• thechukler

    I wanted to start a new thread regarding this because it raises a different issue than the previously related thread. You can find the initial thread here:


    I have been accused of cheating. Here is the latest email form FD.

    “Thank you for your patience.
    Upon review of the account, it has come to our attention that you have been involved in the fixing of contests with bogus accounts to inherit winnings, which is an explicit violation of our Terms of Use policies. For that reason, your account will be closed. I have temporarily reopened your account in order to allow for you to withdraw your remaining balance.
    Please let me know if you have any additional questions.”

    I have never done anything REMOTELY close to cheating. I’m sure this was an oversight. I’m sure there were many things that could have flagged my account….and I requested someone contact me via email or phone asap to clear this up. I did however, want to withdraw my funds just in case. I went to my account … and in doing so noticed that they had also removed my pending tickets. (I had a couple tickets for the Sunday Million I won the other night). They were gone. So now they’re kicking me out….not offering me a chance to clear up any suspicions that they may have (which I absolutely 10000% can clear up without any hint of suspicious activity) and STEALING from me to boot.

    Please note: this is NOT about the $50, or the money in lost winning from last night…..the money is the money….this is the principle and bad business practices I want to address. Oh, and just in case you had suspicions about my entries and my lineup….here is a link to a cancelled lineup used in every entry….one of the handful of entries they cancelled….

    At this point I had to contact an attorney friend of mine…..juuuuust in case it becomes necessary. The LAST thing I EVER want to do. Ugh.

    I emailed ‘support’ and asked, no PLEADED, with someone to contact me asap to clear this up. And this was the reply.

    “As previously stated, your account has been temporarily reopened in order for you to withdraw the remaining balance.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions.”

    Huh??? Did you even READ my email, robot support guy?

    So I followed up with another request to be contacted…..I said I will gladly take my business elsewhere as it is apparent that you dont want me as a customer. But I am not leaving without my money. So please let me know what is going to happen regarding the tickets you stole from me.

    I received this response.
    Unfortunately, we won’t be able to credit your account with that money. Your account will remain open for another 24 hours after which point it will be permanently closed.”

    I have no idea what to do at this point. I downloaded my history, took screenshots, saved all the correspondence Ive ever had with them….all of which is headed to my buddy attorney’s desk. All they had to do was contact me to clear this up….but this is how they handle it.

  • madmanjayWV

    You think FANDUEL cares about the little guy! LMAO

    I still will not forgive them from the 2013 X’MAS SLAM TICKETS me and my buddy won and then MAGICALLY by the time they gave us the tickets for the $25 GPP (BOOM!!!!) it already was filled up. Of course, ended up costing me a few $100 based on the lineups I couldn’t end up running.

    #FANDUEL — trying to become #3 in DFS since falling from #1

  • thechukler

    @littlekona said...

    I sense there is more here as few of your statements sound like half truths

    What sound like half-truths to you?

  • hendry

    @thechukler said...

    What sound like half-truths to you?

    i think hes just referring to the idea that you made an account for your dad. i would venture to guess that 90% of accounts that are made for wives, gfs, dads, moms, kids, etc are used for multi accounting. yours could obviously be in the 10%.

    also, on my work campus theres probably 500 dk/fd accounts. i dont worry about it/bother mentioning it. it seems like maybe your account is linked to them in some fashion. the guy sitting next to me is building an nba lineup right now.

  • walterg55

    Chukler: Illegitami Non Carborundum; Marine speak (Latin) Don’t let the Bastards Grind You Down! These sites let people like the high volume sharks get away with TOS violations and such that we ie; the peons cant. If they wonder why the AG’s look at them with a raised eyebrow!

  • mberkowi

    • 2018 DraftKings FHWC Finalist

    @thechukler said...

    I don’t understand why that is so difficult. I hate to say this….because its so cliche around here….but if I played 10-20-30x the volume i currently do….would it be so hard to get their attention?

    Yes it would. I qualify for the Platinum freerolls and get the same types of responses from customer service reps that don’t bother actually reading my e-mail.

    This is low on the list of industry problems, but exceptional customer service used to be the standard. Now you have some 2nd tier sites that still care about customer service and the big 2 are terrible.

  • thechukler

    I send one last email…apologizing for my tone in the previous emails….and pleading with them to let me offer my explanation for whatever it may be.

    I must say….it was a pleasant reply…and it included an explanation. Here is the reply….

    “I appreciate your response, and I would be happy to give you the chance to explain yourself. I hope you understand that we are always doing everything we can to protect our users and provide the best possible experience, which is why we took such swift action against your account. However, if we did make a mistake, then I would definitely like to know.

    Upon review, we noticed that you were entered into and won a 3 player league against two accounts that had been flagged for fixing multiple contests, which is why we chose to suspend your account. Could you shed some light on how you were entered into the contest titled “redacted” ? I’m definitely willing to consider your side of the story before further reviewing the situation.”

