfries

    Soooo…now that FantasyFeud is done and DraftDay is what it is, are there literally no other sites that offer snake drafts? That would be lame if it is the case.

  • jerlevine


    Nice timing ;)

    Give DRAFT a download and let me know what you think. Be sure to use the GRINDERS promo code. Lots of special promos planned.

  • Frustrated

    Still waiting on all those features DK promised after buying out DraftStreet.

  • chasec23

    Andddddd still no snakes on DK

  • JustGetMetoSunday

    I would lovr to play snake drafts, too — And I think it would help the industry — People try FD and DK bc they are great in their home leagues, but quit bc they get smashed because their skills don’t transfer. In at least some cases, I think this is due to the salary cap format — Offering a draft-style format may help keep some season-long players invested in DFS because drafting well is a skill that many season-long guys have, but currently can’t capitalize on.

  • jerlevine


    DRAFT is fully build around snake drafts. Sign up at

  • Aparisi33

    This site is pretty awesome! Only complaint is have is I wish there we had a little more time to draft while on the clock…maybe 45 seconds instead of 30.


  • DraftDay

    DraftDay Rep

    We offer a standard 45 second clock for our snake drafts at DraftDay.

  • Aparisi33

    What’s the difference between salary pickum and snake draft on the site?

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