• jt77316

    Sonoma Raceway
    Schedule — all times are Eastern Time (ET)

    Friday, June 22
    2:40-3:55 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series practice, FS1
    5:40-6:55 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series final practice, FS1

    Saturday, June 23
    2:45 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Busch Pole Award qualifying, FS1

    PRESS PASS (Watch live)
    3:45 p.m.: Post-Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series qualifying

    Sunday, June 24
    3 p.m.: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Toyota/Save Mart 350, FS1

    Race Details

    — 110 Laps – 218.9 Miles
    — Stage 1: Lap 1 – 25; Stage 2: Lap 26-60; Stage 3: Lap 61-110

    Sonoma Raceway–

    — 1.99 mile 12 turn road course
    Pit Road/Stalls: 16′ wide by 29′ long, 58′ wide
    Pit Road Speed: 40 mph
    Pace Car Speed: 45 mph

    Recent Winners
    Kevin Harvick
    Tony Stewart
    Kyle Busch
    Carl Edwards
    Martin Truex, Jr.

    Last Five (5) DK Pt Leaders

    — 06/23/2013: Martin Truex, Jr. SP:14 FP:1 Fast Laps: 10 Laps Led 51 (76.75 DK Pts) Kurt Busch SP:7 FP:4 Fast Laps: 21 Laps Led: 15 (57.25 DK Pts)
    — 06/22/2014: Kasey Kahne SP:30 FP:6 Fast Laps: 5 Laps Led: 0 (64.5 DK Pts) Jeff Gordon SP:15 FP:2 Fast Laps: 6 Laps Led: 3 (58.75 DK Pts)
    — 06/28/2015: Kurt Busch SP:2 FP:2 Fast Laps: 20 Laps Led: 43 (62.75 DK Pts) Kyle Busch SP:11 FP:1 Fast Laps: 4 Laps Led: 17 (62.25 DK Pts)
    — 06/26/2016: Tony Stewart SP:10 FP:1 Fast Laps: 8 Laps Led: 22 (64.5 DK Pts) Kevin Harvick SP:25 FP:6 Fast Laps:7 Laps Led:3 (61.25 DK Pts)
    — 06/25/2017: Brad Keselowski. SP:24 FP:3 Fast Laps: 5 Laps Led: 17 (67.75 DK Pts) Kevin Harvick SP:12 FP:1 Fast Laps:5 Laps Led: 24 (65.50 DK Pts)

    Last Five (5) FanDuel Pt Leaders

    — 06/23/2013: Martin Truex, Jr. – (65.6 Pts) Jeff Gordon (55.4 Pts)
    — 06/22/2014: Kasey Kahne – (59 Pts) Carl Edwards (58.1 Pts)
    — 06/28/2015: Kyle Busch – (60.7 Pts) Kevin Harvick (55.5 Pts)
    — 06/26/2016: Tony Stewart – (60.7 Pts) Kevin Harvick (56.8 Pts)
    — 06/25/2017: Kevin Harvick – (61.9 Pts) Brad Keselowski (61.7 Pts)

    Data from Last 5 Sonoma Races

    Driver Rating:
    1. Kurt Busch – 107.1
    2. Kevin Harvick – 106
    3. Jimmie Johnson – 104.4
    4. Martin Truex, Jr. – 102.9
    5. AJ Allmendinger – 94.1

    Laps Led:
    1. Martin Truex, Jr. – 76
    2. AJ Allmendinger – 60
    3. Kurt Busch – 58
    4. Jimmie Johnson – 58
    5. Kevin Harvick – 50

    Fastest Laps:
    1. Kurt Busch – 53
    2. Martin Truex Jr. – 49
    3. Kevin Harvick – 33
    4. Jimmie Johnson – 32
    5. AJ Allmendinger – 25

    Race Data, News, Information, and Weather

    Rotogrinders NASCAR Free tools
    Stephen Young – Rotogrinders Lead NASCAR Analyst
    Kevin Roth – Rotogrinders Chief Meteorologist

  • depalma13

    @Luctyl99 said...

    Good enough for me, I had Kahne and menard but you may have just talked me into blaney and dibenedetto

    Just FYI, I will also be using the other two, including combos of each in gpps. I will just have a lot more of Matt.

  • Luctyl99

    @depalma13 said...

