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  • NoLimits0

    Also tmarhol, so the story of Ryazan (and SaahilSud and Ehafner) actually prove sustained ranking means something. Those guys were able to have a super high ranking for a while and Ryazan was able to keep it through more deposits but eventually you can’t have infinite money and when you lose too much, you have to stop playing and your ranking eventually will drop.

    The fact that youdacao has had such a high ranking forever shows that he’s not the same (unless somehow he has tons of money and is ok with losing a lot every year which I don’t think is the case).

    I actually just realized youdacao had a RG interview too before. From the interview, his real name apparently is Youda Cao which explains the username. I always thought his username was somehow a reference and play off of Yoda from Star Wars but I was mistaken.

  • NoLimits0

    So for people that wanna know the story of the great Ryazan, reading his posts and also from just memory when I was a lurker and would be entertained by him every day, it’s something like this. I also wanna say I respect him a lot even though he may have lost at the end. I never recall seeing any top 50 player post consistently on RG advice, decisions, etc. He was like one of us. The only time you ever see a top 50 player post these days is in an ethics thread (like CA/papa) but never on a daily thread. So respect him and his entertainment provided at work.

    But I think the story is something like this, could be off on a few details. He started off like one of us, not intending to really make a ton on DFS. But then he went on the biggest heater ever (through MLB I think) and I think he literally went from 0 to maybe somewhere in 100k+ in a few months. He also made a live final and has an interview from the live final which I think you may be able to find. Then instead of taking it all out, he decided to be a “shark” and challenge all the other top pros in high entry GPPs and H2Hs (back then it was like Saahil, youdacao, moklovin, etc a lot of whom also aren’t around).

    And he would post the challenges every day on RG, call out the pros, give out his takes, etc it was super entertaining. But unfortunately, he lost it all so like back to 0.

    Instead of quitting, he then did what tmarhol referred to which was kept on putting in money through credit cards.

    Well he lost more and more and then he lost so much I think FD might have banned him. He also complained about FD not restricting his deposits and there was a big debate on that. I think FD must have more strict deposit limits now due to him.

    He eventually lost it all plus his new deposits and thus no longer could really play. And all of this was chronicled in the RG threads, that’s what made it so legendary. I’m not sure if people are aware of wallsteeetbets on Reddit – well Ryazan was the OG of that on RG.

    I hope he’s doing ok now. Like I said I respect the guy. You just don’t see a top 50 guy posting here on a daily basis like he did. And he did it with such great entertainment.

    Maybe one day he makes it back, Saahil makes a comeback, and they can have another 5k H2H for all of us to see.

  • NoLimits0

    Another moral of the story from Ryazan – please don’t use credit to fund anything related to chance. It usually doesn’t work out well, as he will tell you.

  • NoLimits0

    What actually happened to most of these posters back in the day who would provide so much entertainment.

    Tmarhol, you may be the last of the great posters from back in the day. Gotta respect you for that. Yisman too seen you around for a long time. Ofc our mods too they’ve been around for a while shout out to them. A few others here too.

    I remember in addition to Ryazan, there were so many others. BillHoller for example, he’s gone. JimKrolund (who would get mad at me but hey he was a big poster), he’s gone. Walkoff9, he’s gone. There used to be this other guy who would post every day in NBA. Forgot his name. But he like used to be a funny guy had like a flag for his avatar with like a lizard/or some snake creature. Wish I remembered his name.

  • gaelicgirl

    @NoLimits0 said...

    So for people that wanna know the story of the great Ryazan

    I remember Ryazan well, last time I heard from him was 4 years ago.

  • jessedio

    Ryazan waslegendary . He was so funny during NBA season. He would argue with all of us too. I remember he uploaded a video of him playing basketball showing off his dribbling skills. Didn’t he call himself Russian White Chocolate or something like that lol He would win the Slam and monster multiple times but would always be In the negative. Then he went broke and wrote a long post detailing how it affected his marriage etc…

  • yountingly

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    So weird to open this thread only see a whole about Ryazan. NoLimits tells the story well. I remember his antics (the h2h challenges and whatnot). Wow.

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