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    7:00 PM EST : Detroit ( 12 ) at Philadelphia ( -12 ) —- T: —
    7:30 PM EST : New York ( 4.5 ) at Atlanta ( -4.5 ) —- T: 230
    7:30 PM EST : Charlotte ( 9.5 ) at Miami ( -9.5 ) —- T: —
    8:00 PM EST : Utah ( 2 ) at Oklahoma City ( -2 ) —- T: —
    8:00 PM EST : Denver ( 1.5 ) at Dallas ( -1.5 ) —- T: —
    10:30 PM EST : New Orleans ( -2 ) at Sacramento ( 2 ) —- T: 235

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  • monarch

    This game will be canceled

  • tmarohl

    @Sleazygreazy said...

    Or maybe some other player infected him and hasn’t been diagnosed yet. What a mess.

    As far as your future tix are concerned, I would think if you’ve already been paid by stub hub or whoever it is, your hands are clean

    No, Stubhub comes back after the sellers and charges your credit card to recover. I’m sure NBA tickets dot com will do the same thing.

  • BBWC_10

    @BBWC_10 said...

    Way to be positive!!!! I am more of a pessimist, You won’t see my name anywhere near the cash line! One or 2 of my players who are supposed to be in the ultimate SMASH spot will shoot 2/16 from the field and the Center who I take will not get 20 rebounds like I thought he will pull down 4 rebounds. Another scenario could be 3 guys are announced out after lock and 1 is helped off the floor 3 minutes into the game. I may have a better shot buying 15 power ball tickets.

    I forgot to mention scenario #3 I pick a player (Adams) in a game that is suspended, DK Locks the LU even though the game has not started and I’m unable to swap out that player. This suspended season will save me money.

  • Wooden_Bones

    @SkateFiend said...

    They have bells and whistles, but I’m not sure they’re hygienic, although the last models I saw were from the early 2010s.

    Korea also has top notch internet tech and speed, which did little to stop spread the outbreak in their country. Asia seems to be the epicenter of these outbreaks. They have a lot of pollution and unsanitary conditions there.

    The virus started in China, not very surprising that a neighboring country like Korea became infected. I’ve been to Korea several times, no worse than here. Look at LA’s pollution. There is a difference between Asian countries. Is Mexico the same as the US. After all, we’re all NorthAmericans… right?

  • theIrrigator

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    Pelicans-Kings canceled Wednesday.

  • piffffffffff

    Sac players back in locker room games done

  • Sleazygreazy

    • 687

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    @monarch said...

    Pels are refusing to play

    I wouldn’t play either, I’d get TF outta there. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac but I’m sure some NBA players are too. And they have millions of dollars of assets to protect.

  • rocketman828

    This is tiresome get the teams on the floor and play as a fan at the game I would be livid if they just kidding no game tonight folks go home your shit out of luck.

  • msunken

    Come on Draft Kings MAKE A STATEMENT ALREADY!!!

  • jayzee666

    @monarch said...

    Now I want my refunds. Lol.

    I don’t deserve or never should get a refund! I should be refunding others as a punishment for my powers!!

  • casper

    TRUMP SHOULD HAVE NEVER SCREWED WITH CHINA this is there form of warfare no tanks just drugs and viruses. its like the opium war of 1839

  • IronMonkey415

    Lonzo is such a brave soul.

  • mr_papageorgio

    I only played $15 tonight but now I would think DK and other sites refund the slate with another cancelled game.

  • monarch

    Why did Lonzo walk out on the floor alone?

  • rocketman828

    F#@! the NBA after this bullshit tonight I’m done with the NBA.

  • yisman

    Fox was 33.9% in the SES

    I have him

    then again, SES basically getting canceled now. Can’t even finish out the 6 weeks

  • 866

    Wow wtf man no N.O./SAC either… sad night

  • Dredog43

    @monarch said...

    One of the officials for the late game tonight worked a Jazz game last week

    Players from OKC vs JAZZ have to stay at arena till further notice. Official that worked last JAZZ game at the Kings arena. Now last game postponed.

  • monarch

    This is the leaky room times a billion

  • HawksFan12

    @tmarohl said...

    As a season ticket holder, I hope I get refunded my actual money, and not some voucher for a Tuesday night game against the Knicks or some other crap team next season.

    I have sold tickets to future games that I was not able to attend through NBA Tix. com. How would refunds for something like that work, especially if they were sold over original face value? How do people who bought tix on Stubhub or other third party sites get refunded. This is going to be a nightmare.

    I would assume if you sold the tickets through whoever the NBA uses as their official ticket partner the nba would have to eat the cost of prices paid over the face value of the ticket. Non ticket partners are going to have a hell of a time with both buyer and seller parties.

  • UGAdude

    @casper said...

    TRUMP SHOULD HAVE NEVER SCREWED WITH CHINA this is there form of warfare no tanks just drugs and viruses. its like the opium war of 1839

    So they unleash it on themselves first?

  • Bdog76

    So is it like baseball and the slate goes on and your shit outta luck or do they refund the contests tonight?

  • Sleazygreazy

    • 687

      RG Overall Ranking

    FD/DK have a tough/expensive decision to make. I think they have to refund all entries and pay out the winners or risk losing a lot of business.

  • mrshhhh

    Why are yall mad at the NBA for trying to protect themselves and fans?

  • realphipps

    @monarch said...

    Why did Lonzo walk out on the floor alone?

    For his daddy.

    The NBA should be renamed Ball-ball.

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