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  • monarch

    I’ve got McConnell in my utility but want to like Mudiay at the same price. Mudiay has built in usage against a very bad team.

  • 7klub06

    @Juicy2funny said...

    Any thoughts on Mike Conley?

    He bound to go off eventually right? It just seems like Gasol and other role bench players have been stepping in and shining

  • 7klub06

    Gasol questionable with ankle problem 🤔

  • bigkino217

    marc gasol questionable today?

  • monarch

    Marc Gasol questionable (ankle). Is it time to lock in Jarell Martin?

  • spettey

    Locking in Lowry on FD and refuse to play TMJ – any other value PG’s people like? Murray, Beverly, Nkitiklialilialaia?

  • biardo6

    @monarch said...

    Marc Gasol questionable (ankle). Is it time to lock in Jarell Martin?

    He’s a lock for me now either way. If Gasol gives it a run, I think he either hurts it worse or is restricted.

  • jwq14

    Jarret Jack or Barea?

  • walkoff9

    Never a good sign to get downgraded during the day

    Dwight might get 30 rebounds.

  • osuryanf

    @walkoff9 said...

    I hate being late to the party, dont want to play mcconnell. Feels like Delon wright. As soon as i jump on he will see 12 minutes and score 5 points.

    I was on Delon Wright the other night and had a beautiful lineup… then D Wright shit the bed. No thanks.

  • walkoff9

    griz down to -5, gasol aint playing

  • noddy

    I’m 100% McConnell. If he busts I’m never playing daily fantasy basketball again. EVER!

  • Petergunz82

    Does anyone else think the 216 Minny Mia total is too high? Doesn’t Miami slow the pace down?

  • gravitymaze

    @tmarohl said...

    Every once in a while you get a cheap center go off, but that is usually throwing darts. At least on FD where you can only roster one I prefer the center to be the anchor of my lineups and I try to find a guy who is going to give me consistent minutes and points.

    Yes I agree. Its just that I keep hearing that its a guard league and just don’t think that is the case anymore. The big men are more versatile than ever. Also the Curry effect means more teams would rather have more defensive guards like an Avery Bradley.

  • cjrswish

    Gasol not playing makes me like Conley less. With Gasol not being 26 feet away from the rim Howard should be able to shut down the paint and Conley aint the best shooter.

  • walkoff9

    @Petergunz82 said...

    Does anyone else think the 216 Minny Mia total is too high? Doesn’t Miami slow the pace down?

    They play essentially the same pace as minny so far this year. probably slow it down more when whiteside is back

  • srcripps

    • Blogger of the Month

    So this is looking more and more like a Boogie kinda night! Can’t trust Glass, just can’t do it!

  • dunbarnation

    @frugal said...

    I thought Whiteside being out would lead to a significant boost for Dragic, but he’s yet to have a big game. He’s got the right matchup for it to happen tonight. Going to have some exposure.

    Dragic’s upside is capped by waiters being in the starting lineup. He acts as the dominant ball handler on the court despite dragic being labelled as the point guard. If you look at usage with whiteside on and off the court, it supports this.

    Dragic typically has a usage of 26. With waiters on the floor and whiteside off the floor, his usage drops to 24.2 while waiters is 26.9. The thought behind this is that waiters attempts to take on the larger workload more than dragic.

    However, when waiters is off the floor, dragic’s usage goes up to 30. With ellington questionable tonight, the play tonight for the heat is Waiters because he can approach 40 minutes and will dominate the ball the most regardless of whom is in the lineup.

    As for James Johnson, he performs best off the bench rather than the starting lineup because he shares ball handling duties with Tyler Johnson with the bench unit. In the starting lineup, he plays more off the ball and has to rely more on made shots and defensive stats to make value since he will have significantly lower assist opportunities.

    I thought I could provide some insight for those trying to figure out the heat situation.

  • monarch

    Jokic or Simmons on DK? Simmons is actually priced higher but I’m slightly concerned with the Rockets having a full stable of Ariza, Luc Richard and PJ Tucker available and it’s their second time seeing him already. Kinda think Joker trashes the Knicks as long as Kanter doesn’t get him in foul trouble.

  • colb24

    Brandon Wright if Gasol out? free’s up alot of space.

  • 7klub06

    @monarch said...

    Marc Gasol questionable (ankle). Is it time to lock in Jarell Martin?

    He has been a lock for me with or without Gasol. I will continue to play him at his price

  • 7klub06

    @colb24 said...

    Brandon Wright if Gasol out? free’s up alot of space.

    Don’t do it to yourself he will not get you the points needed. But if u looking for space have at it

  • spettey

    But Whitesides been out four games already and Waiters hasn’t really hit big value. Staying away.

  • Cooper08

    • Blogger of the Month

    @monarch said...

    I’ve got McConnell in my utility but want to like Mudiay at the same price. Mudiay has built in usage against a very bad team.

    Ntilikina is a lock down defender. I would avoid Mudiay.

  • colb24

    i might …. 21 mins he had slightly over 21dk pts… Martin take away his one game of 5 blocks and its close to same production if same minutes which he would get tonight… IDK prly completely wrong but well see.

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