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    7:00 PM EST : Philadelphia ( 7 ) at Washington ( -7 ) —- T: 215.5
    7:00 PM EST : Miami ( -3 ) at Orlando ( 3 ) —- T: 205.5
    7:00 PM EST : Charlotte ( 3 ) at Detroit ( -3 ) —- T: 204
    7:00 PM EST : Brooklyn ( 3.5 ) at Indiana ( -3.5 ) —- T: 214
    7:30 PM EST : Milwaukee ( 5.5 ) at Boston ( -5.5 ) —- T: 206.5
    8:00 PM EST : New Orleans ( 3 ) at Memphis ( -3 ) —- T: 204.5
    8:30 PM EST : Atlanta ( 6 ) at Dallas ( -6 ) —- T: 197.5
    9:00 PM EST : Denver ( 2 ) at Utah ( -2 ) —- T: 206
    9:30 PM EST : Minnesota ( 2 ) at San Antonio ( -2 ) —- T: 205.5
    10:00 PM EST : Houston ( -8 ) at Sacramento ( 8 ) —- T: 218.5
    10:00 PM EST : Portland ( -1.5 ) at Phoenix ( 1.5 ) —- T: 220

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  • colb24

    @NarrowJ said...

    Everybody seems to be looking at stars & scrubs lineups where you go down to the 3k-4k range and grab a few of those guys that’ll score about 25 FP and then fill the other few spots with 8k-10k guys who will give you somewhere in between 40 and 60 FP. So, I think my approach is going to be trying to find 8 guys in the 5k-8k range who can top out around 45-50. Myles Turner is a good example of a guy who is mid 7k and could score 50 FP. Idk, I just feel like the min salary plays people are talking about Connaughton, Bacon, Baynes are very unlikely to break 30 FP.

    in Baynes we trust

  • gillio

    @barko15 said...

    I think based on usage and price kyrie is also a nearly free square tn. I was thinking of playing napier bc of the cj injury. Napier is the backup pg and will probably get 10 min run at SG. Looking at 25-30 min I think he can crush value.

    I love Kyrie tonight, another cheap guard to look at is Murray for $4100

  • emnj69

    d lil and booker locks-fast tempo game and both LOVE to chuck it-booker has had GREAT games vs them too

  • nyknick

    who’s gonna put up the most raw points? ABC, harden, lillard?

  • gillio

    @nyknick said...

    who’s gonna put up the most raw points? ABC, harden, lillard?


  • kwest

    Tell me something about Josh Jackson Pho

  • jtkucheck

    Any Suns fans have any insight on the age old Warren/Chriss coin flip if not going all the way up to Booker?

  • mbyrd75

    Some of my favorites that might (i hope) go overlooked. Any opinions welcome.

    Myles Turner. Lots of talk about collison’s usage with George leaving but same can be said for Turner. He’s also priced right above Gasol, Nurc, Drummond, Embiid, and right below Godside. Brooklyn will never be good defensively. I’ll take my chances and hope for low ownership.

    George Hill. Hoping the preseason injury scares some folks off. He’s priced in a range where he’s not quite a pay down but he’s also not one of the more exciting players. He’ll be the do it all guy for the Kings with so many young players there. I’d expect him to have really heavy usage until someone else on that team shows they can handle it. Pace up game with Houston where they might not have CP3..i’ll take my chances

    Last but not least i’m going to take a little flyer on Bledsoe for sure. He’s shot really poorly in the preseason but he tends to show up against other great PGs. Just hoping for low ownership on a high upside play. Won’t be locked in for sure

  • hunterspencerksu

    I guess some people forget that this is DFS. It’s their goal to take your money. It’s gambling. It’s a business. Blows my mind to see people complaining about it.

  • Ronboogie6

    Rozier/Chriss or Brown/Anderson? FD GPP

  • barko15

    lol i have kyrie napier and murray together in my GPP lineup

  • jessedio

    So ABC is going to be guarding Kyrie? Don’t like that matchup one bit. Don’t like any matchup against MIL. They all have abnormally long arms.

  • DirkDigglerz

    @bigkino217 said...

    woohoo yahoo cup is back. probably wont do as well as last year though haha

    Let’s GO! I’m definitely serious about that this season hahaha I’m taking that

  • MrNastyTime91

    • 948

      RG Overall Ranking

    Anyone think Cp3 will play tonight?

  • dtrain187

    I’m playing Brow in cash…pray for me.

  • emnj69

    @MrNastyTime91 said...

    Anyone think Cp3 will play tonight?

    even if he does I want no part of him-if he does not harden more in play I suppose but so pricey

  • gillio

    @jessedio said...

    So ABC is going to be guarding Kyrie? Don’t like that matchup one bit. Don’t like any matchup against MIL. They all have abnormally long arms.

    I assume brogden will guard Kyrie, Kyrie gonna eat no matter who is on him, with Hayward out his usage will skyrocket

  • dbullsfan

    @MrNastyTime91 said...

    Anyone think Cp3 will play tonight?

    im not sure why he would, they should be able to beat them without him, he clearly isnt healthy

  • kbarnhill7523

    • 2018 FanDuel WFFC Finalist

    • x2

      2017 FanDuel WFBBC Finalist

    @nyknick said...

    who’s gonna put up the most raw points? ABC, harden, lillard?

    You can play all 3 on FD if you want.

  • jon2anderson

    • Blogger of the Month

    DK Cash:

    Myles Turner + James Ennis


    Clint Capela + Marqueese Chriss

  • 7klub06

    @MrNastyTime91 said...

    Anyone think Cp3 will play tonight?

    Doubt it and if he did it’s other PG to pick from. One thing tho if he doesn’t play expect EG to get a lot of time

  • Hiqhliqht

    i got a real nice Yahoo lineup for Cash.

  • mbunner23

    Does anyone else think Avery Bradley will guard Kemba tonight?

  • jtkucheck

    Also if CP3 is out who is gonna guard Buddy Hield? Kinda like him doing the Klay/Swag thing, except he’s one dude and might also get a peripheral or two…

  • futoo

    Wish I could play 5 centers

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