    I have been flagged….bc I have been cheated against. And not only am I innocent of any suspicious activity….but I am so good at NBA DFS that even cheaters can’t beat me.

    Im kidding of course. But I have been suspended because I was a victim. I merely entered a contest in which others were cheating….and all this has domino’d accordingly. Ugh. This blows.

    I’ll keep everyone who is interested….updated as I hear from FD. I would like nothing more for them to make this right and I can turn this whole debacle into a pleasant experience in the end.

  • littlekona

    @thechukler said...

    1) I created an account for my recently retired 66 year old father over a year ago. As you can imagine he’s not all that tech savvy, but the commercials sucked him in. I am a junior, thus we have the same name. That account was suspended almost immediately. (Totally understandable ) I emailed support explaining the situation, asked them how I should proceed bc I wanted it all to be on the up and up. Provided them both of our IDs at the time as well. I assumed that was cleared up…and since…of course, I dont even think he has logged in. But that obv could be one flag.

    This alone is grounds for account termination…It just does not add up and why you would contact them representing your dad instead of him.. ton’s of red flags…Many people have significant others, relatives, friends ect with accounts at same household and IP address that’s a non issue and allowed. More to story here..

  • hendry

    @thechukler said...

    Upon review, we noticed that you were entered into and won a 3 player league against two accounts that had been flagged for fixing multiple contests, which is why we chose to suspend your account.

    this seems odd, def keep the thread updated.

  • bluestooges

    I am glad it has almost worked out for you!

  • thechukler

    For the record….I found all the correspondence regarding my dad’s account. And it was done months ago with no issues whatsoever.

    And the reason I contacted them was to inquire about how we should deposit/withdraw without raising suspicion. And they informed me as to how to do so and all is well.

    Thus, that was not the issue. (as we now know)

  • Slah

    • 2015 NASCAR Live Final Champion

    It probably has something to do with clamcases.

    Hope they sort it out for you chukler.

  • bradizpro

    • 2016 FABC Finalist

    keep us updated

  • thechukler

    LOL Slah! If anyone at FD knew i was formerly affiliated with ClamCase, I bet I’d be treated differently.

    They asked me a couple times about “how I came to enter the contest in question”

    I really didn’t have an answer aside from “I went to the lobby and joined a public league”

    I was finally told that a manager will be contacting me tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted.

  • BobGrinder

    Are they really stupid enough to think three people would try to collude in a three man? It should be very clear, very quickly by looking at logs if you are not connected to these other two players. Have you been in more games with either of these two?

  • thechukler

    @BobGrinder said...

    Are they really stupid enough to think three people would try to collude in a three man? It should be very clear, very quickly by looking at logs if you are not connected to these other two players. Have you been in more games with either of these two?

    I actually asked that. But haven’t gotten a response on that one yet. I’ll update when I speak with them tomorrow.

  • neogamer

    • x2

      2013 FanDuel WFBBC Finalist

    • 2015 FanDuel NBA Playboy Mansion Finalist

    Who were the other two people in this three man?

  • thechukler

    @neogamer said...

    Who were the other two people in this three man?

    This was the contest in question…

  • Putz

    Build better script, share better lineups, make better fake accounts by having your wife/son/daughter sign up

  • Putz

    @einars said...

    they’ve accused you of cheating and presumably have some grounds (you even admitted that there were things that might have set off flags that you are cheating…kinda curious what those are). given that they think you are cheating why would they let you keep tickets won while you were cheating???? seems like a normal response to someone cheating. IF (operative word here) they think you have been cheating why should they then reward you by giving you the cash value of tickets won while cheating

    if you are able to clear your name with them i am sure they will reinstate all your tickets. it is frustrating that they would not give you any evidence of why they think you are cheating.

    You wearing a tinfoil hat now? Say it ain’t so!

  • dmarmo

    Customer service at both sites is garbage for how large they have become, every answer is similar to the OP, where it’s just a copy and paste based on a key word it seems.

    I sent a ticket to DK saying I got scooped even though I had my matchup limiter set to 1, and they send me back an email telling me that there is a matchup limiter and where to find it. Obviously if I mention that I set it, I know where it is.

    And then FD locked my account for verification so I emailed to get a link to verify, and got a copy and paste back telling me to “follow the steps” in which they left out the steps on their copy and paste. Never responded again to me (ever) explaining they left that out and I missed an entire night of games and next day all I got was the same exact copy and paste with the link back when I complained. No acknowledgement that they messed up

    Not acceptable for such large companies

  • jregger

    They found your deflated lineups.

  • deactivated70850

    If you are a top player and you break the rules, then it’s a slap on the butt and everything is ok. God forbid, an occasional player uses the platform (DK, FD, FA etc…) the right way, they get hammered. It’s funny how useless the TOS are because they don’t apply to some people. FD permanently closed my account, so don’t feel bad Chuck. Good luck going forward!!

  • gravycakes


  • FunkyColdModella

    It may seem a bit heavy handed but I’m glad they’re at least looking.

  • toxx6878

    what does charge back mean?

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