    Just FYI, I will also be using the other two, including combos of each in gpps. I will just have a lot more of Matt.

    Oh no I get it, I’m no high roller so I usually decide on one lineup. I wasn’t particularly liking the upside with either menard or Kahne as much as I like blaney’s upside

  • Cooper08

    • Blogger of the Month

    @RedStorm25 said...

    Just by watching a little bit of practice and qualifying, Bubba Wallace looks absolutely lost out there. Even with that starting position, I’m not touching him this weekend.

    Agree on Bubba being lost BUT I feel he is still a good low owned play. He will most likely use this race to gain experience and end up riding around on a track that it’s hard to lose a lap on. I think it’s going to be easier for Bubba to ride around gain points via attrition vs Kahne who is in a car that has had issues before at Sonoma with a solid road course driver in McDowell. If Bubba can get a T25 that will be great for him which means Kahne needs to finish 20th to have the same points. I have both in lineups.

  • gje627

    Well, it’s raceday….

    Meaning where I’m at it’s Beer:30 !!!

    Good luck today everyone !!!

    Hope one of us here in this forum wins all the money today !!!

  • homers1226

    good luck to you to gje ,,like u need it lol

    itried not too overthink it this week

  • bigperm0107

    Almost everyone in my lineups are 40+ % owned. I’m going to take down first place for a $10 win. Go me and the other 10k people that have my lineup.

  • homers1226

    naa this is nascar

    maybe 1/2 drivers are 40%owned

  • Beckhams3Fingers

    Of course I touch Kyle Busch when he’s the mega-chalk and he sucks.

  • homers1226

    not 1 crash or break down yet

  • Beckhams3Fingers

    maybe Kyle heard me, he’s moving up.

  • homers1226

    uggh there goes 2 out of 4 lus

  • wormworth

    That’s it, never picking Dinger again.

  • homers1226

    I blew it up lol

  • Cooper08

    • Blogger of the Month

    @Cooper08 said...

    Playing out ownership projections in my head for the drivers starting T10 and it’s obvious Byron will be the lowest but I think AJ comes in next lowest due to his starting position and recent bad luck. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him go under 10% or right at that number. Could this be the year he bites back and finishes T5 after people have been playing him at higher ownerships the last few years to only be burned by his bad luck. If he finishes just 5th he will probably be in a winning lineup at his price. Could actually be a very good GPP at that ownership and price.

    Glad I I thought AJ would be 10% and I only ended up at 15% which ended up being under the field.

  • gje627

    @Cooper08 said...

    Glad I I thought AJ would be 10% and I only ended up at 15% which ended up being under the field.

    I ended up at 1% :)

  • gje627

    Is it just me, or is Draftkings scoring whacked-out today?

  • wormworth

    My first time on Fanduel Nascar and the scoring is slow.

  • yisman

    @gje627 said...

    Is it just me, or is Draftkings scoring whacked-out today?

    Not just you. It’s not working correctly.

    I entered a satellite to the FRWC and my low-owned guy is McDowell, need him to finish top 20.

  • yisman

    oh, I see, a bunch of guys pitted after stage 2, including Hamlin

  • yisman

    Hamlin has a tire going down

    shutting this off. Not good.

  • TheRyanFlaherty

    At this point I’d just take a min cash in one of my lu’s. Not even kidding, this weekend I’ve had about 45+ straight entries come up empty across all sports on DK’s. About half of that being a disastrous PGA week that i still have to see on my live results.
    Could really use something at this point…

  • yisman

    almost won, thought I had 2nd locked up, but whatever happened on the last lap dropped me to 3rd or 4th :(

    which means I broke even

  • rog11sm

    I don’t know if my research could have been any further off than today

  • wormworth

    Question: If I enter 150 lineups and a few lineups win does that make me a NASCAR guru? I only do 2 lineups a week, and I’m thinking about stepping it up to 150.

  • gje627

    Made beer money and enough for a few tires on my new truck…. Lost too much sleep working on lineups…. Weird race. Generally, you can’t count on an exciting finish for the win at Sonoma…. Not some guy 20 to 30 seconds out front, on cruise control, humming old Barry Manilow tunes and waiting for the checker-flag….

    Sonoma’s generally a great race.

    Not today…..

    That was actually worse than anything else.

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