• Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    Even if you have been in this pool before, please read below for changes this year:

    It’s almost that wonderful time of the year again, as Selection Sunday is 5 days away and the first round (I refuse to call the play-in games the first round) tips off in 9 days. I will be running the Knockout Pool again this year, which has always been the most fun/interesting pool I’ve been a part of. If you want to see discussions/testimonials, go here:

    The premise of this pool came from a old article Bill Simmons did on Grantland (I’ve run the pool ever since): . Most of you already know the rules but essentially you have to pick 2 straight up winners on Thursday, 2 straight up winners on Friday, 1 straight up winner on Saturday, 1 straight up winner on Sunday, and then 1 straight up winner each day after that (Thursday Sweet 16, Friday Sweet 16, Saturday Elite 8, Sunday Elite 8, following Saturday Final Four, Monday Championship. You CANNOT pick the same team twice. Picks will be due on the site each day at the nearest hour before first tip-off (Noon the first 4 days). Any pick not submitted by Noon will have to be eliminated. So get your picks in!

    The cost of the pool will be $30 per entry this year. 3 max entries per person. All funds must be sent to me via Paypal prior to tip-off on Thursday. The BIG CHANGE this year is that I no longer will have everyone email or message their picks to me each day. It just got way too time consuming to collect all the picks and chase people down each day. This year I will be using this site for everyone to submit their picks each day: If you wish to participate again this year, please register for the site ASAP.

    Please note that there as always been the option to re-buy if you lost in any of the first couple days. For example, if you lose on Thursday, you could buyback Friday for $30 but you would have to pick 4 straight up winners (if you get them right you are back to picking 1 straight up winner on Saturday with everyone else). If you lose on Friday, you could buyback Saturday for $30 but you have to pick 5 straight up winners. Please note that you must continue to not use the same team twice. No re-buys allowed after this. I could not find a hosting site that allowed this functionality but I will continue to allow this option and picks would be sent to me via email/message. I would post them on the site message board/manager note for everyone to see going forward.

    The hosting site charges a fee of $1 per person that will come out of the prize pool. All remaining funds will be paid out (I do not take any commission out of the prize pool). Please send between $30.01 and $31 via Paypal (anything extra sent will help cover the cost of the hosting site). I typically pay 70% to first and 30% to second, but there can be ties or deals/chops are often made towards the end (if everyone agrees).

    Anyone interested in the pool please PM me here, email me or hit me up on twitter (@Stewburtx8). I will then provide the pool ID and password to get signed up. Funds must be sent to be as soon as possible (due before first tip-off on Thursday at the very latest. I will also need to know you entry name on the site to match to the Paypal funds (please do not change it once you tell me it).

    I will try to monitor this thread for general questions but feel free to PM me with any specific questions, comments or concerns. Also start PMing me with interest so I can start getting people signed up and funds received. I will check PM’s periodically throughout the day.

    Neither nor its moderators take responsibility for transactions in this thread. does not endorse this poster and all purchases are made at your own risk. will also not facilitate any transactions.

  • Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    One other thing to note is that the hosting site asks for tiebreakers when you register/submit your picks. I have NEVER used tiebreakers (I just haven’t found one I like enough to change it) so this is just something the site asks for that I will NOT use. If multiple people make it to the end (or all lose on the same day), they will split the prize pool.

    I am ONLY using the site as a way for everyone to submit their picks each day. Payments, re-buys, chops/deals and any questions/concerns will be handled off site.

  • rvnfn77

    Great contest and well ran. Thanks Stew

  • gordylamb

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    My favorite contest of the year! Thanks again for running this Stew, in again and will dm you this afternoon for PayPal info

  • bootcampfan

    Best contest I have ever been involved in – can’t wait to play again

  • mcgruffthecrimedog

    How many people do you generally get?

  • Joe1Coal

    Im in. as always

  • DatDerFranny

    Ill be in again. Great contest


    I wanna say like 70 people or something. I tied for second a couple years ago and won 750 bucks.

  • DrPancake

    I dont post here much but I’ll be in. Never done this before but it sounds great!

  • Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    @mcgruffthecrimedog said...

    How many people do you generally get?

    Last year I believe was around 330 entries

  • Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    Please continue to PM me with interest (easier to keep track of that way).

    I believe I caught up on anyone that has messaged me (or emailed me/hit me up on Twitter) so far.

    One thing to note, and I posted this on the website as well, but it’s very important, picks will be due on the website on the closest hour prior to first tip-off. So for the Thursday, they will be due at Noon. Friday as well. I will then go in and manually change the pick deadline for Saturday based on the first tip-off. So if it is a 2:45 tip-off, picks would be due on the site by 2 PM.

  • Dunzor

    I will likely be in, anybody know about how many are signed up so far?

  • Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    @Dunzor said...

    I will likely be in, anybody know about how many are signed up so far?

    Officially 42 have entered the website so far. But interest list is well over 100.

    Like I said, last year was over 330 entries. Not sure if we will get that high again. I waited a few days longer to post this year and some people may not like the hosting site? Dunno…. plus I hate to mention it but the Seth Yates debacle probably has some people gun shy on entering any pools with “strangers.” I would hope my reputation of running this pool as smooth as possibly and paying out within 12 hours of the final game ending over the last 3+ years would override that, but who knows.

  • Deltfish

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    Delete – Stew answered above

  • julieduke33

    Stew, I think I PM’d you, let me know I’ll get in… thanks

  • phills41

    I am in this year and I can attest to the validity of this pool as I was one of the winners. Not only was payouts done asap but along the way great updates were provided.

  • hillfamily5

    @phills41 said...

    I am in this year and I can attest to the validity of this pool as I was one of the winners. Not only was payouts done asap but along the way great updates were provided.

    I didn’t win last year, but he did a great job running this pool. I’m not a top dfs player by any means, but when you have something like this, with someone who provides all the details that are necessary, it makes it so much fun.

  • Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    I believe I am all caught up on emails, PM’s and Twitter messages. If you messaged me and have not heard from me, please send a follow up.

    Also, as a general note, I typically sweep through my messages in the morning and again in the afternoon. If you message me around 5 o’clock or later tonight yet, you may not hear from me until the next morning. I WILL get to it. Tomorrow night I will be more proactive in responding later at night though. The cut-off to get in the pool will likely be 10 AM Eastern on Thursday (payments accepted until 11 AM if you messaged me prior to 10 AM). Picks are due by 12 Noon on the website.

  • BrowInLockerRoom

    I will join for sure.

  • Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    Continue to PM me with interest and I’ll send the information. Currently 153 entries entered on the site. Interest list is over 200 though

  • agame2323

    I’ve played 3 years in row. I’m definitely jumping back in

  • osuryanf

    bump for more entries… I’m in to donate, who wants to take my $?

  • eaglezzz

    Got my single bullet ready to roll. Thanks Stew!

  • Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    I am going to be signing off for a while but will check back in later tonight (likely after 10 PM Eastern tonight). I will respond to any new messages then. If you have already shown interest but have not paid yet, please do so ASAP and send me a message or email to confirm, along with your username on the site.

    We currently are over 200 entries. I will be cutting this off for interest at 10 AM Eastern tomorrow. I will give anyone that has shown interest until about 11 AM (11:30 AM at latest) tomorrow to make payment and get registered on the site. Picks are DUE by NOON tomorrow.

  • Stewburtx8

    • 2012 FanDuel WFBC Finalist

    I am shutting this down for any new entries/interest. If you already messaged me, you have until 11 AM Eastern to send funds and get logged into the site.

    Total entries will be north of 300. Picks will be due each day on the nearest hour before first tip-off.

    Thanks for playing!

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