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    3:00 PM EST : Miami ( 5.5 ) at Boston ( -5.5 ) —- T: 211.5
    7:00 PM EST : Minnesota ( 4 ) at New Orleans ( -4 ) —- T: 217
    8:00 PM EST : San Antonio ( -6 ) at Houston ( 6 ) —- T: 213
    8:00 PM EST : Portland ( 0 ) at Chicago ( 0 ) —- T: —
    8:30 PM EST : Detroit ( 2 ) at Milwaukee ( -2 ) —- T: 203
    8:30 PM EST : Golden State ( -3.5 ) at Okla City ( 3.5 ) —- T: 233.5
    9:30 PM EST : Memphis ( -6.5 ) at Phoenix ( 6.5 ) —- T: 207
    9:30 PM EST : Brooklyn ( 11 ) at Utah ( -11 ) —- T: 195

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  • stats99tuff

    Let me guess Mack going to screw my perfect lineup.. It has to be somebody. Lol

  • DFSNewbie

    @yountingly said...

    He is limping. Pretty surprising he is in..

    Looks like that Bulls record is very important to them.

  • ofenomeno

    @yountingly said...

    Curry coming back. Even announcers are surprised.

    He’s limping.. i would be shocked if Steve Kerr is dumb enough to let him finish this game

  • Mrm2010

    @rlangell said...

    Never pickingOKC Centers again..Always pick the wrong one lol

    You must have chosen Kanter like I did.

  • DFSNewbie

  • BlastyBlast

    Who’s has two thumbs and played Price and Bogdanovic who have a combined -4?

    This guy.

  • Dubar

    dray cant hit anything

  • DFSNewbie

    Curry with a bum ankle draining 3’s lol

  • Earabtor79

    @rebkell said...

    I didn’t think that much about Gordon either, I checked the 3-Ball on DK where all the sharks battle it out, and he was 25.2%, I knew I missed the boat on that one as soon as I saw that pct. Those guys are like savants sometimes.

    Also, at least in my case, it was more about be being connected (rg alerts to my iPhone) rather than possessing knowledge about dfs nba lol i am still learning (first year) and make sure I utilize all suggestions to build a better lu esp those pre game alerts that can make/break a night

  • Dubar

    curry can barely walk but thats not stopping him from driving through people. Anthony Davis would be out for the season

  • pn3

    another fail night for me, down to last ten
    should of stacked the min/no game mostly.

  • northdallasforty

    Is Brook Lopez vagina hurting? Where’s he at?

  • DailyLoser

    Couple notes on this boring Nets game

    Bogdanovich is worthless so far tonight

    Gobert had a great 1st quarter but too many turnovers

    Thomas Robinson might be becoming a viable punt option

  • Whacko

    Just loving how one bum can screw the entire LU….dropping fast still not worried yet for missing cash but it still sucks seeing what could have been lol

  • DailyLoser

    “Is Brook Lopez vagina hurting? Where’s he at?”

    He’s barely touched the ball. In fact that’s the way it has been since Joe left (as he makes a bucket)

  • MortiiaTheInsane

    Lol kanter and price

  • DFSNewbie

    Kevin Durant, my goodness

  • Dubar

    I would have been better off rostering Steve Nash than Ronnie Price

  • beastdog325

    Ground control to Major Ron.

  • traviswhite

    Mcw will be forever faded and ever trusted again.

  • yountingly

    • 355

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    Didn’t think lma and kawhi would stay in game long enough to each get 40+. Need a big 4th qtr rwb as my best lu starting to fade a bit.

  • deactivated70770

    • 492

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      RG Tiered Ranking

    Approaching 300 with h Barnes and price. Fml

  • northdallasforty

    Should a faded BroLo. Seems like he’s taking the night off out there. Doing nothing tonight. Damn

  • Bando28

  • Whacko

    Ronnie Price can you atleast show me a positive number..dropping fast in the crossover thanks to the negative score.

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