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    7:00 PM EST : Minnesota ( 4.5 ) at Indiana ( -4.5 ) —- T: 221
    7:00 PM EST : Golden State ( -6 ) at Orlando ( 6 ) —- T: 226.5
    7:30 PM EST : Cleveland ( 3 ) at New York ( -3 ) —- T: 217
    8:00 PM EST : Philadelphia ( 8 ) at Okla City ( -8 ) —- T: 239
    8:00 PM EST : Miami ( 9.5 ) at Houston ( -9.5 ) —- T: 219
    10:30 PM EST : Utah ( 7 ) at Denver ( -7 ) —- T: 223

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  • gaelicgirl

    @mbunner23 said...

    That’s what I would think. Jerebko? Where’s GG when you need her?

    Sorry, been staring at Ben’s new avatar all morning LOL

    Jordan Bell might get some extra run since he did well last night,
    but I agree with the consensus that the usage will be spread out.

  • superjon

    @Kmasonbx said...

    Sure, but they also have wins against Toronto, Milwaukee, Houston, and Boston over the last month or so.

    And GS just lost to MIA

    No Iggy makes me like Ross even more now.

  • ghostfacekicker

    @captainwacky said...

    If you want to take your first line of questioning one step further, look at how you interact with the forum and how you respond to the information. If you are letting it affect you negatively, then figure that out first, because that’s not a dynamic you should have. Why are you listening to random people (ever, really) on a forum?

    I see tons of ideas that I haven’t thought of each day. Some, I go “ooh, that seems neat!” Then I check if it has legs. I’m not saying every once in a while I haven’t been able to find substantial evidence and then just been like “maybe that guy’s right”… but I’m clicking the buttons.

    Also, don’t be the guy who’s like “well I could crush if…” You can or can’t, do or don’t, but there’s not a lot of room for improving your game using hypothetical situations. Just like everyone who would have called timeout if they were JR Smith or whoever would have easily made a hero call in poker… you don’t know til you’re there.

    Maybe just adjust what you’re here for? Like, there aren’t forum specific plays. There are hundreds of thousands of competing individuals in every sport daily, and a tiny percentage come here. Just because someone is chalky or perceived to be so here doesn’t mean you have to play them, but you gotta get better at distilling your plays and being ok with how you got there.

    Good advice here. Thanks.

  • Briancobb33

    Paul George is out Tonight

  • Abhi

    Chalk night incoming!

  • srcripps

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    @Briancobb33 said...

    Paul George is out Tonight

    The slate just got turned on its head.

  • frugal

    @Briancobb33 said...

    Paul George is out Tonight

  • gaelicgirl

    @frugal said...

    The time of resting for the playoffs is upon us.

  • got9forya

    Wow alot of players seem to be going out tonight. This is gonna make everything really interesting

  • ghostfacekicker

    @Njsum1 said...


    Thanks for understanding my initial post. That Grant example is typical for me. Being reflective I do need to trust my own process more. When I stick to it I get better results but I try to cheat at getting last minute news by reading the forum. My work schedule gets hectic around lock time. If I can’t dedicate the time I need to not play that day, but I enter the night before to reserve my spot most of the time so I’m locked in.

  • DC2380

    Wow just saw PG is out

  • BerkeleyBoss

    Guess I don’t have to worry about my PG fade lol

  • frugal

    @got9forya said...

    Wow alot of players seem to be going out tonight. This is gonna make everything really interesting

    The Yahoo scrub tourney may actually be legit now…

  • superstars92

    • 116

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    Yea that’s super annoying as I said a few days ago, when there are a ton of value plays, it actually makes it harder. Now I have to decide which value play is the better value play lol. Like Bam might be getting 6x and considered bad if Jerami Grant or Schroder at 7x lol (I still prefer Bam though over Schroder/Grant but it’s close)

  • BawseGeller

    Shroeder instantly shoots up to second scoring option with no PG13 right?

  • ghostfacekicker

    Last 2 things on this topic:

    1. I too am guilty of blurting our players withou offering arguments contributing to the confusion.

    2. I always write FD GPP when I offer my own perspectives.

  • wafic

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    @BawseGeller said...

    Shroeder instantly shoots up to second scoring option with no PG13 right?

    I think so – have to imagine he enters the starting lineup.

  • Ts99

    In case nobody else answered the question about b2b in Denver :

    The Jazz’s 108 implied total is on the high side, and the seven-point spread seems generous. Opponents have gone 1-4 when playing in Denver on the second leg of a back-to-back this season. Three teams have scored no more than 95 points and failed to clear 17 points in the final period. The Nuggets averaged a 22.5-point margin of victory in their wins, and they’re a league-best 27-4 at home.

    From the Action Network

  • monarch

  • jcotdl

    i enjoyed this slate until now. PG13 was in a prime spot- DAMN

  • Pandamonious

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    Have to imagine OKC is worse defensively overall with George off the floor too?

  • frugal

    @BawseGeller said...

    Shroeder instantly shoots up to second scoring option with no PG13 right?

    He’ll definitely pick up some minutes, but he can’t really cover too many of George’s minutes within the offense do to the big size difference between them. AMybe he starts at SG. My feel is Grant becomes the #2 in the starting rotation and Schroeder still comes off the bench but will play some minutes next to Westy. I was planning on fading Westbrook tonight, can’t do that now…

    EDIT: In the 1 game George has missed this season, Schroder did start at SG and had a 36.8 FP yahoo/FD performance.

  • siddom

    Chalky Westy!

  • monarch

    @Pandamonious said...

    Have to imagine OKC is worse defensively overall with George off the floor too?

    Simmons is popping….lol.

  • feekdogg

    Well, this quickly turned into an effing gong show.

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