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    7:00 PM EST : Minnesota ( -4 ) at Philadelphia ( 4 ) —- T: 203.5
    7:30 PM EST : Utah ( 6 ) at Boston ( -6 ) —- T: 201
    7:30 PM EST : Indiana ( 4.5 ) at Detroit ( -4.5 ) —- T: 202
    8:30 PM EST : Toronto ( 5.5 ) at San Antonio ( -5.5 ) —- T: 211.5
    8:30 PM EST : Washington ( 0 ) at Dallas ( 0 ) —- T: —
    9:00 PM EST : Miami ( 0 ) at Phoenix ( 0 ) —- T: —
    9:00 PM EST : Sacramento ( 0 ) at Denver ( 0 ) —- T: —
    10:30 PM EST : Memphis ( 0 ) at LA Lakers ( 0 ) —- T: —

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  • damionismyname

    @ghost3490 said...

    Anyone have a theory when to roster Elf? He randomly goes off. He didn’t do so well the first game Fournier was out then he exploded last night.

    play Elf against NY. He goes off.

  • djcory27

    @deerosa said...

    Just a heads up everyone, saw this last year.

    Cash games and GPP scores will be up. Manage your bankroll well because the NFL players will be concentrating on NBA. If you thought it was tough to cash before good luck now.

    Save/Manage your bankroll until MLB rolls around again.

    I will be playing but doing many single entries and I will continue to stay in my lane ( 1 and 3 buck tourneys).

    I saw the exact opposite last year. New NFL money pours into NBA and lines are much lower until they give up a couple weeks in.

  • CJtheGrump

    NRC right? Never Roster Collison?

  • demato320

    @lastcallcasualty said...

    There’s no such thing as a hard slate. I don’t get it either. Maybe because of matchups but that’s the only reason I see someone saying it’s a “Hard” slate.

    I feel it has something to do with finding value plays on certain slates. Some days its easier then other days

  • kipboggins

    If no teague today we have to lock in Paul George Right?

  • Trinehart6370

    You can pm me if you want to discuss

  • ASitar

    DK Utility: IT2 or Gobert? Same price.

  • demato320

    @lastcallcasualty said...

    Embid only had 10 points and 10 rebounds.

    The last game against the 76’ers Embiid only played 22 minutes too. He is now averaging 28.5 minutes and over 37 points the last 3 games. T Wolves are a good perimeter defensive team. I feel the offence is running thru Joel Elmbiid tonight. Lock him up for 5x.

  • draped

    @ASitar said...

    DK Utility: IT2 or Gobert? Same price.

    Gobert Cash, IT GPP

  • frugal

    @ASitar said...

    DK Utility: IT2 or Gobert? Same price.

    Thomas may be low owned as some are swayed by the DvP, but he will be facing Mack and should be able to get his.

  • Cooper08

    • Blogger of the Month

    @kipboggins said...

    If no teague today we have to lock in Paul George Right?

    I ran a court iq and just as I thought not really any data to support Teague off and brooks in. I would think George usage would go way up. Young would also get a bump but i don’t like his matchup vs Det. Whether Teague plays or not I really like Drummond in this game. I think a 15/15 is a lock for him tonight. Drummond also has better splits at home by 7dk points.

  • ecprez34

    I live in Philly, JoJo was asked about the last game in Minnesota by a local reporter, his response… It’s payback time!!

  • erizos17

    @Supersharpie said...

    I don’t recall this happening last year. I would think, if anything, scores will go down because there will be a flood of casual players looking to get their fix after the NFL season is over.

    That actually makes more sense. First year i play NBA DFS so i guess we’ll see

  • JNZ

    @debeatup said...

    That’s why a lot of guys who just look at game logs can get swayed. It was a blowout loss last game in which Wiggins dominated early. Embiid has come out publicly saying that this game has been circled on the calendar for him and the team, I wouldn’t put him on auto-fade

    yup, thats exactly why im playing him tonight. He wants some payback

  • lfn1992

    DMC might be 100% owned on the 3-game late slate… lol

  • sivad40

    What is PG13’s usage rate whenever Teague doesn’t play?

  • zpa1989

    how bout lowry? remember the whole “play the other guy that leonard doesn’t cover narrative?” its worked this year, avery bradley, wade, to name a few. wouldn’t you think leonard defends derozan? giving either lowry or someone else a better opportunity to score?

  • tmarohl

    I kind of like Tyson Chandler against the Heat with no Whiteside.

  • dakimbell

    @MPDR1983 said...

    way overthinking it bud.. just role out lineups.. i have won most lineups i put together and don’t second guess it.. last minute changes always burn you.

    Only time it really consistently works is if a stud like Gasol (no Conley) or Butler (no Wade, Rondo) are going to get an extreme bump in usage, and you only have to minimally swap 1 or 2 spots in your lineup.

  • erizos17

    @lfn1992 said...

    DMC might be 100% owned on the 3-game late slate… lol

    Isnt this an easy way to win cash games in late slates? Fade hope he tanks hello money well your lu need to do something obv. And you also have a lu with him in case he goes off or gets close to 5x

  • dopeshushi61

    Hey, im looking for a smaller group of people to discuss NBA slates. This forum is very helpful, but I think it would save a lot of time to have a group chat of 3-5 people to discuss. I focus most of my research on DK GPP. PM me if your interested or reply to this and ill shoot you a message.

  • MPDR1983

    PG13 will go over looked and put up 45 DK points..hes a start in my LU

  • dopeshushi61

    on plug tyler johnson in if Dragic is playing

  • deactivated70770

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    @MPDR1983 said...

    PG13 will go over looked and put up 45 DK points..hes a start in my LU

    45 probably not enough not to mention you are just randomly assuming he will.

  • walkoff9

    Hard to believe the suns are favored in a game after how bad they were last night, but DFS wise bledsoe and warren had good nights so I guess that’s all we care about. Brandon Knight seems to nearly be out of the rotation, so it opens up quite a few more shots for guys.

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